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Homeless Man Clubbed Till His Skull Split Open

On October 19, 2016, a homeless man was brutally beaten with kicks, punches and blows with a wooden stick on a dark street in the city of ApuĂ­, located about 453 km from Manaus, the capital of the state of Amazonas, Brazil. He was found by local residents, with a deep gash in the head, … Continue reading “Homeless Man Clubbed Till His Skull Split Open”

Mister Fancy Boots Splits Head Open Crashing Motorcycle

This happened on October 18, 2016, in Sorong, West Papua, Indonesia. A 30 year old motorcyclist apparently was not wearing a helmet and crashed. The kiss with the road split his skull open, and spewed brain matter on the pavement. So much for wearing fancy boots instead of flip flops for the ride.

Woman Strangled, Raped and Robbed in Medan, Indonesia

In Medan, Indonesia, a corpse of a young woman was found with lower body disrobed. The corpse was in an advanced state of putrefaction – bloated and discolored. A group of young men was arrested on suspicion of strangling the woman, then raping her and robbing her off possessions. Still, the chief culprit said the … Continue reading “Woman Strangled, Raped and Robbed in Medan, Indonesia”

Alternative Website for Those Who Don’t Care for My Commentary

If you like the content on Best Gore, but don’t particularly care for my commentary, there’s an alternative website for you to consider: is the official provider of video streaming and hosting services for Best Gore, and has been self maintained by yours truly since before my re-emergence. You can view videos that … Continue reading “Alternative Website for Those Who Don’t Care for My Commentary”

Miss Duckface Kisses Pavement in Acapulco, Mexico

A young woman was shot dead in Cuauhtemoc Avenue, Acapulco, Mexico. According to reports by local media, the woman was seen running as she was being chased by armed men. She was gunned down, and finished off at close range. I remember Acapulco being the murder capital of Mexico since before I was Canadianized.

Tourist Killed by Train in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

This happened on October 20, 2016 at Lempuyangan railway station in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. According to the information I got, a foreign tourist was run over and killed by the train. It looks to me like the victim was female. Having been to Indonesia, I’m aware that the country attracts female sexual predators who prey on … Continue reading “Tourist Killed by Train in Yogyakarta, Indonesia”

Thief Murders 7 Year Old Girl to Steal Her Earrings and 60 Cents

On October 16, 2016, in Kep province, Cambodia, a robber killed a 7 year old girl to steal her earrings and 2,500 Riels (equivalent of $0.60 US). Kep police identified the killer as 25 year old man named Poeun, a farmer living in the village of Damnak Thom. He dumped the girl’s body in a … Continue reading “Thief Murders 7 Year Old Girl to Steal Her Earrings and 60 Cents”

Man Dies with Ass Up and Brains Spilled on Road from Shotgun Blast

This video is a few months old. It’s a short footage depicting a man having his brain matter spilled on the road after taking a shotgun blast to the head. The guy dies with ass up in the air. All the video needed was a stray dog mounting the corpse for a hump. Props to … Continue reading “Man Dies with Ass Up and Brains Spilled on Road from Shotgun Blast”

Woman Got Her Head Crushed by Truck, Flip Flops Stayed On

In Jammu, India, a woman was run over by a truck and got her head crushed. Brain matter took the leave and abandoned her skull cavity, but flip flops retained the full grip on her feet. How unusual… Props to Best Gore member @ggek for the pics:

Bank Robber Loses Face in Untimely Dynamite Explosion

Well, he lost more than just the face, but that somehow slid off the tongue better… A bank robber died in the city of Terra de Areia, state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, when a dynamite he and his accomplices planned to use blew up prematurely and ripped him apart. Due to the mishap … Continue reading “Bank Robber Loses Face in Untimely Dynamite Explosion”