Argumentative Woman Gets Off Car While Driving Through Tiger Enclosure, Gets Mauled

Argumentative Woman Gets Off Car While Driving Through Tiger Enclosure, Gets Mauled

Argumentative Woman Gets Off Car While Driving Through Tiger Enclosure, Gets Mauled

At the Badaling Wildlife Park, a large safari style park with wild animals roaming around and visitors allowed to drive through in their vehicle to observe the beasts around them, a woman got off the car while inside the tiger enclosure because she got into an argument with the male driver and wanted to show him.

While she was bitching, a tiger sneaked up on her and mauled her from behind. The male driver initially chased after her, but quickly retreated and got a woman on the rear seat to help him.

According to the Chinese authorities, the first woman sustained serious injuries, but survived. The second woman was reportedly mauled to death.

The Badaling Wildlife Park is located at the foot of the Great Wall in Beijing, China.

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156 thoughts on “Argumentative Woman Gets Off Car While Driving Through Tiger Enclosure, Gets Mauled”

  1. A tiny grown feral cat fucked me up pretty bad when I tryied to pet it, I can’t imagine what a big ass wild tiger would do to a tiny woman. DON’T FUCK with cats no matter the size cuz they will gash the shit out of you.

  2. I do not mean to sound racist but why are the Chinese so fucking stupid, and are constantly doing retarded shit! Must be all that Rice that they eat. Like how stupid can they get, WTF man!!! When i saw the video, and the stupid bitch being dragged away, they showed a shot of the front gate, and i thought that i was going to see that dummy go by at 30 miles an hour with the cat dragging her by the foot, lol. This would have been priceless.

    1. That Tiger must have been a mechanical robot Tiger. The Chinese are plagued with machines eating them alive… Just stop at a Fucking Tiger park, get out of the car like a fucktard, idiot, asian female and… What happens next? eh? The Fucking Tiger eats you and drives out of the park in your car!

      1. Haha, I pictured the tiger throwing her in the trunk of the car and jumping into the drivers seat so fast, then hauls ass outta there while sticking his paw out the window flipping everyone off as he drives by.

    1. Lol, true, as she was flying man. It,s amazing the strength that these cats have. I still cannot figure out how stupid that girl could have been to exit her car knowing damn well, what was lurking outside.

      1. Well I’m glad she did because we got a good laugh out of her stupidity. I won’t lie and say that my female hormones haven’t had the best of me, I have gotten out of a car and stomped off but even as mad as I may have been I still followed very simple rules: never in a bad neighborhood, always in walking distance, not in front of cops, etc. I can be pissed off but not enough to get out in front of wild animals pissed.

          1. True indeed @thedre bro .
            How someone could be so frigging headless is beyond me even . At least the Big Cat doesn’t need worry for a day or two from where its next meal is gonna come . I am happy the argument ended with the Big Cat making the most of it .
            First of all these retards have those slant fucking eyes that they can’t even a see little distance and then they have those tantrums to throw around that too in a park where there are only snarls , roars and barks
            That cat sure gonna feel like a Chinese for days to come .Hahahaha !!!!!! That sudden pouncing didn’t even leave the chink to blink

      1. Girls are extremely manipulative. In my younger years I was a dumb cunt but since iv grown up some I can’t stand bitches. I have only one female friend who iv known for 12+ years. We dont live in the same state and talk once a month, if that, and we have a prefect friendship. I can’t be around other females for to long, females are snakes in the grass, lying deceitful bitches. See the plan is to distract you with a fight so we can have world domination but it’s not going to well at the moment haha

        1. I agree with you 100% there, @eyez2die4 😉
          No female friends either. Most of the time, they’re only jealous bitches who think you want to steal their boyfriend…That has put me in trouble before, never again! Plus I didn’t even like the guy, nor did I find him attractive O.o

          1. I concur ladies…I concur! I’ve given up on having any close friendships with women…they will stab you in the back at some point. My husband is my best friend, and that’s all I need.

          2. Thanks Ladies, this has been an enlightening conversation about something I suspected all along about you, but never confirmed. Glad you Gals do grow up at some point though;)

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  3. And I bet anything you want that the tiger will be put down because of her stupidity…

    One arsehole less on this planet.

    Idiotic bitch… Most drive in safaris clearly have signs saying ‘DO NOT GET OUT OF YOUR CAR WHILST IN THE ENCLOSURE”

    Zefrog (residential veterinary surgeon)

      1. Don’t think so, this is China, 1 person more or less what difference does it make? Why killing a tiger that is helping to attract visitors and bring money for just following his instincts? The rule in places like this is clear, stay inside your car , never get out . She was a dumbass who actually survived this deal, the second woman who came out of the car instead died for trying to save her ass.

  4. perfect killing machine. think everyones seen the footage of the leopard dragging the alligator out of the waters these beasts are straight up raw power i dread to see what condition that woman is, actually no im curious now if anyone from BG owns a big cat on here will you throw some fool into its vicinity and post the footage . . .

  5. I like how the guy stood there for a monet trying to decide weather to jump in the car and floor the gas or try and help her……
    He obviously wanted dibs on her body after the tiger was done!

    1. I just got home after an afternoon at African Lion Safari. It an attraction west of Toronto that allows visitors to drive through simulated African habitats and come close to “wild animals” – Lions, zebras, giraffes, etc. Visitors are not permitted to leave their vehicles or open windows. Park employees keep a close eye on visitors.

      The idiot woman brought on her own misfortune. Had she waited until she left the animal habitat before she regressed to the mental age of 8, she’d be in one piece and the other passenger would be alive. Thoughtless twat!

  6. Damn! That tiger dragged her away like it was nothing! I know they are powerful, but I thought it wouldn’t be that easy to take an adult human away even if they are pretty light. And they say we are at the top of the food chain. Hahaha there are many creatures “below us” that can easily and helplessly make us their dinner.

    1. a tiger can jump up 1 full body length like a house cat. but rem a tiger is 4-5m head to tail long and weight 300kg. its specific power is absolutely insane. i once saw a utube video that a tiger hop up onto a adult Asiantic elephant in a single hop and maul the human rider. this give u some idea what a tiger can do

  7. the chinese might be smart with numbers but they severely lack emotional intelligence…im also friend with one and i know other 5 in real life so i know …their lack of emotional intelligence is mind blowing ,irritating and cringy…thats why you see most of them here on gore dying in stupid ways …even einstein was not an emotionally intelligent person although he had high IQ…an EM person would know that getting out of the car in a highly dangerous area with wild animals that could break loose any moment ,just so he/she could argue about who is driving ,is very stupid ,childish and dumb

  8. I can’t feel bad for someone that does something as stupid as she did. The tiger took a big bite out of that dizzy flake and screamed, “They’re Gr-r-reat!” Can’t fault him for that.

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