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Muslims Circle Jerking with Severed Head

Just what the title says. No info on it whats so ever, and I’m not even gonna attempt to discern which particular faction of militant muslim this might be. Although it looks like more legit outfit to me. Anyone know that symbol on the uniform? Might not even matter, we’ve seen fake uniforms being used … Continue reading “Muslims Circle Jerking with Severed Head”

Saudi Executioner Casually Walks Away After Beheading Man

Saudi Arabia, the great ally of Israel and its puppet nations, continues to lead the world in the number of beheadings carried out in the name of its regime. Saudis are clearly scared that the dissent will spread and the Saudi royal family’s days of ruling by birthright will end. Video below shows one of … Continue reading “Saudi Executioner Casually Walks Away After Beheading Man”

Clumsy Idiot Knocks Himself Out Trying to Bludgeon a Pig

A farmer tried to slaughter a pig by bludgeoning it with an axe, but as he took the swing, the axe got caught on some wire, and the farmer ended up hitting his own head with it, knocking himself down. I guess moral of the story is – don’t wear a baseball had if you’re … Continue reading “Clumsy Idiot Knocks Himself Out Trying to Bludgeon a Pig”

Boy Showing Off Flesh Eating Disease

No info on exactly where this takes place, although I’d hazard a guess and say somewhere in Africa. The short video clip is of a young boy showing off what appears to be some kind of skin eating disease that has eaten through most of the flesh on his torso. Exposed pink skin and fat … Continue reading “Boy Showing Off Flesh Eating Disease”

Woman Finds Husband and Child Crushed to Death by Truck in Philippines

On January 14, 2016, on C3 Road in Navotas City, Metro Manila, the Philippines, a man and his child were crushed to death by a semi truck while riding a motorcycle. The photos and video show mother of the child and wife of the man grieving over their mangled corpses with utter disbelief. The woman … Continue reading “Woman Finds Husband and Child Crushed to Death by Truck in Philippines”

Small Plane Crashes Into House, Killing Five in Brazil

Five people were killed when a small plane crashed into a house in Balsas, state of Maranhão, Brazil. The plane landed on a home in the Dr. Rosi Cury Street in the Neighbourhood of Catumbi. A woman, identified as “Francisca”, was, along with her daughter and grandson, taken to hospital. The pilot of the aircraft, … Continue reading “Small Plane Crashes Into House, Killing Five in Brazil”

Videos of Suicide Bomb Attacks in Jakarta, Indonesia

A series of coordinated suicide bomb and gun attacks rocked the downtown area of Indonesia’s capital city of Jakarta. ISIS is said to have taken responsibility for the attacks, making it the first such attack in the South East Asian nation. So far, at least seven people have been reported killed, of whom five were … Continue reading “Videos of Suicide Bomb Attacks in Jakarta, Indonesia”

10g Ampallang Piercing Video

The ampallang is a horizontal piercing of penis glans. The individual in this video already had the apadravya (glans pierced vertically), so the addition of the horizontal barbell forms what’s known as the magic cross. The video was sent to us by Wayland Rumble who added the following commentary: I am a BIG fan of … Continue reading “10g Ampallang Piercing Video”

Head Crushed by Hydraulic Press After Minor Attention Lapse

A CCTV video from somewhere in South East Asia shows a worker getting his head crushed by a hydraulic press. The worker appears to follow his normal workplace routine when the press closes up a little sooner than he anticipated. It comes to show you how you can never be too careful around machinery powerful … Continue reading “Head Crushed by Hydraulic Press After Minor Attention Lapse”

Drunk Man Stabs People in the Street in China

Puncture wound massacre captured on CCTV in China. An alleged drunk man started stabbing people in the street. No word on what sparked the blood letting frenzy, but it resulted in one man dying and another being seriously injured. Nothing else to say. Aside from… Mad props to African Angel.