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Chinese Student Stripped and Beaten by Bullies

Another video of girls beating down another girl in China. You can really hear the sick glee these young women are getting from their torture of this female student who gets stripped and kicked around. No info on the justification for this beating other than bullies being bullies…and if any of our female members what … Continue reading “Chinese Student Stripped and Beaten by Bullies”

Little Girl Violently Assaulted with Broomstick Handle

I believe this video is from China (sounds Chinese to me), but regardless of where it is from, this kind of beating on a little girl is uncalled for. What could this little one have possibly done to warrant being beaten on the head repeatedly with a broomstick? There is discipline and then there is … Continue reading “Little Girl Violently Assaulted with Broomstick Handle”

Videos of Massive Explosion in Tianjin, China

Earlier today, at around 11:30pm China time, an absolutely massive explosion rocked the Binhai New Area, located along the coast in the northeast Chinese port city of Tianjin. According to the official China Daily newspaper, as of this post, the explosion killed 13 people, and injured 250. To be honest, I’m quite surprised the death … Continue reading “Videos of Massive Explosion in Tianjin, China”

Brazilian Gets His Leg Removed in Brutal Accident

Aftermath of a brutal motorcycle accident in Teotônio Vilela, state of Alagoas, Brazil in which the man involved lost most of his leg. Looks like a relatively clean cut but still left a mess of a foot underneath him. We have our obligatory Brazilian death cheer team who no doubt feel cheated that the poor … Continue reading “Brazilian Gets His Leg Removed in Brutal Accident”

Man Lynched by Mob Takes Brutal Kicks to Head

Brutal video here shows a man attacked and beat down by an angry mob. The one dude delivering the brutal kicks to his head and face. I don’t know what this man did, but the people in that mob are sure convinced that he did something. Mad props to Best Gore Contributor, MrsPink.

Man Impaled with Stool

Ok, boys and gores, can anyone tell me just how the fuck this happened? A man somehow got a stool embedded in his back. You can actually see one of the legs under his skin and probably breaking ribs. It’s s good thing he is at the hospital safely as I’m sure they are gonna … Continue reading “Man Impaled with Stool”

Driver Plows Through Police Checkpoint, Takes Off with Policeman on Hood

In Quilmes, a city in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, a 25 year old driver of Chevrolet Celta was being signaled to pull over at a police checkpoint, but for whatever reason didn’t like the idea, and decided to plow through the group of policemen. He ended up driving for 400 meters with a … Continue reading “Driver Plows Through Police Checkpoint, Takes Off with Policeman on Hood”

Chinese Woman Crushed in Elevator Accident

Best Gore has scientifically proven that elevators and escalators are mechanical monsters (possibly from another planet) who hate Asians. Time and time again we have seen this uncontrollable urge to murder Asians (particularly women) with extreme prejudice. Latest victim of these flesh-hating monstrosities is a Chinese woman who’s head was snagged as the elevator began … Continue reading “Chinese Woman Crushed in Elevator Accident”

Thai Shot Dead Trying to Escape Assailants on Motorcycle

A 26 year old man was found shot dead in the grass next to his crashed motorcycle in the Yala District of Thailand near the Malaysian border. Reports state that he was leaving a tea shop when he was ambushed by as of yet unidentified assailant(s). The “skirts” the men in these areas are called … Continue reading “Thai Shot Dead Trying to Escape Assailants on Motorcycle”

Plain Clothes Cop Brutally Assaults Woman in Sioux City

On August 8, 2011, in the 1400 block of McDonald Street in Sioux City, Iowa, a plain clothes cop brutally assaulted a woman, put her in a headlock, punched her and choked her. Still, despite clearly damning video evidence, U.S. District Court Judge Mark Bennett ruled that DaCosta Daniels did not present enough evidence that … Continue reading “Plain Clothes Cop Brutally Assaults Woman in Sioux City”