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Thai Bloater Pulled From Under House

From Thailand, we are presented with a bloated greenie! Haven’t seen one of these old boys in a bit, always a treat. No info on it other than what you see. A man died under a house and wasn’t discovered until he had swollen up and really started making a stink of things. There is … Continue reading “Thai Bloater Pulled From Under House”

Thief Knocked Out with Kicks and Head Stomps

Somewhere in Brazil, a thief was caught in the act and delivered brutal beating. The man with military boots first hits him with a stick, but it snaps, so he proceeds to kick the living crap out of the thief, and then stomps his head until the thief is knocked out. The video then freezes … Continue reading “Thief Knocked Out with Kicks and Head Stomps”

Double Murder Follows Night of Drinking in Caruaru

Around 11:00 pm on Saturday, December 5th, two men were gunned down outside a house in the São João da Escócia neighbourhood of Caruaru, state of Pernambuco, Brazil. One of the victims has been positively identified as ex-con José Rosiel Vieira, aged 37. His buddy and he are suspected in committing numerous robberies in the … Continue reading “Double Murder Follows Night of Drinking in Caruaru”

ISIS Child Soldiers Execute Alleged Spies

Disturbing video here. A brief documentary on the training of Muslim children to be soldiers for ISIS. Also featured are several executions committed by the kids. The ISIS dogs use the Qur’an and culture of these Middle Eastern peoples to brain wash these children into serving them. We see them sitting at desks, receiving lessons … Continue reading “ISIS Child Soldiers Execute Alleged Spies”

Homeless Man Bound and Suffocated in Caruaru

A homeless man, identified as 60-year-old José Albino da Silva aka “Ze Boy”, was found dead in an abandoned section of the Santa Rosa neighbourhood of Caruaru on Wednesday, December 2nd. A piece of wood is still tied to his leg possibly from a makeshift chair that got broken but the “Last Supper” painting propped … Continue reading “Homeless Man Bound and Suffocated in Caruaru”

Convicted Murderer is Murdered in Toritama, Brazil

A 38-year-old ex-con identified as Orlando Francisco da Silva was murdered in his residence in the Valentim neighbourhood in Tortiama, state of Pernambuco, Brazil. He moved to Toritama last year, first working at a laundry and had spent the last three months as a mason. He served time for a murder in Palmares fifteen years … Continue reading “Convicted Murderer is Murdered in Toritama, Brazil”

Teenager’s Hand Destroyed by High Tension Electrical Wires

Sick images here showcasing the result of a sixteen year old boy who had touched high tension wires. The photos show the initial burns, swelling and blistering of the hand and the ultimate melting of his flesh from the bones. Amputation was the only solution to save this young man’s life. This degeneration into infection … Continue reading “Teenager’s Hand Destroyed by High Tension Electrical Wires”

Very Nice Burn Courtesy of Best Gore Member

What was I saying about that massage? Lend me your virtual fingers, my Ladies of Gore, I need you. Best Gore isn’t the only one having technical difficulties as I have just had a brain fart so hard that I forgot how to ride a bike. Anyway…Let’s try again! Today’s edition of Best Gore Members … Continue reading “Very Nice Burn Courtesy of Best Gore Member”

Caribbean Land Whales Argue About Stinky Pussy

It’s been a stressful couple of days here. I could go for a nice, relaxing massage, about half and hour should do. You know? I know you do. Alas, virtual fingers just don’t cut it, so instead lets have a kick back and a laugh for a little bit. I have here rare footage of … Continue reading “Caribbean Land Whales Argue About Stinky Pussy”

Youths Shot to Death on Their Bike

I’ll have to keep this short and sweet since I don’t know how much time I have until the site goes down again (been an infuriating two days). But know that Vasily is working his ass off to get this situation remedied, so give him a shout out when you get a chance. Ok, lets … Continue reading “Youths Shot to Death on Their Bike”