8 Year Old Girl Mauled by Tibetan Mastiff in Yuncheng, China

8 Year Old Girl Mauled by Tibetan Mastiff in Yuncheng, China

8 Year Old Girl Mauled by Tibetan Mastiff in Yuncheng, China

CCTV camera in Yuncheng, Shanxi province, China captured a moment an 8 year old girl was mauled by a ferocious Tibetan Mastiff. Not sure if the dog just wanted to play, but he definitely played rough and caused the little girl severe injuries.

At 0:15, the girl enters the view of the camera and is seen jumping friskily the way the kids do. A second later, she’s being chased by a Tibetan Mastiff that’s bigger than her. Terrified, she tried to get away from him but the pup overwhelmed her and appears to get pretty rough with her.

A person with a motorcycle then shows up and uses his scooter to scare the dog away with. It interrupted the attack, but the dog dragged the girl behind a car to have his way with her there. More people came to help later on, including a guy with a stick and eventually they appear to carry the girl away in their arms.

Poor girl is gonna be scared of dogs for the rest of her life, probably. Very irresponsible on behalf of the owner to not train their large dog and not keep him securely away from people in the street.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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81 thoughts on “8 Year Old Girl Mauled by Tibetan Mastiff in Yuncheng, China”

  1. I agree with others who’ve said the dog wasn’t playing. It looked to me like when she got frightened and ran, it triggered the dogs prey drive. I believe if those people wouldn’t have come to her aid, the girl would have been mauled far more seriously, maybe even killed.

  2. I wonder if its because all Chinese men have small dick or if they are all cowards in general? I love how that stupid china men ran over and gave the dog a little nudge with his tricycle. If the faggots nuts ever drop he will realize he should have tackled that fucking dog and choked it to death!! Fucking coward china man.

    1. never grappled with a hundred fifty pound dog in attack mode? didn’t think so. these dogs are engineered by nature to be fucking tough as nails, kicking it and hitting its thick skin and coat is going to do very little.

      1. Dogs weren’t “engineered by nature”, dogs were cultivated by humans through a long process of selective breeding (which took several thousand years). Dogs are technically “not natural”.

  3. Yea i saw an interview once where they did bite recordings on dogs. Pound of pressure per square inch goes to the mastiff. They in general have the strongest bite of any dog. The study i saw had the bull mastiff in at 750 lbs of bite force. Thats enough to break bones like celery. Followed by the pit bull and rottie at about 400lbs.
    Generally the wider a dogs Jaws are, the more bite they have. I have heard a bull mastiff recorded in China. Had a bite of up to 1000lbs. Thats just crazy. Mastiffs where originally bred to fight of big cats, that went after sheep. But i could be mistaken, these are not fact’s just what i’ve heard.

    1. if you don’t need to fight off big cats, get a beagle or a poodle. For home defense, get yourself a German Shepard. By far the most athletic and skilled dog. Thats why police use them. They are incredibly loyal too. But they have to be trained properly. You can’t be to hard on them as discipline as pups. You have to go thru a lot of bullshit with them as pups to, because working dogs are very destructive if you don’t work them allot. But you can’t be mean or abusive to them. you really got to be careful and put them in time out cage when bad. If you abuse the dog or beat them, they will be come either limp or shy, or completely aggressive. But if you nurture the dog and build its confidence you’ll have the most protective, loyal, combat dog available today. I have 2, and the male will die to protect me or the old lady. But again if you want them to be good,. you got to work with them allot and train them, because they are complete assholes till they reach about 2.

      1. I have a Presa-Canario, or what’s considered a Canary Island Mastiff. A breed that was developed by the first European explorers that discovered a breed of wild dogs on the island that had the characteristics of big cats and then mixed them with their big Mastiffs. You get the strength of a Mastiff with cat-like athleticism .
        Growing up, my family raised Akitas. Their bite is equivalent to the Rottie or Pit as they have that “locking” jaw muscle mechanism. This strength combined with speed and agility makes them lethal contenders, loyal to the death as well. Sometimes referred to as ‘Pit-busters’ ,they were originally used by the Japanese to hunt bears. You actually have to break their spirit a bit to train them properly, cause they can be assholes too.lol

    2. tibetan mastiffs are excellent herding dogs and guard dogs like the german shepard. They need a good socialisation and an experienced owner. I feel, in China they don’t know much about dog education. The tibetan mastiff is just a status symbol in China.

    3. Thet Tibetan Mastiff is an excellent herding and guard dog, like the German Shepard. They need a good socialisation and an experienced owner. I feel, in China they don’t know much about dog education. The Tibetan Mastiff is a status symbol in China.

    1. That’s what I thought also. I do hope that the owner of the dog is reprimanded and made to pay for her hospital bill. There needs to be a class that a future pet owner needs to take to learn the laws and learn that animals are unpredictable…

      1. LOL Well it is China. Those little yellow bastards will eat anything that walks, crawls, jumps, barks, meows, slithers….

        You can bet Scooby in the video was turned into stir fry shortly after the incident.

  4. I remember I was attacked by a dog at 3 years old and when that’s your first memory you know it’s gonna be hard to over come that fear .. It took me roughly 5 years before I’d let a dog near me

  5. I don’t speak Chinese but i’m gonna say that Cujo was defending his turf. bad training on the part of the owner. very bad. a dog like that is a loaded gun if not properly trained and…blah blah i’ll shut up now….

  6. I think the dog took her running and jumping as hostile, went to check her out and she ran. When she ran he instinctively chased, he seems reluctant to take her down, even skidding like a cartoon character when he try’s to stop. She continues to run and flail about so he takes her down. I love mastiffs, They’re cool, loyal, loving dogs with a great temperament.

  7. This was pure attack Mark, i know the dogs from very young ages. I use to love them very much as kid, playing with small herd of 3-5 doggies..
    This dog was aggressor. He delayed biting, “proving” to girl that he is powerful giving himself a sense of confidence. That’s a dog showing full domination and after…He probably planed to eat her. I bet he consider her as lunch but eventually he became food.

  8. This is precisely why I carry a knife wherever I go. After being attacked by a dog in Baghdad, I can tell you it’s fucking terrifying. It helps to be carrying an M249 when it happens though as I was when in Iraq.

  9. All dogs should die. The current situation of canines in this world is disgusting, revolting and needless. Especially in the US, it is down right disgusting how the weak minded people revere their little shit factories to the point where they are elevated above the level of humans. They call them things like: furchildren, furbaby, special friend and 4 legged children. These people all need to seek professional help.

    This is all my opinion of course.

    Woe to the dog that wanders onto my property. As they say, “lose the battle, win the war” is the reverse for me. There are way too many stupid humans that grovel at the feet of their canine deities for the war to be won, but I can win many battles LOL

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