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Syrian Man Executed by Jihadist in Wheelchair

Jabhat Al-Nusra moderates, the most moderate people in the world, have released a video from Idlib, Syria. The video depicts a disabled, wheelchair-bound Al-Nusra jihadist executing a Syrian man. The most moderate people in the world accused the victim of giving the Syrian Air Force information about the coordinates of Al-Nusra’s positions. Props to Best … Continue reading “Syrian Man Executed by Jihadist in Wheelchair”

Three Filipinos Die Crashing Motorcycle Head-On with Bus

In Zamboanga del Norte, Philippines, 3 people died when their motorcycle crashed head on with an oncoming bus. The victims were construction workers who were on their way home from the job. The crash was reportedly caused by the motorcycle’s tire exploding, which threw the motorcycle into oncoming lane, and directly in the path of … Continue reading “Three Filipinos Die Crashing Motorcycle Head-On with Bus”

Three Men Beheaded by ISIS on Chopping Block

Video released by ISIS shows three men getting beheaded. The condemned lay their necks on a wood chopping block, and a masked man severs the heads with a long, curved blade. The video is heavily censored, with each moment of beheading cut out. Pretty much the way Islamic State has been doing it for a … Continue reading “Three Men Beheaded by ISIS on Chopping Block”

Brazilians Mangled in Brutal Car Wreck

Brutal accident in Manaus, state of Amazonas, Brazil. At least three young persons were killed in a car wreck and ripped to pieces, having their guts and brains blanketing the remains of the car as well as the road side. No telling how many vehicles were involved or what the actual cause was. Bodies sleeping … Continue reading “Brazilians Mangled in Brutal Car Wreck”

Man Almost Escapes Knife Wielding Maniac

Aw man, he almost got away. This kinda sucks as a stabbing victim managed to get away from his attacker and make it inside a store. Video captures him standing around in a daze from the blood loss, leaving a trail of blood which his would be murderer may have followed. Seconds later, a man … Continue reading “Man Almost Escapes Knife Wielding Maniac”

Apes Go Ape Shit Over New Bar at Casino in Queens, NYC

Oh sheeeiiit, opening of new daiquiri bar at the Resort Hotel Casino in Queens, NYC resulting in a mass migration of hoodrats and hoodlums to the establishment, called Fat Tuesdays, who, in celebration of their grand openin, were handing out free daiquiris and lo and behold, it wasn’t long before all hell broke loose in … Continue reading “Apes Go Ape Shit Over New Bar at Casino in Queens, NYC”

Man Has Throat Slashed and Guts Ripped Out

The only info I have on this video is that it happened during some type of riot. I guess this a case of wrong place at the wrong time. When we see the victim he is already in hospital on oxygen. We see the deep cut through his throat made all the more disturbing when … Continue reading “Man Has Throat Slashed and Guts Ripped Out”

Man Brags About Killing a Woman

What is it with people and the need to film every goddamned aspect of their lives? Face Book and similar social networking sites are bad enough, but it seems that technology is actually making people stupider. Now criminals regularly film themselves committing crimes from petty thievery and vandalism, to straight up murder. Take this douchebag … Continue reading “Man Brags About Killing a Woman”

Members of al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb Killed by Algerian Army

Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb is a group of Sunni jihadists operating primarily in Algeria. As its name suggests, the group is a part of CIA sponsored initiative al-Qaeda. Best Gore member salim696 provided the following information: My name is Salim N. (name redacted by author), from Algeria. Recently my country got attacked by Al-Qaeda … Continue reading “Members of al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb Killed by Algerian Army”

People Swept Away as South China is Ravaged by Floods

The floods created by torrential rains raging across Southern China continue to wreak havoc on homes, land and the economy. Over 54 people have been confirmed dead with many more still missing. 15,000 homes have been completely destroyed and 250,000 people are basically homeless and moved into temporary housing. The monsoon season rains have also … Continue reading “People Swept Away as South China is Ravaged by Floods”