Florida Snake Expert Steve Masek Bitten in the Face by Burmese Python

Florida Snake Expert Steve Masek Bitten in the Face by Burmese Python

Florida Snake Expert Steve Masek Bitten in the Face by Burmese Python

As their name would suggest, Burmese Pythons are indigenous to Burma or thereabout in Asia. However some made their way to Florida either because they escaped from captivity or perhaps because they were released by irresponsible owners who no longer wanted to look after them.

Video below is from an Animal Planet “Monster Week” Special that was run under a title “Devoured: Man-Eating Super Snake Returns”. In the segment, South Florida snakes expert Steve Masek captures a Burmese Python in the wild, but as he shows the snake off on camera, the python bites him in the face and nose and doesn’t want to let go. By using his hands, Steve Masek is able to get the snake off his face but at the price of getting its teeth sunk in his hands. With help from his assistant who poured cranberry juice down the snake’s throat, the powerful grip was loosened and Steve Masek was freed.

Lesson to learn – never go to the bush without cranberry juice.

Props to Best Gore member NuvosOrdo for the video:

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95 thoughts on “Florida Snake Expert Steve Masek Bitten in the Face by Burmese Python”

      1. First of all this snake isn’t poisonous and I agree with the snake , it ain’t your fuckin’ toy or slave. How’s that for have some respect

        His wife said she’s been through this before so obviously he’s not very good at what he does and shouldn’t be tormenting wildlife. You wanna get rid of the snake, bring a gun or machete, no need to be macho and act like an imbicile

    1. he shouldnt toss water at the snake to make him release. snakes OFTEN tighten they’re grip when in contact with water. alchohol is the best. try to watch some snakebytes on youtube brah ๐Ÿ˜›

      1. lol, dont think he insighting what your naughty mind interpreted his comment of haveing snakes spit at him, there really are snakes out there that will litteraly spit there venom at you or your eyes in self-defence if they think your a threat to them…. but i could be wrong and killthefilth could be right…

    1. I must say that I never wondered what it would be like to look Brokeback’s snake in the eye however my mind now knows the answer despite the question never being posed.

      I suppose the quest for knowledge can be a perilous path and one fraught with danger.

        1. @Brokeback,

          Have you changed your avatar yet?, just kidding.

          What was life like when you had muscles and no broken back?, were you able to use full force when thrusting into female orifices?, were you able to goosestep all the way to the shops?, were you able to have sex with morbidly obese women whilst they were on top?.

          I think that you should make a new avatar with a close up of a jar of maple syrup and your face next to it whilst doing a thumbs up expression with both hands, that would be a good avatar.

          1. @Empty, I came across some old pictures of me and it brought back memories of my partying days full of drunken orgies and riding my motorcycle with hot chicks on the back. Life was good to me then…what the fuck happened?

          2. @Brokeback,

            Time is a cruel mistress and unless your bank balance advances as the years go by too you will find that you have fewer sexual high jinks than your younger days.

            Look at it this way, at least when you had your youth you took advantage of it, memories of something is better than memories of nothing, you should view your aged and weatherworn cock with pride.

  1. If that was Steve Irwin he would have said Crikey!, this things a beauty, take a good look at it’s fangs whilst it’s ripping my face off, this little beauty means business, isn’t nature just wonderful.

  2. Gotta give him credit for mostly staying calm same with his assistant. I think they handled the situation in the right way. Hurting the snake would have been kind of stupid since they were the ones to mess with it. So good on them for being careful and react in the right way.

  3. I’m not afraid of snakes and I’ll handle non-poisonous species.
    These snakes, through no fault of their own, are invasive and destroying the native species. I agree, they should be humanely destroyed.
    People shouldn’t buy one as a pet, unless they realize the size they will eventually reach and are able to care for it properly.
    Once again, props to you NuvosOrdo!

  4. I bet that didn’t feel too good. He kept pretty calm while a python had him by the face though. I would’ve panicked and tackled everybody around. I like to hold snakes and play with them but I’d never bring even a little one near my face or neck. Freaks me out!

  5. I live in a rural town in the Philippines and it is not uncommon to find Burmese Pythons here. Just a few months ago, we caught one downstairs. We ended up giving it to some farmers, so they probably ate it because it is considered to be a delicacy here. I honestly didn’t know until now that these kinds of snakes bite.

    1. What weird things do flips eat, and have you ever eaten something crazy like hissing cockroaches or dog? no disrespect but your side of the world has a very unique taste for what we in america find unusual, again not trying to offend.

      1. Actually, I spent my elementary and middle school years in the US, so there are a few things that I refuse to eat, such as dog. The most unusual things I have tried are chicken feet and intestines, crocodile, bamboo worms, balut (boiled 18 day old chicks still in the eggshell), dinuguan (pork blood porridge), shipworms, coagulated chicken blood, and a certain streetfood that my friend told me was pork vagina. The things that I haven’t tried but are eaten here in the Philippines include dogs, snakes, crickets, monitor lizards, monkeys, bull testicles, frogs (but I guess frogs are eaten in the West too), and turtles. Some of these animals, however, are not really eaten on a regular basis, due to scarcity or being confined only to certain regions or ethnic groups.

  6. Now he can actually call himself an “expert” (from latin “experire”, that is “to experience”… )!
    I fucking hate this people messing with dangerous animals just to prove they’ve got balls. Most of them face a sad fate – that is just what they deserve.

  7. Snake expert my fucking ass…. this guy is a fucking retard. ANYONE who has ever owned a snake knows you pour alcohol over the snakes head and it instantly lets go… never try to “pry” a snake off of you, all your going to do is cause more tissue damage.

  8. After watching a lot of disturbing videos here, this stuff is like softcore… Pretty scary scenario though, if one was alone with this python, you’re probably toast. I wouldn’t mess with anything i can’t eat.

  9. Okay i really don’t know what he was thinking? Thank God they said the snake wasn’t poisonous. This guy has to be nuts. I am sorry, but I am not messing the wildlife if it’s not messing with me. People leave it alone. Didn’t we already have somebody die this way? I mean really?

  10. Well, no wonder he got bit. He was dragging that snake really rough and being an irritating ass. The snake coils if it wants to eat and clamps if its antagonised. Id have bitten him too if i was the snake. Professional.. HA

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