Fake Syrian Army Exposed to Produce Movies of Fake Bombardment of Homs

Dear Sunni terrorists behind the Fake Syrian Army, I have bad news for you – you FAIL! No, you EPIC FAIL! You’ve been trying to take down Bollywood as the biggest movie producer in the world but you just aren’t good enough. You plain and simple FAIL and that’s how you will be remembered forever. … Continue reading “Fake Syrian Army Exposed to Produce Movies of Fake Bombardment of Homs”

Happy Halloween, Motherfuckers!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year with Da Silvas a-falling and everyone calling “get the Fuck out of here!” It’s the blood, bloodiest season of all There’ll be live suicide’s hosting and Indians roasting and street fights with ghetto hoes there’ll be scary Thai bloaters and drunken dead floaters from Samhain’s long, long … Continue reading “Happy Halloween, Motherfuckers!”

Man High on Drugs Screams Like Possessed After He Was Handcuffed

Video from Brazil shows a man screaming and acting like he’s possessed by a mad demon. The screams he lets out would make a producer of movies about exorcism envious. You can see the boots of policemen who handcuffed the man, who had allegedly drugged himself so badly, he was completely out of it. Medics … Continue reading “Man High on Drugs Screams Like Possessed After He Was Handcuffed”

Person’s Foot Stabbed by Fork

Stabbed by a fork? While common in movies and undocumented stories, not so common in real life. If it was, we’d have already seen examples of it on Best Gore. And until now, we haven’t. Though when it comes to kitchen utensils, we have seen a chopstick impalement. Imagine returning home after a long, dragging … Continue reading “Person’s Foot Stabbed by Fork”

34 Year Old Man Brutally Stabbed to Death After Meeting 15 Year Old Online

Juiz de Fora, state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Rodrigo Dias Cantarutti Dantas, age 34, had met online and talked often on a site called “Badoo” to meet a fifteen year old for the teenager’s first homosexual encounter. The young man had met Rodrigo on the street and then went into the teen’s apartment. Inside, the … Continue reading “34 Year Old Man Brutally Stabbed to Death After Meeting 15 Year Old Online”

Strangled Woman’s Body is Posted on 4chan by Her Killer

Washington State, USA. 33 year old David Michael Kalac strangled his live-in girlfriend, 30 year old Amber Lynn Coplin Tuesday, November 4th and then posted her images on 4chan with the message: Turns out it’s way harder to strangle someone to death than it looks on the movies At first, people on the site believed … Continue reading “Strangled Woman’s Body is Posted on 4chan by Her Killer”

Tyrannism v2.0

The reason why Canada doesn’t strike most people as a tyranny is because its leaders adopted Modern Tyrranism, a name derived from what Mark called “Tyrannism v2.0“. Traditional tyrants and dictators were easy to spot because they attracted attention to themselves by annihilating opposition. Second generation tyrants have outgrown this obsolete and unsustainable model by … Continue reading “Tyrannism v2.0”

The Dyatlov Pass Incident

The Dyatlov Pass Incident is one of those famous “what really happened” stories from history. You know the ones I’m talking about. The ones movies now-a-days plaster “Based on a true story” all over in the promotional ads. Well, despite the fiction vomited out by movie studios recently, the Dyatlov Pass Incident was indeed real … Continue reading “The Dyatlov Pass Incident”

Finger Wound is Sealed by Burning

Todays Edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member WarpedJayman who had his finger cauterized after slicing it with a meat slicer. Cauterization is quite an interesting process. You see it a lot in movies now where when someone loses a limb they stick the stump in fire to … Continue reading “Finger Wound is Sealed by Burning”

Why Vast Majority of Persecuted Journalists Are Bloggers

This is Part Three of my three part Open Post series on Journalism. In Part One, I addressed the raging debate on whether Blogging constitutes Journalism, and in Part Two I spoke about the difference between Honest Journalism and Mindless Propaganda. The central theme of Part Three will be the reason why Bloggers have become … Continue reading “Why Vast Majority of Persecuted Journalists Are Bloggers”