Compilation of Best MMA Knockouts of 2012

If you’re a fan of Mixed Martial Arts, prepare for 15 minutes of awesome. This compilation is the best that the world of MMA brought us in terms of knockouts. The only shit thing about the video is the association of Mixed Martial Arts with the stupidest music ever. I don’t get it why rap … Continue reading “Compilation of Best MMA Knockouts of 2012”


So here we are, faced with the last few hours of the year 2012 (although some parts of the world are in 2013 already) and the world has not ended. Bummer. What a year it was for Best Gore, though. This time last year, Best Gore was perused by just over 500,000 people a month. … Continue reading “2012”

New Public Execution by Hanging Video from Iran (January 2012)

This is a good resolution video of a public execution by hanging from Iran, but it was filmed from a distance without zooming in so the convicts are barely seen. As is a tradition in Iran, the execution was carried out by standing the convicts on a bus (two buses in this case) which would … Continue reading “New Public Execution by Hanging Video from Iran (January 2012)”

Suicide Bomber Terrorist Attack by Bus in Damascus, Syria (January 6, 2012)

As people of Syria continue showing their undisputed support for president Bashar al-Assad, Sunni fundamentalists continue targeting civilians to wage war on the country. Muslim Brotherhood wants Sharia law in Syria, not freedom of religion and rights for women – the way it is now. The January 6, 2012 suicide bomber attack comes only weeks … Continue reading “Suicide Bomber Terrorist Attack by Bus in Damascus, Syria (January 6, 2012)”

Statement from Mark Regarding Guilty Plea

On May 31, 2012, the day after the news about Best Gore exploded, I was interviewed by Cormac MacSweeney from 1310 News radio station from Ottawa, who asked me this question: Some MP’s say hosting this video is illegal, do you believe it is? I responded to him with: Best Gore verifiably contributes to safer … Continue reading “Statement from Mark Regarding Guilty Plea”

Two Men on a Motorcycle Catch a Fugitive

On December 14th, 2015, an escapee from the “Agricultural Penitentiary Mario Business” was found…by two men on a motorcycle. The fugitive was identified as 28-year-old Lazarus “Lazaro” Nunes, and had been shot to death in the driveway of his home in the San Antonio neighbourhood of Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. Lazaro was one … Continue reading “Two Men on a Motorcycle Catch a Fugitive”

Brazilian Gets Fingers and Ears Cut Off

Drug dealers in Brazil captured a man who owed them money or attempted to rip them off in some way and he paid for it. The man screams and cries while his fingers and ears are cut off. Other than that, no real info. The video is dark so it’s hard to tell exactly what … Continue reading “Brazilian Gets Fingers and Ears Cut Off”

Four Alleged Spies Executed by Islamic State

ISIS has released another video titled “Harvest of Spies“. This seems to be an ongoing series, released by ISIS in Ar-Raqqa, Syria, although this latest video was filmed in Wilayat al-Furat, an ISIS-occupied area on the Euphrates River. Al-Furat is Arabic for Euphrates. Meanwhile, Kenyan is prepping to deploy ground troops in Syria. How convenient. … Continue reading “Four Alleged Spies Executed by Islamic State”

Thought Crimes Trial of Canadian Journalist Arthur Topham Starts Today

Arthur Topham is a Canadian journalist from Quesnel, British Colombia, who like Mark Marek of Best Gore, is prosecuted by the Canadian government for what he thinks and what he writes. We have informed you about Arthur’s plight on the pages of several times. Arthur’s trial, which is set to determine the extent of … Continue reading “Thought Crimes Trial of Canadian Journalist Arthur Topham Starts Today”

Two Years in Purgatory – Q&A With Mark Marek

In an Edmonton library a man sits at a table with numerous books about him. He is well groomed, well dressed, And completely inconspicuous. Unknown to other patrons this man represents the juxtaposition between an old world and a new: he sits in this library, a building dedicated to the thousands of years old concept … Continue reading “Two Years in Purgatory – Q&A With Mark Marek”