Fisherman’s Arm Becomes Bait for Big Fish

Fishermans Arm Becomes Bait for Big Fish

Incredibly irritating bitch filmed this video. Not only was she holding her Iphone vertically, she also fucking squealed throughout like she’s getting penetrated anally with a barbwire. She desperately needs horse cock down her throat to shut her the fuck up.

Cool video otherwise, only a bit too stressful for the fish. A fisherman was baiting large fish by dangling a tiny one off a pier when a monster fish leapt from the water and latched onto his arm. As the woman yelled shit like “OMG baby, catch it“, the fisherman forced his other arm through fish’s gills and pulled it out of the water, battling it on the pier. Just as it started to look like the fish is bound to become supper, the fisherman stumbled on it, fell and the fish slipped back into the pond. Poor fish, annoying woman.

Next time, dangle that bitch’s head for the fish. WTF?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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52 thoughts on “Fisherman’s Arm Becomes Bait for Big Fish”

      1. Never been Tarpon fishing, but I’ve caught other salt water game fish. I love fishing out in the Gulf, as well as fresh water fishing! I’ve never been hunting. Doesn’t that involve patience too?

        1. I’ve gotten away from hunting, it does involve a lot of patience and money. I mostly shoot paper targets. There is a lot of action with dove hunting, but the last time I went, I started feeling bad about killing those birds so I haven’t been in years.

  1. It’s at Robbie’s Marina in the Florida Keys and they will sell you a bucket of dead fish to go dangle over the water and watch the tarpon come up and eat it out of your hand. There are hundreds of tarpon swimming around there in the clear water and a lot of them are 5 or 6 feet long. It’s quite a sight. Tarpon don’t have teeth, but you’re not supposed to yank them out of the water. They are a protected fish and not edible.

        1. Oh I love manatee, I was fishing once in a river in Florida and we came across a mante sanctuary so I got in the water with them. They are so gentle and inquisitive, one of them was sucking on the bottom of my trouser leg.

        1. So my suspicion is correct. That whole “Your Argument is Invalid” is one of those internet retard expressions. Just like the whole “U Mad Bro?” thing. People are so cattle-minded, and disappointing.

  2. The fish in the video is a tarpon, a highly prized game fish that is somewhat common in Florida. As far as i know keeping the fish is illegal and they must be released so supper for the man was not an option.
    I’ve actually done something similar to what this man was doing in the video. Near Key West, Florida, there are piers where tarpon congregate in large numbers, like 100+. The locals take advantage and offer small ~6 inch bait fish for monies, that you can dangle and let the tarpon grab them out of your hands. It’s an amazing experience and if anyone travels to Key West i would recommend that you try it.
    In this video the man instead of holding the fish by the tail and dangling it, held the whole thing and this resulted in the tarpon biting his whole arm. It must have been somewhat painful because when i did this you can hear the tarpon snapping their mouths and it quite loud.

  3. Yeah that’s a Tarpon. Funny thing: my dad told me of one time when he was a kid fishing off the coast one jumped out of the water and bit his bait. Wonder if they’re actually notorious for doing that.

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