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4 Months Pregnant Girl Mortally Shot by Robbers

Earlier today, on February 9, 2016, a 19 year old girl, 4 months pregnant with a child, was shot in the head and died. The murder happened on the edges of the BR 232 highway, in Bezerros, outside of Caruaru, Brazil. Edla dos Anjos Soares was married and lived on the Alfredo Pinto street in … Continue reading “4 Months Pregnant Girl Mortally Shot by Robbers”

Intestines Exposed Through Large Machete Wound Across Torso

Guy on the operation table was slashed across torso with a machete. The wound is so deep, you can see his intestines and a lung. The is also a smaller slash on the side of his head. Whoever the guy got in fight with was pretty pissed off at him. You don’t almost cut someone … Continue reading “Intestines Exposed Through Large Machete Wound Across Torso”

Warehouse Worker Run Over by Forklift

Apparently this happened at a warehouse in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A forklift operator reversed into a co-worker, knocked him over, and good and proper – ran him over. The victim was operating one of those two wheel dollies and had his back turned to the forklift. However it’s the forklift operator who floored it while … Continue reading “Warehouse Worker Run Over by Forklift”

Thai Woman Gives Birth in Taxi Cab, Cops Help to Deliver

A Thai woman en route to a hospital to give birth, couldn’t hold he spawn in her vajajay and popped it right on the back seat of a taxi cab she was in. Cops stopped by to help with delivery, but wouldn’t even take their helmets off. Here’s the awesome translation from Thai: Birth on … Continue reading “Thai Woman Gives Birth in Taxi Cab, Cops Help to Deliver”

Fatal Accident Leaves Person Cut in Half on Road

Aftermath video of a fatal traffic accident shows first responders attempting to rescue a survivor trapped in an overturned vehicle. They’re not bothering with the other person, who’s further up the road, torn in half with innards spilled out, and legs separated from each other.

Bloated Corpse of Drowned Man Found on Pier in Thailand

Bloated corpse of an unidentified man in his 30’s was found laying on a pier in Thailand. The corpse was fished out to make the sea water around Thailand’s shores appear less disgusting than it really is. The body didn’t bear any signs of foul play, so he’s belied to have drowned.

Dayum – Drunk Dude Is Run Over by Bus in Chicago, Fellow Ghetto Dweller Cracks Jokes

Beautiful pointer! On February 7, 2016, outside of Chicago, Illinois, a drunk man was run over by a PACE bus. The driver apparently didn’t notice that the drunk stumbled and fell under his vehicle after disembarking. The video shows the man pinned under the bus, as fellow ghetto dweller films him, and cracks jokes about … Continue reading “Dayum – Drunk Dude Is Run Over by Bus in Chicago, Fellow Ghetto Dweller Cracks Jokes”

The Caption This Photo Contest #83

Well…Caption this photo if you can. Also, we’d like to wish a very happy birthday to a Best Gore OG. Brokeback, this one’s for you.

Alleged Rapist Being Dismembered by Multiple Knives in Brazilian Prison

Brazilian prisons are notorious for brutal murders of inmates, in particular those accused of rape. The killing frenzy in this video is difficult to describe. Like starved dogs that got their first meal after a long time, inmates senselessly stab the long dead corpse like their lives depended on it.

Hanged Bloater Makes People Gag

A raised stink alerted the neighborhood to a corpse that’s been putrefying in the corner of the room for a few days. The man had apparently committed suicide by hanging. The video shows a pool of rotten bodily fluids that collected on the floor beneath the bloated corpse. The stench was so putrid, it made … Continue reading “Hanged Bloater Makes People Gag”