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Corpse of Young Man Stabbed with Knife in Eye

Video from an undisclosed location depicts the corpse of a man who was found stabbed in the eye with a knife, and the knife was left sticking out of his skull. There also appears to be a gunshot wound in his thigh. No further info available. Props to Best Gore member @wallabeast for the video:

Number of Traffickers Killed or Wounded in Cidade de Deus, Rio de Janeiro

Number of traffickers were killed in a police offensive in “Cidade de Deus” favela in the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Residents accused police officers of the Special Operations Battalion (BOPE) of having executed the men. Pastor Leonardo Martins da Silva said that even if the killed were traffickers, the state should not … Continue reading “Number of Traffickers Killed or Wounded in Cidade de Deus, Rio de Janeiro”

Man Left Decapitated on Road After Traffic Accident in India

Video from India depicts the aftermath of a traffic accident that left a man decapitated on the road. It would appear that the victim crashed a motorcycle. There is another man that seems injured, but alive. Presumably, he was riding the motorcycle with the headless man, but managed to keep his head attached. Props to … Continue reading “Man Left Decapitated on Road After Traffic Accident in India”

Bloated Maggoty Corpse Found in Cornfield

On November 20, 2016, in Jombang Regency, East Java, Indonesia, a number of farmers harvesting corn found a bloated, maggoty corpse in the field. The victim was recognized as a local, 54 year old man named Musolin, a resident of the Kepuhkembeng village. Five days ago, the victim disappeared from home. The cause of death … Continue reading “Bloated Maggoty Corpse Found in Cornfield”

Drunk Cambodian Man Burns One Month Old Grandchild to Death

In Cambodia, a 54 year old man burned his own grandchild to death allegedly because he was angry with his daughter, the child’s mother, who decided to eat out without telling her husband. The child was only 1 month old, and the man was reportedly drunk when he set it alight inside the house. The … Continue reading “Drunk Cambodian Man Burns One Month Old Grandchild to Death”

Corpse of Young Woman Found Wrapped in Hello Kitty Blanket

A corpse of a young woman was found by scavengers at a dump in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The victim was recognized as an employee at “Club 55” (some kind of night club in Phnom Penh). She had been strangulated with a power cable, and wrapped in a Hello Kitty blanket. There appears to be serious … Continue reading “Corpse of Young Woman Found Wrapped in Hello Kitty Blanket”

Femur Sticks Out Through Compound Fracture of Leg

I don’t have any backinfo about this video. It appears to depict the aftermath of a traffic accident involving a motorcyclist. The biker is shown on the road with a compound fracture of the leg somewhere in the knee area. His defleshed femur sticks out.

Woman with Severe Forearm Injury Waits for Care in Hallway of Hospital

In Nova IguaƧu – a municipality in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a woman with severe forearm injury walked to a hospital, but instead of receiving prompt attention, was left waiting in the hallway. She filmed the video allegedly to lament the lacking emergency health care in Brazil.

Young Cambodian Girl with Huge Tumor on Shoulder

A young Cambodian girl named Lon has a huge tumor on her shoulder, and probably no realistic chance of getting rid of it. Translation of the brief background info from Khmer suggests that her family is unable to continue financing her treatment: My sister named Lon tissue tumor cancer is now 5 kg fish are … Continue reading “Young Cambodian Girl with Huge Tumor on Shoulder”

ISIS Child Soldiers Execute Four Men

Video released by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant depicts ISIS child soldiers executing four men by shooting them in heads at point blank range. The first two are executed by Arabic speaking children, which the other two by Russian speaking ones. I like the background setting for the first execution, with its … Continue reading “ISIS Child Soldiers Execute Four Men”