62 Year Old Woman Mauled by Pit Bulls in Bronx

62 Year Old Woman Mauled by Pit Bulls in Bronx

62 year old grandmother by the name of Carmen Cabrera was walking to the corner store on Buhre Avenue in Bronx, New York when she was viciously attacked by two pit bulls. The mauling was caught on CCTV camera.

The handler of the dogs was about as qualified to look after pit bulls as a Caucasian woman with a lower back tattoo is to look after children she spawned after sleeping with every wigger in town.

Carmen Cabrera got away with just bruises and cuts on her arm – which is minor if you consider the clamp powerful jaws of pit bulls are capable off. These two puppies must not have been in the mood to rip the granny up.

After the mauling, the failed pit bull carer proved that he’s about as qualified to handle dogs as a single mother is to bring up kids. His response to mishandling the pooches too powerful and tenacious for him to control was to start hitting them. That’ll teach them. Pit bulls are known to obey the carer who beats them. Not!

The police report revealed that the carer was not the owner of the dogs. They are listed to be owned by a woman who was not at the scene of the attack.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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78 thoughts on “62 Year Old Woman Mauled by Pit Bulls in Bronx”

  1. You have people with no understanding of bloodlines, “backyard breeding” these dogs to make some money. People with no clue as to their nature, buying them and not properly training and/or socializing them. Then, something like this happens, this poor woman who clearly isn’t a threat is attacked. The next thing you always hear is, “these dogs should be banned”. No, ban stupid people from owning them! Instead of outlawing them, make it mandatory for them to be muzzled in public. I agree with the saying “Blame the deed, not the breed”.

        1. my family owned a few dobes when i was growing up and they are great dogs – amazingly very scared of their own shadow at times and are the biggest sucks…always made me laugh when people would cross the street when i was out walking the animal….they really got a bad name for the breed..awesome dogs 🙂

    1. That wont work here Living in the Bronx myself People have a hard time cleaning the shit up after there dogs and they are supposed to be muzzled I seen the way people treat them vicious is what they train them to be hitting them with heavy chains and so on

  2. I remember the days when Rottweilers, and Dobermans, had the worst reputations among the different breeds. Now it’s Pit Bulls. I know it’s not the dogs’ fault, so I would just like to thank all of the rappers, and all of the thug wannabes, out in the ‘hood for unintentionally helping to improve the reputations of two of my favorite breeds.

    1. I think never. The Lord Jesus (from Nazareth, not our Jesus) says we should become like children in order to enter the kindom of god. I don’t generally quote the bible, but I do think this is true. Children by nature are innocent and wise until they get spoiled by society. Having a sense of responsibility and suchlike is good of course, but losing purity, innocense, playfulness and an idiot sense of humour makes you get old. Imcomplete. There’s a lot of old people out there already, also 20 year-olds.
      That was a serious one, eh? Yeah, I did some thinking on that.

  3. Great, more fuel to the whole pit bulls are bad fire. If the idiot caretaker knew anything about body language he could have prevented it. The first dog looked interested in the lady, as if she had food or something. The lady was acting too nervous and the guy had his guard down. It looked like the second dog felt that the lady was a threat to it’s pack/mate and knew that the guys guard was down, that’s when it happened. Animals are much smarter and observant that most people give them credit for. You don’t have to know those dogs or even anything about dogs, it’s simply being aware of your surroundings and reading basic body language. I’ll bet the dog was vocalizing too (whining, growling) that the “caretaker” should have picked up on. My guess is that the dog that attacked was an un-neutered male and the other one was a female.

    1. When I was a little girl my mother told me to never show a dog I was afraid, it was a good lesson, clearly a lesson that lady hadn’t been taught.
      I’m not blaming the lady, those dogs, or more importantly thier mistress/master is responsible and they should be prosecuted.

    2. Don’t flatter the yardsharks with false ideas that they are intelligent or know what they are doing.

      No other creature on earth has been as inbred and retardified as a dog, which by nature should not even exist at all.

      Everything they do is out of sheer instinct, from eating poop, pissing right outside your bedroom door, pinching a hot steamy loaf right in front of the stove, all the way to mauling children to death.

      Goddamn four legged dung beetles with teeth are lucky they live somewhere that people aren’t allowed to protect themselves with firearms.

      The best name for a dog?

      TARGET !

  4. Were they even on leashes?!? What an idiot! An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of underarm flab, you dumbshit! I’m not going to go all pitbull snackbar on this because it’s all been said before, but whenever I take my dog out she’s on a shortleash at my side and under control. Shit.

  5. They look like pitbulls but most probably they are amstaffs, the attack is related with the way she walks, she provokes prey drive etc etc. its a long story but no need to be an expert, wear them muzzles and its over, best precaution.

    1. So you blame the victim?

      Do you blame people that get robbed and raped too, for ‘provoking the prey drive’?

      Fuck dogs.

      Yardshark comes at me, the inbred turd burgler is going to find out what happens when you bring a mouthfull of teeth to a gun fight!

  6. I love pit bulls but they must be kept away from NIGGERS!

    When I lived in the ghettoest ghetto (Schenectady NY, particularly the Mont Pleasant area) EVERY nigger you saw had a pitbull. I even had a pitbull who was the puppy of two fighting dogs. I raised mine to be an adorable little doofis who was friendly with people and dogs alike and he was the most lovable little pibble ever, but I must admit that any pitbull owned by a nigger or wigger is bad.
    Deuce is now 6 years old and still being adorable, all his brothers and sisters went to niggers and are all dead from what I hear.

      1. @drccoco, are those also known as Caucasian Ovtcharka dogs? If so, they’re huge! 100-150lbs or more, 25-31″ at the shoulder, sometimes taller!! Not many dogs (humans either!) would stand a chance against them, as your video proved 🙁

        1. I know about nerve damage first hand…literally, I lost feeling to the tip of my pinky finger from a knife wound on the palm of my hand and when I went to see the hand specialist he told me about that one of the most common forms of nerve damage and also one of the most difficult to deal with was from injuries caused by dog bites, when a dog bites you it basically crushes the nerve endings and depending on how bad the bite it can be permanent or just temporary.

          1. @PaleRider,ohh yea dog bites are the worst mine is by my thigh and the dog just locked on it, it was so crazy i screamed and dont remember how the dog even let go, i swear i knew what it would feel like to be eaten alive just for a minute haha (; but its good to know mine is temporary. (:

  7. When I lived in Cleveland (Little Itally) Sometimes “The Beast” used to let their pitts runaround and they lil pooches would sometimes wander into our small neighborhood. I noticed these three for almost like a week at various times of the day just trotting down the sidewalks. They were all chewed up and matted hair etc..Well long story short I put out a bowl antifreeze and got two of em. I don’t like dogs anyway, so I figured I do the neighborhood a favor since Cleveland city services are almost non-existant. I told one of my Cleveland copper buddy’s about what i did. And he advised me not to tell anyone! One, because it was illegal, I guess animal cruelty. Secondly and more seriously was because so many people love these stupid nigger dogs. He said I could be in for a big backlash. People actually care about these nasty looking things other than fighting them??

  8. That dude screwed over the owner of those dogs. There is a good chance the dogs will be deemed vicious and ordered put down by the city and the owner is on the hook for all medical expenses. Since there is no insurance coverage, she is going to have to pay out of pocket. If she is poor, it will likely drive her to bankruptcy.

    Yep, that dumbass fucked that dog owner over.

  9. It pisses me off when people put down a dog for doing what it instinctively does. Dogs don’t understand or follow human rules coz their not as fucking stupid as humans so why should they be blamed? Blame the fucking owner who was stupid enough not to either train or restrain (muzzle) the dog given the fact they are still animals. I learned the hard way, when I was 5 I smacked my dog with a stick just to see what it would do, and for a while it did nothing, then one day it got the shits and started biting me, not drawing blood or anything but pretty much saying, “stop fucking hitting me!” I ran crying to my mum and my mum was like “well thats what you get for hitting the dog”. Not saying that the woman did anything to the dog, the point of the story was that they are still “wild” to some extent and should not be punished for doing what they find natural.

  10. I love dogs. I have two huge bloodhounds, and a tiny papillion. So I can understand the love people have for their pet pits. And I think pits are really beautiful dogs. But I don’t care if its the owner or the dogs fault for all the attacks we hear about. I will never want one around my children. Ever. The fact is they are known to turn. That is a fact. And you hear all the time, that their pit never did this before, and was so lovable. But all of a sudden it snapped and attacked the owner or family member. For example, I just read about a man who came home from work and found his pregnant wife completely shreaded. His 2 pits that were around 8 years old attacked and killed a woman who was around them since they were puppies. The man said they never showed signs of aggression and were like big babies.

    Sorry, but it isn’t always the owners fault. They are aggressive dogs. Period. And I personally would never take a chance on them.

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