Fuck With the Bull, You Get the Hoof

Fuck With the Bull, You Get the Hoof

Rodeo is a pathetic sport (I’m using the moniker “sport” loosely) because it’s all about inflicting unspeakable pain on bulls’ genitalia by crushing the balls with tightly squeezed rope. Bulls have no hands to get the rope off their testicles but the squeeze causes so much pain, it forces them to kick their legs about in a desperate attempt to end the nuts crushing pain. And that makes for entertainment for useless fleshy viruses.

Bulls, needless to say, sport much more body power than fleshy viruses and when their power strikes a fleshy virus, the aftermath is often nasty, with death being a frequent outcome. In a recent video from a rodeo in Mexico, we saw a man get his skull split by a bull’s hoof. The Mexicans did not learn. You fuck with the bull, you get the hoof. I know this is not how the saying goes, but horns are not the only deadly weapon bulls sport.

Another video from Mexico in which a rodeo bullrider gets his skull crushed by bull’s hoof is below. And because there was no one to loosen the grip of the rope on bull’s genitalia, the animal kept jumping around, granting the bullrider the repeat hoof treatment. One more time:

Bull: 1
Muchacho: 0

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181 thoughts on “Fuck With the Bull, You Get the Hoof

  1. Good for him. And these other idiots are kneelin’ down next to him like he just has a concussion and will snap out of it……as his brains are hanging out, friggin’ retards.

          • You know, not all Mexico is bad and I consider you are being quite ignorant and racist. However, I know it would be extremely hard and maybe even pointless to try and change your view of my country.

          • i wouldnt even drink the water in this country so before you start talking about another country remember this country is just the same there is no difference beside your government is tring to kill you and theres is at least trying to defend there people and im not even mexican and i know this silly white folks

      • dont believe everything you hear or see especially if your government is telling you. but a large percent of crackers are really stupid even in higher power all they have is technology they steal from other countries they havent made anything themselves or do anything themselves they steal it then kill for it thats why the white race is a dying breed

        • WTF are you talking about? What race did Von Braun steal the idea for rocket engines from? What race did Daimler steal the internal combustion engine from? Television? Air conditioning? How about the Wright Brothers? Who’d they steal the airplane from, a Kenyan? You mud people crack me up w/ the illogical BS the oozes fourth from those buttholes on your face you call mouths.

  2. A fitting punishment for having that bulls nuts squeezed, it hurts like hell when you sit on your nuts, having them tightly bound by a rope? No.

  3. Around 40,000 bulls are killed each year in bullfights. Since 1700, just 52 matadors have met the same fate. (I just quoted an Aust.men’s magazine for this)

        • You are unfortunately correct, the skins are sent to the ‘sweat shops’ in Asia somewhere and are made into Adidas footwear, the kangaroos get into plague proportions, because they thrive when the forests are cut down & we are left with paddocks/grasslands. They will be shot anyway (I’m not excusing this) but it’s maybe better than leaving the bodies to rot? Boycott Adidas if you don’t like it. Probably other footwear companies too?

          • so…whenever i wore my adidas trainers in school, i was essentially wearing kangaroo? i’ll never look at adidas shoes the same way again…x.x

          • @ReiKoko, kangaroos in ‘nature’ parks, wildlife parks etc. are generally very friendly animals, of course wild ones are scared of humans. Where I live there is a very large ‘mob’ living less than 500 metres from the centre of town! Unfortunately the large cleared block they feed on every night (during the day they lay/rest in the ‘bush’ nearby) is privately owned and they recently got permission to build a massive K-Mart store and about 30 smaller shops selling wonderful Chinese (no offence intended here!) made crap that we all need to waste our money on. As they have NO-WHERE to ‘move on to’ the majority will have to be culled. :( These ones will certainly not end up as shoes though, they will end up in the ‘offal’ pit (where vets/farmers etc. can leave animal carcasses) at the local rubbish dump.

  4. This is another prime example of exsanguination, just like in the other bull riding video we had, due to massive head trauma of a 1000 pound animal coming down with all of it’s force, not to mention with hoofs that are almost like a dull ax themselves.

    Also when you consider exactly how little force it actually takes to cause a simple fracture, which in cadaver test has been recorded to be 73 Newtons, in other words, about the same force equivalent of walking into something solid. Also an unrestrained adult fall from standing has been shown to produce a minimal force of 873 N which is more than enough to produce a skull fracture, now just imagine what kind of force that this 1000 pound or plus bull, coming down with not only all his weight, but with extra force, can do? He didn’t stand a chance, in a direct impact. All it takes is getting hit in the right place at the right time, and it’s lights out forever!

    • the guy on the speakers evidently wasn’t much into the newtons and physical dynamics thing, as he kept telling the crowd: “no pasa nada, no pasa nada!” (it’s nothing, it’s nothing!)

    • This information leaves me even more amazed that when I was hit by a drunk driver who was traveling in excess of 85 mph, and my head slammed into the window, I only received a fairly serious concussion but no skull fractures. I hit that mother hard. I have no idea why my skull didn’t fracture when it shattered the damn window, but I’m not complaining by any means.

  5. fuck me that is one way i really dont wanna go out. id rather be tortured by mexican cartels. actually wait no, maybe the bull would be better than that. oh fuck im confused now, better go have my morning coffee and cigarette.
    1080p high speed would be fuckin awesome, the level of detail!!!!

      • damn right same goes if you live in brazil and are a da sliva, or thailand or syria for that matter. in fact i have yet to see gore from my homeland.

        • I’m in Scotland (assuming you are where your username stares) we don’t get much. There was someone crushed by a lorry 15 minutes from me but in countried like the UK it gets cleaned up in seconds, we care too much :P

          • I don’t get british kids, they live in the land of whisky and drink that crap…they should be sent to MEJICO as punishment

          • Funny. BoatMan drives a Lorry but we don’t call that here.
            We call it a 18 wheeler or tractor-trailer…..intresting how termonologies say the same things in such strange and diffrent ways

          • Ya im from Ireland . Cork to be exact. There was a bad crash the other day but the whole stretch of road was closed off otherwise I would have snappedffewfew pics and shared them with my bestgoreffafamily

          • @ tulio, Ireland is the land of whiskey and I drink it. Bushmills 16 year old mmmmm

          • fuck the irish and scottish for getting cheap whisky and whiskey. Around here its like 20 dollars for a bottle of jameson or whyte and mackay (and they are relatively cheap)

          • Bushmills 16 year is not cheap my friend its over 100 dollars a bottle( around 80 euro)

          • well, around here it would be like 300 dollars. The last time i bought something expensive was some Talisker Single Malt, smuggled (thats without paying taxes) it costed me about the same that yer bushmills.

          • not too fond of whiskey…unless of course its hot and i have the flu haha

        • Because ‘Mejico’ was the way to say Mexico in Spanish from Spain (where the letter X is almost nonexistent) Back when there were some people who would learn to write and read before killing someone in MEJICO, they would get pissed off, as in the language of the indians from around there, everything goes with X (including the word Mexica, that’s how these indian beaners called themselves). If you get old books or dictionaries printed in Spain they will say MeJico. But nowadays, with the current state of things in MeJico, i dont think someone would give a damn. So everybody say meJico with J

      • now what? a bitch from the same place as wanker James Joyce and she doesnt like no whiskey ? what the wank? i bet shes catholic, holy wanker maria

          • @utter and @irish, can you guys do me a favor,and try to change your terminology from “lorry” to trucks, or tractor trailers?, cause lorry really sounds gay. And a cigarette is not a “fag”, A fag is a guy/ male who sucks dick. can we agree on these terminoligies or not???

          • @irish…tsk tsk shame on you…..make them call them lorries instead..ill change how i talk for nobody :)

  6. yeah!! that’s what I’m talking about. Chalk one more for the animals( I wasn’t talking about the tard Mexican). What the fuck do they exspect when they are messing with such a powerful beast? Fucking morons!

  7. An experienced rider should not have the stunned effect. When he was on the ground there was ample time to run or at least scramble away. Instead all he did was to lay down there waiting for the bull to trample him. Especially with the rope tied to the bull, he was practically four steps away from safety when the bull was steps away.

    • They pretty much left him to his fate. Some mates eh?! It only takes a slight knock though from Bull and you are on the floor and that is probably why they fled and left him to get stomped up.

  8. The average bull is a lot smarter than the average rodeo goer.

    I’ve been to both, the Calgary Stampede and the Houston Rodeo. The crowds are identical, except for the tawng in Texas and the “eh” up North.

    Otherwise, the people are just a bunch of uneducated beer-swilling slobs who would be of much more use to humanity as fertilizer.

  9. That guy should have took more turns on the bull riding simulator… He wasn’t quite ready for the real thing, but he got what he deserved.

    • I know right, omg those stupidos… They should know that they have to hold him upside down to stop the leaking of the liquid. Duh.

  10. I think what saddens me the most about bullfights its because it’s purely for entertainment.
    Even though I’m sad to see any animal in pain or distress, obviously I can handle it more knowing the animal has been killed because everything on and in it’s body is going to be used for some kind of practical purpose.
    But for entertainment? It actually infuriates me.
    When seeing humans get squished, squashed, flipped and flopped, sometimes I can take into their emotions or difficulties they might have been facing in life but tbh I feel NO empathy for that man, or his family or any empathy for the little Mexican brats watching that happen who might’ve been mentally scarred seeing brains splatter.
    Good riddance, more people like him need to go out the same way. But slower and more painfully.

  11. Those idiots should have dragged him to safety anyone who rides a bull knows the danger and still do it same with people who compete in racing events there’s always a risk ~

    • The funniest of all is the man with the microphone who keeps saying “it was nothing people don’t go ….it is only a scratch he is fine” WTF!!!!!

  12. one of these days humans will realise we are no match for animals….we may well think we are top if the food chain but in reality we are not……if animals could carry weapons we would be wiped out in weeks

    • Firstly I’d like to say I am against animal torture, even If those animals dying will serve as food. Using animals is ok, torturing until they die is not.

      Being that said I want to point out that this is not a bullfight, this show right here is bull-riding. In this sport they don’t kill the beast, they just ride it to see how much they can keep mounting it.

      Also now replying to your comment =P:
      The human main weapon is not our fists, blades, guns or missiles, It is our brain.
      This brain allows to design defensive mechanisms, and in fact that is what takes almost to the top of the chain.

      Even if bulls could carry weapons, we can use higher tactics, If bulls had our brains and could manipulate objects the way we can, well… maybe we could be in a little bit of trouble.

      The only living thing on earth above human are virus and bacterias, and not all of them.
      I believe the end of humans on earth will be because of one of the following: Sun life span, meteorites or other big chunks of something colliding to earth, or an attack of virus or bacteria. I think not even an all out nuclear war would eliminate humans from earth…. fuck!! I think i drifted again…

      All I am saying is that humans are superior than animals by far.

  13. Yup, same shit, different day…….. Go animal.

    Tie something around my cods and guess what……. Chicks only need apply [ no homo ].

    The other day a chick was trying to communicate and be friendly with an elephant that had arrived at her ZOO and had been ‘tied up’ for 30 years and she was crushed to death.

    Suck shit I say.

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