Botfly Larvae Removed from Woman’s Breast with Tweezers

Botfly Larvae Removed from Woman's Breast with Tweezers

The maggots that infested this woman’s breast are botfly larvae. They’re dirty little parasites the eggs of which get into the bloodstream after an infected mosquito bites a human and live there, feeding off of your cells until they hatch and continue with their larval development by enjoying the warmth of your body under the skin. In order to breath, the larvae chew up holes in the skin and poke their heads out from time to time, which is where it gets creepy cause that’s when you as a host realize that you are being munched on by botfly larvae.

It’s quite a shit luck if you’re a woman and maggots settle underneath the areola of your breast. There’s hardly anything less attractive that could happen to your breasts, even though it’s just a temporary disfigurement.

The in-the-bush treatment for botfly larvae is manual removal with tweezers. Suffocate them a bit by taping the hole with a duct tape or anything else that can properly seal it air tight, forcing the maggots towards the surface, grab them by the tail and pull that shit out. Nasty buggers. Video of the botfly larvae removal by tweezers from a woman’s breast is below:


Turns out these may not be botfly larvae, but rather larvae of Cordylobia Anthropophaga aka tumbu fly or the mango fly, a species of blow-fly common to parts of Africa. Thanks Buffsmom.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. me too! I love the bot-fly video’s! Even when they’re squeezing them out of animals, have you seen the one were the guy squeezes about 10+ of the buggers out of his big dog’s nose? then he set them on fire.

          1. I’ve only seen him comment on that 1 African post? he must have looked at BG before though surely? Probably just doesn’t usually comment? again your reply to @NoSwag has to be 1 of the best comments I’ve seen. also I reckon he could fit that whole tit inside that gob!

  1. If I were a lesser man, this video would ruin breasts forever for me. However, constant training on Best Gore has made me strong, and I would like nothing more than some titties to suck all over and kiss right now. Yummy. Not…botfly titties…though… Yuck.

  2. Mark, this isn’t botfly larvae. It’s from a tumbu fly that laid eggs on this 70-year-old Nigerian woman. They extracted 14 larvae from her breast. Human botfly larvae are much larger and I’ve never seen more than three larvae extracted from humans in videos. Also, botfly larvae are much larger than the tumbu fly’s and have rows of little spines on them.

      1. There are all kinds of parasites out there, especially in third world countries. Remember that video with the kid with worms in his intestines? And there’s a man who had maggots in his brain and one with maggots in his nose. Just search myiasis on YouTube and you get all kinds of sickening shit.

  3. *Shudders* Ugh, I would freak if I found those in my boobs…..I literally clutched and checked my boobs even though I knew my tits were clean. lol And what the hell is with them being put BACK on her boob??? I’d want those things as far away from me as possible!

    But seriously, I’m watching a 3 year old right now, and he saw this and even he knew that breast wasn’t right. lol Imagine tittyfucking her and having those fall out like grains of rice all over your junk. lol 😛 Would that ruin the mood for you guys?

      1. Yes, I let a 3 year old see a maggoty boob, more for educational purposes than for gore, I didn’t show him the dead bodies or the execution videos or anything, plus, I wasn’t meaning to show him, he was watching cartoons and wandered over before I could minimize the tab, he didn’t really understand what was going on, just that the boob didn’t look right. No harm done. 😛

  4. Yeah, those weren’t botflys. Botflys have like barbs on the part that comes out last and you kinda have to finesse them out. If I were that poor woman, I would have kicked the guy who said to put it on her skin and let it wriggle. Like God Damn! Get them out of me already! Sheesh!

  5. How come no one else noticed that uber creepy remark the cameraman made? He’s definately got a raging boner over this cuz he’s like, “put it on her skin…let it wriggle…” what a horney, sweaty little chode!

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