Vaginal Tearing During Childbirth Causes Baby’s Leg to Exit Mother’s Anus


This bizarre case of a rare complication of a vaginal breech delivery was recorded in 2011 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. 29 year old woman went into the first stage of labor normally and progressed without complications. During the second stage, … Continue reading

Dissection of Vagina During Autopsy – Video


Look what I have for you today. Do you remember the post with photos of cut out vaginas? Well, here’s the video to go with it. The video is a 9 minutes long document of a pathologist performing a dissection … Continue reading

Doctor Has a Collection of Real Cut Out Vaginas from Dead Women


These photos are from the “what the actual fuck, I still haven’t seen it all?” series. It takes the bizarre to a whole new level. The set appears to show a pathologist cutting out a vagina from a body of … Continue reading

Severe Vagina Problem That Beats Blue Waffle Girl

Remember the second most popular girl on Best Gore? Yeah, the proud owner of Blue Waffle vagina has nothing on Nikki Catsouras in terms of overall gore popularity, but she’s about to get beat again. As much as her blue … Continue reading