Indonesian Man with Severe Shoulder Wound

Video from Indonesia depicts a man on a hospital bed with a severe shoulder wound. He’s in obvious agony, and prays to Allah to help him. I was told that he was a victim of an accident, but that’s a very broad term that can mean many things.

Motorcyclist Smeared by Truck in Salatiga, Indonesia

CCTV video from Salatiga in Central Java, Indonesia depicts the moment a motorcyclist collided with a semi truck and got smeared on the road. The incident took place at around 10pm on Friday November 18, 2016 at the city’s Market Rejosari intersection. According to local news, the motorcyclist may have been drunk.

Two Students Killed on Amban Beach in Manokwari, Indonesia

On the afternoon of October 31, 2016, two students were stabbed to death on Amban Beach in Manokwari, Indonesia. The victims were identified as Irianike Thanesia Sapulete (veterinary student at Universitas Papua), and Augustine Aun (engineering student at Universitas Papua). The students went to the Amban Beach, and stayed in a secluded area near by. … Continue reading “Two Students Killed on Amban Beach in Manokwari, Indonesia”

Indonesian Prostitute Killed Mid Fuck for Possessions

In Jakarta, Indonesia, a man took a prostitute to a hotel room for an apparent nut bust, but after a while of being in there, the hotel staff noticed the man running out of the room naked, getting in the car and taking off. The staff thought that strange, entered to inspect the room, and … Continue reading “Indonesian Prostitute Killed Mid Fuck for Possessions”

Indonesian Student Run Over by Truck, Brain Jostled from Skull

In Kabupaten Subang, West Java, Indonesia, a young man was run over by a truck, and had brain matter jostled out of his skull. He was a student at a local college. I don’t have any further information.

Discarded Newborn Baby Found Floating in Indonesia

While Thailand leads the way in number of unwanted babies discarded upon birth, evil uncaring women can be found all over the world. On October 25, 2016, a corpse of a newborn female baby was found floating in the Mahakam River in East Kalimantan, Indonesia. Rescuers recovered the floater and took her to a pathologist … Continue reading “Discarded Newborn Baby Found Floating in Indonesia”

Woman Strangled, Raped and Robbed in Medan, Indonesia

In Medan, Indonesia, a corpse of a young woman was found with lower body disrobed. The corpse was in an advanced state of putrefaction – bloated and discolored. A group of young men was arrested on suspicion of strangling the woman, then raping her and robbing her off possessions. Still, the chief culprit said the … Continue reading “Woman Strangled, Raped and Robbed in Medan, Indonesia”

Tourist Killed by Train in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

This happened on October 20, 2016 at Lempuyangan railway station in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. According to the information I got, a foreign tourist was run over and killed by the train. It looks to me like the victim was female. Having been to Indonesia, I’m aware that the country attracts female sexual predators who prey on … Continue reading “Tourist Killed by Train in Yogyakarta, Indonesia”

Indonesian Woman Films Herself Suffocating Own Child to Taunt Husband

An Indonesian woman, identified as 26 year old Tutut Siti Aminah filmed herself attempting to suffocate her own child by standing on the pillow placed over the child’s head. In the video, the child cries and writhes in pain as evil mother uses her size to cut off the child’s oxygen supply. According to the … Continue reading “Indonesian Woman Films Herself Suffocating Own Child to Taunt Husband”

Man Accused of Robbery Beaten to Death by Mob in Indonesia

Video from Indonesia shows a man being beaten to death by a mob of people after he was accused of robbery. When those head kicks and clubbing starts, he’s already pretty much dead, with no reaction to further beating. Props to Best Gore member @refuse2renig for the video: