Advertise on Best Gore

Thank you for your interest in advertising on Best Gore. Following are some stats for your consideration:

  • 4 Million unique visitors (40 Million pageviews) a month
  • Google Panda resistant as 60% of traffic are bookmarks
  • Bounce rate is 30%
  • Average time spent on site is 9 minutes
  • On average each visitors visits 10 pages per visit
  • Each post gets on average 85 comments (popular posts have 1,000+ comments)
  • Each post gets on average 100 facebook likes (popular posts have 15k+ likes) but some of the posts also got hundreds of diggs or other social bookmarks
  • 100% genuine traffic – no skims, no tricks. All surfers to the site are there because they want to be there. The site is well established, a leader in its niche. It’s a sought after house name – Google gets 26,000+ daily searches that contain “Best Gore”
  • Site has a loyal fan base. I have never bought nor traded traffic. The site is popular because it delivers exactly what surfers want and I’ve never cheated them in any way. 150,000 members with verified email addresses are currently subscribed to the site. The number that have the site bookmarked on their local machine is even greater
  • The site is not stuffed with ads, so your banner would get all the attention

4 years worth of Google Analytics is available to prove solid, unceasing popularity of the website. Access will be granted to pre-approved parties.


New advertisers temporarily not accepted.