The War You Don’t See – Watch Full Movie


The War You Don’t See is a British documentary film by John Pilger. The film focuses on the role of the mainstream media in spreading wartime propaganda and elaborates on its involvement in wars in Afghanistan and Iraq as well … Continue reading

Tears of Gaza – Full Movie


Tears of Gaza (Gazas Tårer) is a 2010 documentary by Norwegian filmmaker Vibeke Løkkeberg (produced by Terje Kristiansen) which follows the lives of 3 Palestinian children – Yahya, Rasmia and Amira – trapped in a desperate struggle to survive in … Continue reading

Katyn Forest Massacre – Facts, Photos and Movie


The Katyn Massacre was a mass execution of about 22,000 Polish leaders, officers, policemen, business owners, lawyers and priests by the Soviet secret police (also known as NKVD – People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs) in the Katyn Forest in April … Continue reading

Denver, Colorado Movie Theater Massacre


Uncontrolled gun ownership – not only does it make people go on a killing spree just cause they can’t get over themselves, it also dumbs them down enough not to recognize worthy targets when they present themselves in plain sight. … Continue reading

Fake Syrian Army Exposed to Produce Movies of Fake Bombardment of Homs


Dear Sunni terrorists behind the Fake Syrian Army, I have bad news for you – you FAIL! No, you EPIC FAIL! You’ve been trying to take down Bollywood as the biggest movie producer in the world but you just aren’t … Continue reading

Junko Furuta – Clips from Movie Concrete


This article expands on the post which contains the story and pictures of Junko Furuta – 16 year old Japanese girl who endured 44 days of rape and torture before she was murdered. In the article I mentioned an independently-produced … Continue reading

The Original Faces of Death – 1978 Movie

Let’s take a break from our regular programming and reflect back to the gore of the past. The 1978 movie Faces of Death is one of the original gore compilations that became widely available to public. The producers of the … Continue reading