Elderly Man Attacked by Dog in Guangxi, China

Elderly Man Attacked by Dog in Guangxi, China

Elderly Man Attacked by Dog in Guangxi, China

Only a few days ago we had a video of a little girl who was attacked by a Tibetan Mastiff in China on Best Gore and now a new video of an elderly man who was attacked by a dog in China (not sure about the breed, but it’s shown at 1:46 in the video and looks like pitbull).

The Chinese need to start taking dog ownership seriously cause they seem to like to own large or aggressive breeds and neither train them nor keep them under control. Puppy in this video was definitely tearing into the old man hard core and getting beat with a stick didn’t faze him much.

The video is from the Guangxi region in China:

And just as much as dogs victimize people in China because their owners don’t care for them properly, they are every bit as much victims of people who just don’t care about dogs. Here’s a sad CCTV video which shows a driver running over a dog in cold blood and fleeing the scene without winking. Poor pooch. China is not a nice place for dogs:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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77 thoughts on “Elderly Man Attacked by Dog in Guangxi, China”

      1. With the animal cruelty vids ive seen from china , most of them deserve to have the shit tore out of them , the vids of dogs , puppys , ect… Being skined alive , beaten and mistreated really gets on my last nerve , good job big puppy doggy , we love you

    1. It’s not weird, really…I mean it got run over TWICE, probably every organ & bone in its little body was smashed. It made it to the top of the steps amazingly, but not surprisingly it didn’t get any further. Unfortunately I have seen quite a few dogs get hit by cars in my life, they all jumped up & ran a ways & fell over just like that. 🙁

  1. that dog diffidently has some pit bull in it but i don’t think it is 100% american pit the head looks to small and the body is not stocky enough but it has the jump of a pit an it appears to have high pain tolerance if it can take a few swings from a stick and not back off. but im no expert on dogs but i have had a number of large breeds like pit bulls and German rottweilers over the years and the biggest thing i have to stress, if you want a nice dog he need to be social! get them around other dogs and people at an early age and they must know their place in the family, i dont mean kick the shit out of your dog but when you play with a large dog like a pit u got to be a little rough and throw them around till they back down or else they will think they rule the house or something…

    1. You’re right, you definitely have to make sure a big dog knows its place in the family. I don’t know if you need to be intentionally rough when you play with them but you certainly need the physical strength & mental will to overpower the dog if it starts to take control, which is something it shouldn’t be doing once it’s already adult, they need to learn when they’re a puppy. Socialization is very important, too. A lot of people think it’s “cool” to have a pitbull or rotty without thinking of what it entails to control them. Like you said, you don’t have to be mean or beat a dog to have them understand you’re the alpha. In fact beating them will make them unpredictable & they will turn on you in a second.

      This video is very sad, because it’s not the dog’s fault. I feel bad for the attack victims too, but animals never do things without reason. If they have bad behavior it’s entirely due to how they were brought up. If they attack people, other animals or their owners, it’s the owners’ faults. Animals just don’t decide to be “bad” or “mean,” they are going entirely on instinct & something provoked this dog into attacking a human. You could see the moment the guy fell to the ground, the dog knew it had the upper hand & got more aggressive. Before that it was kind of “testing” the guy.

  2. I love dogs. I have two huge bloodhounds, and a tiny papillion. So I can understand the love people have for their pet pits. And I think pits are really beautiful dogs. But I don?t care if its the owner or the dogs fault for all the attacks we hear about. I will never want one around my children. Ever. The fact is they are known to turn. That is a fact. Its like playing roulette with them. And you hear all the time, that their pit never did this before, and was so lovable. But all of a sudden it snapped and attacked the owner or family member. For example, I just read about a man who came home from work and found his pregnant wife completely shreaded. His 2 pits that were around 8 years old, attacked and killed a the one woman who adored them and helped raise them from puppies. And of course her husband said they never showed signs of aggression and were like big babies. Well now the man is a widow, and will never meet his child because he took a chance on a dog that we all know can kill. No thank you.

    Sorry, but it isn?t always the owners fault. Maybe sometimes, but not always. They are just aggressive dogs. Period.

    1. SweetSmile, We have a Chihuahua and a pit. I love pits, their loyalty and love is amazing. Any breed can be aggressive if not properly socialized and trained. I think part of the problem is, when pits first became “trendy”, you had people that didn’t understand pedigrees or bloodlines, over breeding to make a buck. If you look back at the old black and white “Our Gang” films, Petey, the dog that had the ring around his eye and ran with the kids, was a pit bull. Any breed that becomes popular, Dobermans, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, all faced the same problems as pits, when they were trendy to own. They also, at one time, all had the same bad reputations as aggressive killers and dogs that would turn on you. The next popular, large breed will too, no doubt.

    2. The “fact” is they are “known to turn?” Where are you getting this “fact” from?! The fucking media that relentlessly covers “pitbull attacks” when half the time they’re not even pitbulls, or the mass of misinformation swilling around the internet? You didn’t even get the story right. They owned 2 pits, the unneutered male mauled the wife, the other pitbull had nothing to do with the attack at all & was removed as a “precaution.” If you can’t even get the details of the story right, but you’re SURE that pitbulls can snap & turn at any moment, hmm?

      Guess what, other breeds attack & kill people as well, but the media doesn’t bother reporting them with the same fervor because it doesn’t generate the same interest. Throughout my life I’ve been randomly & unprovokingly attacked by other people’s dogs & they were ALL German Shepherds. ANY dog has the propensity to “turn suddenly,” it’s not exclusive to one breed. For every single pitbull attack, there are 120,000 pitbulls that are loving, trusted, sweet, non-violent family pets that never hurt a fly. The fact that you hear about pitbulls more might have to do with the fact that there are more of that particular breed as pets than most other breeds. How would you like it if someone judged you on something one person out of 120,000 did, and you got backlash just because you LOOKED similar? I don’t give a shit who or what you don’t want your kids around, but please stop spewing your breedism prejudice, stereotyping and UNfactual misinformation. Stupidity & ignorance can spread, unfortunately, and you’re only helping it.

  3. It looks like a staffi… must have hurt.
    By the way, if you ever see such a situation and don’t know what to do: Throw water at the dog oder open an umbrella next to the dog, he will be surprised and maybe run away. If it doesn’t work you can also take his hind legs and push him quickly forward and then back (hand barrow style). Never scream or hit the dog, he will get more agressive!

    1. That actually isn’t the best advice, the best advice would be to get a stick and pry the dog off the person or animal. Especially if its a pit bull (I own one and have rescued them for years). Most pittie owners own or should own something called a parting stick or break stick when their dogs have animal aggression, as human aggression in pit bulls is not common or the norm.

      The advice on the water and so on, is much better than screaming and kicking but it’s unlikely to work with this breed.

    1. A couple of days ago in the nieuws in Holland
      A guy was on vacation in a shity country ( i cant remember witch one) he got bitten by a dog and got no medical care. Now he got rabi?s and is in the hospital and it is not looking good for the guy.

  4. i’m pretty sure the stray population in china is fairly large. they tend to overbreed popular dogs, case in point; the shar pei . also, with how popular the western niggers and jews have made the pits I wouldn’t be surprised to find them overbreeding these dogs as well.

  5. I think this is just the dogs way of saying I don’t like to be slammed into the concrete floor while I am fully awake and skinned alive and have my meat placed on a table while the dog is still semi alive after having his skin removed. Fuck China!

  6. I am all for the dog on this one. That was fucked up how that china men chased down that dog in the second video and ran him down. Ugh makes me fucking sick. I think chinese people in general just enjoy killing animals. I saved a video from awhile back with some chinese girls sitting on little bunny rabbits and squishing them to death. They were actually attractive women but they took extreme joy in taking the life of a defenseless animal.

  7. unfortunately with the over inbreeding, and watering down of pits, these dogs have a ascendancy to turn on the owner. Back in the old days, the real pits if they turn on the owner they where immediately put down. It didn’t look good for the old man. and well less good for the dog.
    The running down video, is pretty fucked up. Either he just plain didn’t see the dog, or did it intentionally. if so, kind of messed up. But you got to keep your dogs under control. i blame the owner. in a country of billions of Asian drivers. Use a chain..

      1. Well, yes and no.
        In an urban everyday carry scenario an easily concealed carryable folding (one-hand operated and locking) knife of good quality I consider superior to a sturdy fixed blade.

        In an outdoor/survival scenario I’d grab a fixed blade, full tang knife for sure too…batoning wood etc.

        My folder gives me a much better stand against anything vicious than my bare hands alone…plus: it allows for opening letters in a very manly style.

        1. But lets say you are in a scenario where you are pinned down by an animal and its attacking you. How much time do you think it would take to open your folding knife as opposed to using a fixed blade knife which is ready to go 24/7?
          But all in all they are good utility knifes, I would never trust them for personal defense though.

          1. I’ve never been in a life or death situation of that kind, but if I ever get in one, I’m sure my folding knife will serve me well enough against human or canine attacks.
            A fixed blade of the same size would be about 25cm, secured in a big sheath – far too bulky for my taste.
            Granted, it may take a split second longer to draw the folder and flick out the blade, but if you apply the zip-tie-modification – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-t_zXjiF5c (that’s not me) – and/or practise a bit, I guess the difference is negligible.

            All in all a big-size folder – spyderco resilience, 4.25 ” blade length – is the perfect edc-knife for me.

  8. I’m not sure the camera shows what happened leading up to the attack. Looked like the guy was kind of pulling his leash then he took something from the dog that was on the ground.

  9. Nothing to see here, the dog clearly has a taste for Chinese food. I wonder was the guy tasty. All the dog was trying to do was restore order to the universe, after spending a few years lying low in Korea he wanted payback. I smell a doggy re-make of the movie taken, this guy ate his only bitch of a daughter and now he’s hungry for revenge. “I will find you, and I WILL eat you, bark bark”

      1. Not all chinese people are “chinks”. And not all black people are “niggers”. Not all italians are “guineas”. Not all white people are “white trash”. There is a difference.

  10. Can’t watch the second video. I love dogs/all animals. But If I were attacked by one I will sure as he’ll not hesitate to destroy it’s existence. The old man should of jammed a stick through the dogs ear. or grab its back legs and bend the dog backwards as it’s bitting your thigh or whatever, fold that fuckers spine

    1. Yet to be bitten by a cow, pig (mmmmmm, pig) goat, chicken, goose, duck, rabbit, squirrel, lamb, fishes, crab, lobster, etc., so I either got a crap ton of bites coming to me, or the myth is just that! 🙂

      I’ll stick to club P.E.T.A: People Eating Tasty Animals!

  11. Honestly this pisses me off more than seeing someone get their head cut off. A dog walking down a street gets chased and then crushed by a car. If I knew who the driver was……I would put them on Bestgore, just saying. Don’t fuck with the innocent!!!!

  12. This is why I despise the Chinese. They have little respect for life in general. The second video made me sick and pissed me the fuck off at the same time. I am not surprised that this shit happens in China….in fact it happens all the time. The Chinese shouldn’t even be nowhere near a dog, because they don’t have a fucking clue on how to properly train….much less take care of an animal, since they lack the heart to even love one. I feel sorry for every animal that is currently existing in China….they will never know true love.

  13. Chinese deserves it! Just imagine million of dogs are being tortured just for their foods and clothes. They are really bastards. They deserve it. I wish they were all be eaten by dogs

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