Circus Tiger Mauls and Kills Tamer in Front of Audience in Etchojoa, Mexico

Circus Tiger Mauls and Kills Tamer in Front of Audience in Etchojoa, Mexico

Etchojoa is a town in the state of Sonora in south west Mexico. During a circus number in front of live audiences, a tiger decided that he’s had enough of the abuse and attacked the tamer. The mauling was fast and effective – the tamer was killed by the tiger. Good to see the cat that was kidnapped from his natural habitat and tortured into obedience for the amusement of fleshy viruses getting some revenge. However temporary.

Unfortunately, humans do not fight fair so after the mauling, the tiger was put down. Might as well be dead than a be slave to the abusers who turned him into a money machine. Tortured in the arena to the loud output from the speakers and flickering colorful lights, none of which are natural to the wild beast, his life since turned into a circus tiger must have been tormenting. Let this be a lesson to all the circus folk who base their business model on animal torture.

Props to Best Gore member Hawk for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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83 thoughts on “Circus Tiger Mauls and Kills Tamer in Front of Audience in Etchojoa, Mexico”

  1. I feel sad for the tiger, there are so few left 🙁 and putting the remaining few in shite like this amazes me… You can never truly tame a predator, you can condition them to tolerate humans in exchange for a reward or punish them further when disobedient, but one day, inevitably, something like this happens and the tiger suffers for human stupidity, pathetic. I enjoyed the mauling though 🙂

    1. Yeah, that’s true. But the reason why alot of Circus animals are trained so well is because they select the ones that are most friendly to humans, and only breed those ones. Over time it creates domestication to some extent.. But one day instincts will eventually cut loose, and they kill. Good for the Tiger!

  2. I agree with you 100 percent, Mark. I saw this video on Reddit WTF yesterday and commented that tigers are in fact, wild animals and not to be circus performers. I could care less about the dick who was killed by the tiger, but pissed off that the tiger was put down, for being what he is, a tiger. Heartwrenching how circus and zoo animals are treated. I stopped going to circuses and zoos year ago. One would think that zoo employees and circus animal trainers would’ve learned their lesson by now, but they’d rather risk their lives and continue controlling wild animals for the money, and if the animal attacks, it is put down. So sad and disgusting. There are laws protecting domesticated animals. Why aren’t there any protecting wild animals used for entertainment?

    1. I agree with you @Buffsmom, what humans do to animals, trying to force them to do their bidding just for the entertainment and profit of damn humans. here is no cause that I feel more strongly about then this one.

    2. I agree too. This video’s quality is shit, but you can still see that those tigers were small in comparison to the healthy standards for adult tigers. I think in addition to the mistreatment they were underfed as well.

  3. Sonora is at the northwest of Mexico, anyway, that motherfucker and those bastards who make money torturing animals, deserve to be killed. In my whole life I’ve never been to a circus and I don’t have plans to go to one never.

    1. It’s obvious to me that when he ran past the Tiger it kicked in the animals hunting instinct. The worst thing you can do is run from a big cat, you become the feather on the end of the stick. But that’s no house cat Jorge! Surprised no one has mentioned this………

  4. Tigers are apex predators.They are not wired to tolerate training / abuse like a poodle or a pony. taking these majestic cats out of their natural habitat is a crime against nature.The public needs to wake the fuck up and boycott any form of animal exploitation. The circus.rodeos etc. . I can watch beheadings all day long But I can not take seeing animals abused in any form. And I mean any animal . Fuck humans.

  5. Circus animal is such a shame … i truely feel for these poor animals being force to learn some stupid tricks… i’m always happy when i see a human being kill or seriously injure because of an animal.

  6. Douche deserved to die. Way to treat an endangered animal. Humans are killing off animals for entertainment and/or because they do what they are designed to do (kill, whether its livestock in their territory or humans). I hope more get what they deserve.

  7. Thank you, Hawk, for the video. This Tiger is a fucking hero of his species. I wish all exotics forced to entertain fucktards for money would maul their keepers. It would unfortunately leave less beautiful animals in the world (as I agree, humans absolutely do not fight fair), but it would certainly leave us with fewer idiots. Circuses are a fucking joke. Shit like this is why I pursue a Zoology degree for the sake of actual conservation– not breeding for money or entertainment.

    1. My high school AP chem teacher had a zoology degree. She made sure we called her doctor and spent three days explaining the correct pronunciation of “zoology”. I always wondered what she was doing after spending all that time getting her doctorate then leaving the field to make pennies at a catholic girls high school.

  8. Damn RIGHT, Mark! I agree with you WHOLE-heartedly on this! Fleshy viruses indeed! Taking animals and subjecting them to this kind of crap has GOT to be outlawed! The poor cat. That ass got what he deserved. Cat yanked his draws down too in front of all those people, before killing him. GOOD for the cat!

  9. Many countries are now banning the use of animals in the circus and other performance shows, which is a good thing as they are not meant to be abused in such a way, then we humans wonder why they turn on us!

  10. I fucking love it when these poor animals fight back and reclaim their dignity. Its sad that the beautfil baby had to die, but in my eyes, hes a champion.

    As to the family of the guy who got mauled, theyve got an interesting story to tell. “Yeah, my uncle got mauled by a tiger.” “No shit!?”

  11. Tiger: hey got a loose thread, here let me get that.
    Man: no what are you doing
    Tiger: hey man I’m trying to help don’t make me mad
    Man: oh my god I’m gonna die!
    Tiger: I’m not trying to kill you!
    Man: save me save me!!!
    Tiger: OH MY GOD!!!! Shut up!!!!!!

  12. I have no qualms against the tiger. Circuses are assholes to their animals, anyways. Living conditions involve them sleeping in cold, steel-floored cages with little-to-no enrichment. Fucker had it coming.

  13. I’ve been in a cage with a tiger 4 or 5 times now, and I was nervous every time. The last time I just remember being in this outdoor giant open cage with a guy named Safari Joe, and he was like bro its cool, hes a nice tiger, just don’t get all nervous, they can sense that. So I see this giant Siberian tiger running to him from off in the distance at full speed, and just tackles him and they start playing and it runs up to me with its giant lasagna lookin cheeto eating face and….I started playing with ti too that thing was cool as fuck. But yeah afterwards I just couldn’t help but to think that I can scratch that off my list of things to do in life, because fuck all that, even though I went directly into a lion cage afterwards.

  14. Well, maybe they shouldn’t hold wild animals captive. That is torture, he got what he deserved. Too bad the tigers didn’t attack the other imbeciles hitting them with things.
    Thanks for the video!

  15. Awesome! There’s nothing I enjoy more than videos that show animals fighting back against these terrible animal abusers! Karma biting them right in the ass, literally! Although I do hate that it’s the animals that have to pay the price for only doing what’s natural to them. But as it was said, at least death will be more peaceful for them than spending their entire life in a tiny cage, only being let out to dance around for an ignorant audience. I wish nothing more than an agonizing death for every last one of these animal “trainers” around the world!

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