7 Year Old Tunisian Boy Bitten in Face by Dog

He Looks Quite Chill for Kid Who Got Piece of Face Bit Off

On January 25, 2017 in the city of Monastir, Tunisia, a 7 years old boy on his way back home from school got mauled by a dog.

Three kids were reportedly walking with a “staff” that attacked the boy and bit him in the face, leaving the deep wound. People passing by tried to help the boy, but the dog was not responding and kept latching on the boy’s face. The dog’s owner ran away without trying to control the animal.

Props to Best Gore member @Misericordia for the pics. Dog experts – what exactly are we talking about when talking about “staffs“? Are we talking about pit bulls, or less aggressive bull terriers?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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53 thoughts on “7 Year Old Tunisian Boy Bitten in Face by Dog”

  1. Maybe American Staffordshire or English Staffordshire terriers or even mastiff maybe. But idk what you mean by less aggressive. I love pits I own 3 very loving and loyal not to mention I sleep very well at night. I call them my brinks security system

    1. I don’t know much about dogs, but I’ve heard all dogs have some inherent characteristics. While it does come down to training and handling, inherent traits still remain. Some dog breeds, much as some human races, are more prone to aggression than others.

      1. I see what your saying and I agree with you I guess that’s why they say a dog is what you make it. Did you know there is a decorated pit bull who served in the marine Corp. Sgt. Stubby was his name he only had three legs.

        1. That’s somewhat incorrect, but true in some regards.
          The Pitbull was bred through multiple domesticated breeds, and bred for fighting and being a nanny. Nothing more, nothing less, great family dogs and great athletic fighting dogs.
          I don’t condone dog fighting in the slightest, before I get yelled at xD .. I own a pit, and the damage he COULD do, is why I keep him very close to me when I walk him, I trust him, not other dogs.

      2. This is correct. Example most bull breeds originally stood guard over livestock like Bulls. The mollasser family of dogs has far worse than the terriers. Your more likely to be bitten by a dalmatian, they originally bred as guard dogs. Also look up Fila de Brazos or ovocharka

  2. Fucking Muslims hate dogs… Which makes sense… Muslims are viscious hating animals, Dogs are loving, loyal and trustworthy..

    Don’t put the dog down… Put every fucking Tunisian Muslim down… The world will be a better place

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            Too bad the dog didnt kill this low life.

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  3. No dog is inherently good with humans or with other dogs without proper socialization…
    A dog has a pack mentality that’s triggered when it feels it’s “family” is being threatened…
    I know because I live with 20 Neapolitan Mastiffs that I breed for very select customers…

      1. The oldest male Neo I owned was 18 years old and the oldest female Neo I owned was 15 years old…
        I never had a Neo die on me in less than 10 years of age… but they’re susceptible to rheumatism… so they need to be exercised and have a big yard… they’re a coursing Mastiff…

  4. Imma say a mastiff was the dog..staffs is what usually call them..but idk there big dogs id think that big off a dog woulda tore his cheek clean off…but let alone if it was only playing with the boy then it woulda jus been nipping like a puppy and puppys do have sharp teeth

  5. Kinda looks like the kid got it easy… And the owner got away? ๐Ÿ˜† Why im not surprised?… when the dog is cute and small its the owner’s little baby, but when he starts making trouble, they are no longer their pets… pffff… and people say cats are evil. ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Cats are evil… ๐Ÿ˜Ž

      My cat has a bad habit of playing with the toilet paper to a point to where it’s found in bits and pieces around the house…
      I’ve tried shutting the bathroom doors at night… (this is when he does it… my bathroom doorknobs don’t lock…) but the little shit can open doors…

      I wouldn’t consider myself a cat person but I love that little shit… ๐Ÿ˜†

      1. @gnat

        There’s a doorknob cover for child-proofing that only turns the knob underneath it if you grasp it properly or, if you need a quick fix, wrap the knob in aluminum foil, cats can’t stand the noise it makes and the doorknob will suddenly be much less fun to play with.

  6. I’m a dog lover, and a self confessed expert.
    Any terrier type can do this damage to a 7 year old boy, but if it was a Pitbull, and the owner ran off, sadly the damage would be 10x worse. So I’m ruling out Pitbull completely.
    My guess would be an am staff, which has the power, but also responds quickly the voice of humans

  7. Now am no expert by any stretch of the imagination, but i think you’ll find that “Every”dog on the planet is man made, through the selective breeding of wolves over thousands of years.

    As for pitbulls and staffs. well, you don’t here any story’s of staffs ripping little kids apart. but we hear it all too often with pits.
    Staff are way more docile than pitbulls, its breed into their very nature.

    1. Indeed. Staffs, or Staffordshire Bull Terriers are as soft as a brush with people, kids especially in my opinion/ experience.
      It’s the same old chestnut, but a dog attains its attitude via its owner/handler. Treat them like shite and they’ll bite.
      Having said that, around other dogs one must beware, because Staffs in particular will go for them given the chance.
      I think these days people are assigning the word Staff to many different breeds, which is obviously confusing.
      Who knows what breed went for this lad, but I’d bet the owner is a full weight tosser.

      1. Yeah, their getting a bad name over here staffs as well. what with all the chavs knockin around with em these days. there’s a girl who lives near me, i see her all the time walking down the river. pitbull in one hand, pram in the other, while traipsing through 4″ of mud haha she would have zero control if it ever went off.
        dogs are more like fashion accessory’s these days, sadly.

  8. I have a Staffordshire terrier, she’s brindle with a longer body and slimmer face then a pit bull. She’s aggressive to people and animals, until she’s up close then she’s a baby. She will bark and hackles come up when we are at a distance, but she has never bit anyone or even growled,she will just bark. By saying staff they probably could mean any of those breeds. Without seeing it,who knows.

  9. Owning a big dog is like having a gun; dangerous in the wrong hands.
    People should get a license to own these kind of dogs and proof they know how to threat them, they won’t like that because they are the anti-social kind.
    How dogs behave is all in your hands folks.

  10. Recently I was reading about rabies and got terrifyed. What if this dog had rabies and no one cares about it? Bites closer to the brain, like those on the face, are more dangerous because the incubation period of the disease will be quite short and symptoms will appear more quickly. And once symptoms appear, you are dead. Hope it wasn’t rabid.

  11. i hate dogs. the owners are generally uncaring of other people, placing the life of the dog over a human.. this has been my experience throughout my life.
    i know that there are exceptions.
    interrestingly enough, i dont believe that the breed of dog had anything to do with it.
    as much as i detest dogs, the one breed i have not had a problem with is the ‘pit pull’.
    i have been around many, and they are the most intelligent dog in my view.
    i now carry a can of wasp & hornet killer, an aluminum ball bat, a firearm, and a lockblade knife everytime i go for a bicycle ride. this is due to the fact that i have been assaulted by dogs 15 times in my own neighborhood, let alone other places. it is time that these things be considered the dangerous animals that they are.
    there is a place for animals that poop everywhere and bite people- the zoo!

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