Body of Young Woman Killed by Stray Dogs Found in Mexico

Body of Young Woman Killed by Stray Dogs Found in Mexico

Corpses of as many as four people presumably killed by stray dogs have been found on Cerro de la Estrella – a hill south of downtown Mexico City – in the recent days. The Distrito Federal attorney reported that lesions on the corpses were caused by application of pressure and perforation of the soft tissues consistent with dog bites.

In their preliminary report, the capital city’s veterinary experts and criminologists stated that chemistry analysis found traces of canine gastric juices in victims’ blood, confirmed presence of canine hair on victim’s bodies and concluded that the lesions on the bodies were produced antemortem and post-mortem at the scene. The Public Ministry report concluded that due to the severity of wounds, the attacks were carried out by a pack of ten or more dogs.

The first two bodies – 26 year old female identified as Shunashi Elizabeth Mendoza Caamal and an infant of one year and eight months – were found on December 29, 2012 approximately 200 meters from La Calle 5 de Mayo (the May 5th Street), the Valle de Luces colony, Iztapalapa, in the ecological reserve of Cerro de la Estrella. Both were semi-eaten with avulsion injuries to limbs and large tears in multiple regions, some so deep they exposed bones. Their belongings were scattered across the area.

The other two bodies – young couple of 15 and 16 years of age – were found on January 5, 2013 in the Valle de Luces (Star Valley Lights) colony, Iztapalapa. They were identified as Alejandra Ruiz García and Samuel Suriel Martínez. These two also had lesions on different parts of the body consistent with bites of carnivorous animals like dogs.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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53 thoughts on “Body of Young Woman Killed by Stray Dogs Found in Mexico”

  1. Due to hard economic times, people have probably dumped their pets in this area. They’ve gone feral and formed a pack. You wouldn’t stand a chance against 10 or more dogs. That’s my worst fear, being eaten alive…

    1. 10 or more!? Trust me, it’d take a lot fewer then that. One big dog could easily overpower a person. We breed Labradors and one of our smaller Sires would easily kill a child, a woman, maybe a smaller, late teen guy. A larger Sire may well kill an adult male.
      Two would kill a fit adult male, no issue at all. One takes out your legs the other goes for the throat, which is the hunting technique wolves, African wild dogs and dingos use. War dogs have also been trained to do this.

      Without a firearm or a weapon of some description, I’d be surprised if anyone could survive three dogs. Ten, even with a gun, in a tight enclose space like a forest you’d be done. A pack of ten may well take out a group half their size.

      Dogs are powerful creatures. There aren’t many other animals we could domesticate that would serve better in war or in taking down criminals then dogs. They’re an incredibly efficient pack hunter, obviously may times faster then we are and they’ve got teeth and claws. In a situation where we dictate the course of action, of course we could take them, but when you’re being hunted, at night when their smell, sight and hearing (as always) outperforms yours many times over, you’re gone.

    1. @LadyLazuras there is no such thing and a *chupacabra* but there is an ugly hairless breed of dog native to Mexico you know how I know this I saw the same dog also known as *chupacabra* wandering the crappy streets of Mexico City when I was on a so called *vacation*, visiting churches and crappy parts of Mexico is not a vacation let alone random people you don’t know who end up being relatives.-.- whoever thinks a chupacabra is a real creature that possesses magical powers and lives off the blood of livestock they clearly are retarded and need to stop watching animal planet and go out more..

    2. Chupacabras are real…aside from the ones I’ve killed on Red Dead Undead Nightmare they’ve found more the couple of them here in Texas, some hospital workers that would take daily smoke breaks even managed to capture one and then the dumbfucks set it free but they took pictures, and yes it was the same “black hairless dog” with a long snout, big ears, short front legs and long hind legs…also known as a Chupacabra

      1. @PALE RIDER like I said before its an ugly hairless dog native to Mexico -.- try walking down the shitty streets in Mexico and seeing a shit load of stray dogs, you will definatly find an ugly skinny hairless dog that you will find extremely bizarre. If there are hairless cats there are bound to be hairless dogs. ok so tell me who else crosses the godamn border ..? Mexicans right O.O if Mexicans can cross the border who knows maybe that ugly hairless dog they call *chupacabra* somehow wandered inside the United States withought being detected like many illegal aliens.

        1. These “hairlesdogs” have only been found in Texas so far, reports started surfacing in Texas of mutilated live stock chickens, goats, etc all of them drained of their blood, them something strange happend a sheriffs deputy patrolling some fence lines record with his dash cam a strange “black hairless dog” running along the side of the road the reason the deputy began recording the “black hairless dog” is because 1st of all just how strange it looked it didn’t look like a regular dog or coyote with mange, it had a long snout, big ears, short front legs, and long hind legs very distinct strange characteristics that are not found on any type of coyote, wolf or dog, and 2nd of all the deputy had heard the reports of livestock mutilation in the area and was sure that this bizzare looking animal was behind the livestock killings but atlas the “black hairless dog” managed to get away from the deputy..this was the first time anybody had heard of these strange “hairless dogs” and coupled with reports of live stock mutilation and the deputy’s video the media ran with the story and dubbed the “black hairless dog” the Chupacabras, then a short time later in another Texas town where live stock mutilations were happening as well a farmer whose chickens were being killed decided to put poison all around the chicken coupe and in the morning he was shocked by what he found a “black hairless dog” just like the one in the media reports, so he decided to send it to a local university for testing to find out what this thing was of course the media found out about it and the story blew up making national media attention, of course when the tests came back they concluded that the “black hairless dog” was some type of coyote/wolf hybrid and that it did not have any mange meaning it was born with out any hair and did not lose it due to sickness or mange, but here’s where the story gets real strange..after the whole ordeal with the dead “black hairless dog” people thought it was over and that this “black hairless dog” was some kind of one time accidental freak of nature and that the livestock mutilations would stop since the perpetrator was now dead but to everyone’s surprise the mutilations continued and then sightings of “black hairless dogs” began to happen and then all of a sudden in a diffrent town another “black hairless dog” with the exact same features of the last ones was killed by a young man and the media storys began to run again, then a story surfaced of these hospital workers in a diffrent town who had captured one then released it because they did not want it to be subjected to horrible experiments but before they released it they took picture and videos of it and in the picture and videos you can clearly see it a lot smaller than the other ones but it shares the same exact hairless coat, long snout, big ears, short from legs, and long hind legs. Now some people have speculated that this animal is indeed the Chupacabras and that it made its way from Puerto Rico where the original reports came from then to Mexico where the reports were most prevalent and then made its way up to Texas where the most compelling evidence has been found. Do I belive its the Chupacabras well that depends I do belive it to be some new species of animal whether it be man made or some freak of nature the evidence points to there being some sort of active population of “black hairless dogs” in the South Texas area now is this “black hairless dog” the same Chupacabras from old reports that first came out personally I don’t think so, is it the same Chupacabras people here in Texas are blaming on all the live stock mutilations well evidence points to that but we can’t be sure of that because we don’t know much about this strange animal we don’t know how it feeds we don’t know how many more there are out there we don’t know anything, but if does turn out to be some sort of new species I think naming it Chupacabras would be a very fitting name but only time will tell what becomes of these “black hairless dogs”

      1. My girlfriends asshole is always at its worst in the morning. Oddly enough, thats when I enjoy it the most. Especially if she has been wearing pajama pants, it gets extra dark, sweaty and bad back there.

          1. @1girl
            i agree with you! lol and dammmn! what kind of women are you dating that has grilled cheese ass and puss??? Im thinking antibiotics! lol

  2. I can?t believe that you believed this shitty notice that these dogs killed those persons. Not enough information by the authorities, but you don?t need to be a professional to realize that these persons weren?t killed by dogs. The families of the victims informed to the press that their bodies had cuts by knives, bruising by human knocks, human footprints and not blood on the place.

    The conclusion of the families were that their familiars were killed by humans and the bodies were left in that place, so the dogs found the bodies and they started to eat them. Just take a look of what kind of dogs autorithies arrested, small races, harmless, household.

    But it?s to easy to the police say that the dogs killed these persons just because their too lazy and corrupt to make deep investigation. Here is in Mexico, you can kill someone and if the police found a dog eating the body, the dog will pay your crime and you will be free.

  3. Man, I’ve seen some pretty horrific vids of people in Mexico abusing & neglecting their dogs in unthinkable ways too. I feel for these DOGS. Theyve been abandoned, starving, so starved that theyd attack human beings out of hunger & the need to survive. Ill bet a lot of them too had been beaten & driven mad by neglect, confinement, mental torture, before getting free. No doubt now, the dogs will again pay the price for the crimes of human beings against them, by being hunted down & shot dead now. Our self-absorbed species SUCKS!

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