Burglar Is Surprised by Puppies Viciously Defending the House

Burglar Is Surprised by Puppies Viciously Defending the House

A burglar tried to invade a house by jumping the fence, and thought the young dogs in the yard posed no threat. He brazenly entered the yard, but the puppies were having none of his shit.

They didn’t recognize him as a member of their wolf pack, and defended their turf from the invader like a pair of honey badgers. Not only did the burglar not get a chance to rob the house, he got him a handful of puppies to shake off, which proved to be a no easy feat.

Unfortunately, I do not know where this took place, but it reminded me of this CCTV video from South Africa, in which the burglar was the same skin color.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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121 thoughts on “Burglar Is Surprised by Puppies Viciously Defending the House”

    1. This is the best video I’ve seen in a long time. Yesssssss They got the badddd guy. Finally. U rarely catch the bad guy. Omg my brothers blue nose pitbulls would’ve eaten him alive. U never punch a dog because they catch your fist w their mouth. HAHAHAH. Those dogs got some good steak that night. Or they ate whatever he was. PRICELESS video.

      1. Pit Bulls can be dangerous. It just depends how they are raised. I’ve seen many a Pitt Bull that would lick you to death before they would even consider biting you. It’s the owner, not the dog. Besides, what makes you so sure these were Pitt Bulls in the first place? Rottweiler’s and German Sheppard’s and Dobermans have been known for their aggressiveness as well.

        1. “The way those look and attack.
          They for sure ain’t German Sheppard’s.
          They for sure ain’t Doberman.
          Though they may not be pure breeds.
          They could be pitbull mixes.”
          “I ain’t a pitbull guy though.
          I’m a Rottweiler guy.”

    2. Fuck yeah, only two things wrong with it, no audio, I wish I could hear that cunt screaming and it was way too short. I wanted it to go until they got him down and ripped his throat out….with sound!

      1. You must be from the Phillipines. Its a favorite food among drunk guys over there.

        I doubt it is a good delicacy. Dog meat must be very tough and stringy due to their athletic ability and must taste similar to the way a dog smells. I doubt I would eat a dog even if I was starving.

        But its funny that pigs are actually more intelligent than dogs, and they are omnivores just like us, but I don’t mind eating them at all. I even know some friends who fed pork to an unsuspecting Muslim and he was in heaven….until they told him what it was he was eating.

        1. We keep dogs as pets as well. But like chickens and cockatoos, some are friends and others are food. Cattle here are mostly just used for plowing and milk and are rare and expensive. You gotta do what you can do to survive. Its a rough life…

          1. @jakecruise In middle school I had to write a recipe for English class, I chose puppy sip:
            1)fresh batch I puppies.
            2) insert into bag and hang from tree.
            3) beat with bat, batter will be slightly lumpy.
            4)serve in a chilled schooner.
            I got an A+.. jk that was just the beginning of my downward spirl.

          2. It’s pretty amazing to hear what other parts of the world do to survive. We have Wendy’s. They have Doggie’s . Yes let me get a number 4 w cheese please. Is that pure bread ? or just mutt.? Make that a double!!! Can I bother you for a doggie bag please ? That’s just in case i don’t finish this Great Dane !! Thank you. Have a blesssed day.

      2. Are you from Malta? They eat dogs too! My friend Dale was Maltese, and when the neighbor’s dog died, they asked them if they could dispose, or bury it for her, as the Lady next door was alone, and very old. She agreed and let them have her old, dead Dog. But what they did next, even shocked me. They cut the Dogs head off, lol, and had it mounted on their fucking dining room wall, lika a Trophy of sorts, ha, ha, lol. This old Black Dog was fucking ugly, and the job they did stuffing it was god awful. It ended up looking more like a Rabid Coyote. True Story this is, lol, lol. I still laugh until my eyes water, every fucking time that i tell somebody this, as the look on their face is between, W.T.F. to turning pale & confused. ๐Ÿ™‚

          1. It’s all good brother, as in some Countries you have to protect your identity more, than some others. How does Dog meat taste? or what could you compare it to?

          2. @Dre: I only do what I do to survive. It has a taste between goat and beef. But my favorite is crocodile for the high protein but because they’re a depleting species, it’s rare to try one and protected under the endangered species act….

          3. Damn, i would never eat dogs or cats. It’s just not my kind of meats, oh well i hope you enjoy it ๐Ÿ™‚

            Lmfao! Just kiddin btw.

    1. @Hindustan Cats appeal more to independent people. It seems fitting as an only child who rarely had other kids around, I’d prefer company that is independent as well. If something was needy and in my face all the time, I’d get tired of it. Then there is just the amazing abilities of cats. They are truly apex predators. The largest of the canine family still would have a hard time taking down a smaller big cat -such as a lone wolf and a cougar. And then Tatiana, my hero, she jumped the fuck over a 13-foot wall to kill those fuckers throwing sticks at her at the San Fran zoo. That was awesome. Hate they killed her. But point is, cats are amazing “machines.” And once you have them awhile (12 years and 10 years) – they are annoyingly affectionate, lol.

      1. I just picked up two pussies yesterday. They’re fixed they Got their shots and they have chips in their ears just in case my puss gets away. Daddy will find UM. I love pussy. Plus they don’t bother you. They’re just like me. Come by say hello then leave me the fuck alone. Perfect. Feed me Give me a clean place to shit n pisss. Very important for this. They will piss on your clothes. And if they do. Just go check the litter box. That shits def dirty and the cat will look at you and say without words. Would you FUCKING shit in there?? Interesting lil creatures

      2. Cats are cunts, and I’m in the process of determining the best way to get rid of my neighbours cat that shits and pisses in my yard all the fkn time. Aspirin in cat food is the best option I think!!!

        1. @enajhun Jane: Aspirin poisoning is extremely painful and prolonged. It takes a human 2 or 3 days to die from it. That would be a bitch move and probably not even kill the cat if the neighbors took to vet.
          Are you sure it’s the cat? They cover their shit and piss. Or you can talk to the neighbors. Seems less extreme than going straight to killing their cat.

          1. The same cultures that eat pets also allow for videos of their people in all stages of dead and mutilated for our entertainment. No one feels bad when a guy from China gets sucked through a machine because he probably ate a dog. Beef and bacon are reserved for the highest cultures.

          2. Lol. Stop being such a pussy. People like you should not be browsing gore sites in the first place if you get disturbed by the thought of a dead cat. And if any of you assholes feel more for an animal than a human, then you should get some therapy ASAP. I’m gonna have some dog and cat meat for dinner tonight. Lot of stray dogs barking all night in my area. I’m gonna make sure they suffer before they are put to the inevitable.

          3. The cunt of a cat is lucky that I’m all talk!!
            I will try the coffee granule thingy, combined with a little bit of Nerf gunning I think !!

      3. “I don’t see the draw in felines.
        I prefer Pomeranians.
        Or any other small dog breed.
        Cats won’t bark at intruders.
        My dog will bark at someone.
        And alert my Rottweilers.
        Yeah cats are affectionate.
        And are great companions too.
        And to me are smarter than dogs.
        Small dogs can serve a purpose.
        Alert you when someone is close.
        And be just as good a companion.
        The first year is gonna be hell.
        The dog peeing in the house.
        But they’ll get with the program.
        I will not kill an animal.
        Won’t even kill an insect.
        Unless it’s a threat to me.
        Like a neighbor’s vicious dog.
        Or a black widow spider.
        Or something like a rattlesnake.”

        1. @irondiketyson trust me: Totally fair assessment. Small dogs deter criminals more than big dogs because they don’t stop barking! lol I read that, seriously. I feel pretty safe here near the end of summer through the first snow or so. On my deck, not once but 3 times, there was a black bear just sitting there. Lol Once I walked out and got in the car and then saw her at the far end of the deck. She obviously was not interested in me at all. I’ve found her at the garage door as well. I know it’s the same bear. When it snowed early one year, I put the garbage just inside the garage. That must’ve attracted her once and she keeps coming back. That’s my Autumn security lol.

          1. “Felt a jolt of fear when I read black bear.
            I saw on Animal Planet once.
            This old lady had the same thing.
            She saw a black bear regularly.
            And in her mind built a connection.
            As if the black bear was her pet.
            The black bear ended up eating her.
            I think it was a grizzly man thing.
            It sucks cause bear country is so awesome.
            It is beautiful but dangerous.”

      4. Girls like cats more than guys because y’all just want something cute and cuddle with. While us men want a real friend, the one that will protect us or stay loyal no matter what! Not to mention that cat is just dumb, like seriously, what animal freaks out over a cucumber ? LOL!

        1. I love cats. Endless entertainment once I have my fill of gore for the day. Also, my Max growls and runs straight to the disturbance anytime he hears anything outside, and he has alerted us to someone actually about to try and steal equipment off my husband’s truck in the middle of the night. He pawed at my husband til he woke up, growled like crazy, and ran to the back door. We didn’t hear anything, but my husband went to look where he ran to and sure enough there was some asshole going through the equipment in the bed of our truck. I’d say he shit his pants when we let off a few rounds to let him know we saw him. If it wasn’t for Max, we probably never would’ve heard anything.

        2. Cats are dumb, and no, they’re not cute, they look annoying to me, and they are ANNOYING!
          Dog is everyone best friend, not just for men.
          2. Lizard
          3. Gold Fish
          4. Snake
          69. cat, eww~!

  1. The first part of this video sorely needed the Pink Panther theme.

    I was actually cheering aloud for that white dog to work his way up the guy’s pant leg and lock on to his balls. The scream that would extract from him work better than any burglar alarm.

    Those puppies have earned themselves porterhouse steaks for dinner for an entire month.

    And the first person who posts “Who let the dogs out” is getting stabbed in the eyes.

    1. Yea, then the owner would have returned home with a Red Dog, instead of a White one, sitting pretty, all proud & shit, with tail waging vigorously, until he notices his master scratching his forehead in disbelief & giving him the W.T.F. look, lol. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. That’s why humans kept these wolves, to protect them and their territory, serve as an alarm, symbiotic relationship. I still wonder why humans have kept cats though, I wonder if it is because they bring dead animals, so they would complement the hunting, well, cats are certainly not as close to humans as dogs are.

      1. Ty Jim. I do know that as my friend and her family have bred Shepherds since the 80s before I even had pets. They have one or two litters at a time, well-kept quarters and interview buyers. Good people. Police departments have 4 or 5 of their dogs now.
        But glad you wrote that as others might not know. And hip problems occur often.

        1. Hip problems or not though, all animals deserve a good home and love & attention! But some don’t mind taking care of an animal with disability or a condition. I am partially disabled myself so for me it’s second nature and honestly what I prefer because most can’t or unfortunately won’t do it.

    1. German Shepherds are some of if not the best guard dogs around! Get em trained and they are top notch. Guess that’s why they are the breed Police officers choose as well!
      I’m just a nut job, I’ll take and raise any animal… well, I take that back. I have no desire to have a spider. Got enough of those creepin’ into the house here in Florida. I personally took care of over 100 animals at one point and no I’m not a red neck or a hoarder although it sure as Hell appears that way off of what I just said huh? Lol

  3. Every burglar should carry a few dog treats in his pocket just in case. You’d be surprised just how many dogs will let you encroach on their territory if you come bearing treats. Have enough to buy you time to get to the fridge, and then it’s smooth sailing from there.

  4. Did you hear the sensor/buzzer/whistle to alert the dogs. This guy was doomed from the start, that’s why he opted to record this folly. 20$ says after he was done with this fun, the owner prolly put one in his head.
    Let’s wait for that vidโ€ฆ

    1. Put cam and give dog to trainer: To be silent&waiting in ambush and after catch mofo to byte him nicely in few places but to save him alive until owner came.
      Place some valuable decoy like new smartphone close to fence and maybe we get luck to watch party on BG?

  5. It’s not puppies, it’s called “varkhonde” and they are fully grown adults. They bite like a crocodile, their jaws also shuts like a crock, so if they got you, you will fucking know you pissed off a wrong dog. It’s not pittbulls, but about the same. And yeah, it looks like it might have been here in south africa, not 100% sure, but those dogs are common here in SA.

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