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Corpse of Young Woman Found Wrapped in Hello Kitty Blanket

A corpse of a young woman was found by scavengers at a dump in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The victim was recognized as an employee at “Club 55” (some kind of night club in Phnom Penh). She had been strangulated with a power cable, and wrapped in a Hello Kitty blanket. There appears to be serious … Continue reading “Corpse of Young Woman Found Wrapped in Hello Kitty Blanket”

Femur Sticks Out Through Compound Fracture of Leg

I don’t have any backinfo about this video. It appears to depict the aftermath of a traffic accident involving a motorcyclist. The biker is shown on the road with a compound fracture of the leg somewhere in the knee area. His defleshed femur sticks out.

Woman with Severe Forearm Injury Waits for Care in Hallway of Hospital

In Nova Iguaçu – a municipality in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a woman with severe forearm injury walked to a hospital, but instead of receiving prompt attention, was left waiting in the hallway. She filmed the video allegedly to lament the lacking emergency health care in Brazil.

Young Cambodian Girl with Huge Tumor on Shoulder

A young Cambodian girl named Lon has a huge tumor on her shoulder, and probably no realistic chance of getting rid of it. Translation of the brief background info from Khmer suggests that her family is unable to continue financing her treatment: My sister named Lon tissue tumor cancer is now 5 kg fish are … Continue reading “Young Cambodian Girl with Huge Tumor on Shoulder”

ISIS Child Soldiers Execute Four Men

Video released by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant depicts ISIS child soldiers executing four men by shooting them in heads at point blank range. The first two are executed by Arabic speaking children, which the other two by Russian speaking ones. I like the background setting for the first execution, with its … Continue reading “ISIS Child Soldiers Execute Four Men”

Young Man Points at Brain That Was Blasted Out of His Skull with Shots

In Mossoró, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, a young man was gunned down with multiple shots while sitting in a bar. The headshots blasted the brain out of his skull, and the chap landed making pointers at the grey matter. No info was provided as to why he was likely targeted.

Motorcycle Accident Victim Spread Eagle on Road Due to Broken Pelvis

Video from Indonesia depicts the aftermath of a multi vehicle traffic accident. While it appears that several people were injured and/or killed in the accident, the video focuses primarily on a survivor spread eagle on the road due to broken pelvis. I think the survivor is a woman. There will always be something very inviting … Continue reading “Motorcycle Accident Victim Spread Eagle on Road Due to Broken Pelvis”

Young Man Caught Stealing in Brazil Forced to Eat Shit

Brazil has been very vocal lately about delivering on the spot punishments to thieves caught in the act. Punishments typically range from getting a non-vital body part shot, through getting hands clubbed, to getting fingers slammed in car door. In this video, the young thief is forced to eat shit as punishment. When the video … Continue reading “Young Man Caught Stealing in Brazil Forced to Eat Shit”

Young Man Lynched for Stealing Cassava Flour in Lagos State, Nigeria

A young boy, reported to be only 7 years old, was lynched and set on fire by a mob at the Alafiya bus stop in Orile, Lagos State, Nigeria, for allegedly attempting to steal cassava flour, locally known as garri, from a shop. An angry mob got hold of the boy and beat him till … Continue reading “Young Man Lynched for Stealing Cassava Flour in Lagos State, Nigeria”

Young Thief Punished by Having Car Door Slammed on His Fingers

A young Brazilian thief was caught stealing, and his captors punished him on the spot by slamming a car door on his fingers. Brazilians have been dealing with thieves by delivering brutal, though non fatal punishments to them.