Corpse of Man Wearing Orthodontic Equipment Devoured by Fish

Corpse of Man Wearing Orthodontic Equipment Devoured by Fish

On Friday December 9, 2016, a male corpse washed up on the bank of Rio Solimões, in a rural area known as Costa da Terra Nova, municipality of Careiro da Várzea, located about 23 Km from Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil.

The victim’s face was devoured by fish and was thus unrecognizable, but thanks to the orthodontic equipment on his teeth, the police believe he’s the man accused of thefts in that area, who when caught stealing inside a boat, jumped in the river to avoid getting arrested. The cause of death is believed to be drowning.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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35 thoughts on “Corpse of Man Wearing Orthodontic Equipment Devoured by Fish”

    1. Haha! You learn something new everyday. Brasilia sounds like a fucked up place to live if you read all of the BG posts over the years. I would have thought between every 5 citizens, there would be one complete set of teeth, but skeletor here cared about his dental health. Just like the MSM ‘news’ you hear the bad stuff sensationalized all of the time, but that is just a fraction of what is really going on.

  1. Those are some funny looking braces. Haven’t seen colors on the wiring part before, only around the brackets. He had some big wide teeth it looks like. Or maybe it’s the missing flesh from his skull distorting my perception. I had braces twice, as a teen then my early 20’s. For the price I paid, which was out of pocket, I should’ve looked into veneers or lumineers. I still have a permanent retainer concreted to my bottom teeth.
    Since he’s identified I wonder if his orthodontist will repossess his hardware to pay off his remaining debt… Lol.

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