Girl Kicked in the Face by a Horse

Girl Kicked in the Face by a Horse

Unlike is the case of bullfighters taking a hoof to the head, if horse handlers get kicked, it’s usually because the horse was playful and got a bit frisky. Still, taking a horse kick to the kisser is bound the hurt like all hell and leave a mark. This girl could tell you all about it. Even supermen get hurt messing with horses.

Makes you want to scream the cop’s line from Hangover: “In the face, in the faaaaaace!

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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181 thoughts on “Girl Kicked in the Face by a Horse”

  1. I want to live the day that gore videos include a Mexican cartel consisting of horses, decapitating humans.
    Or drug addicted hamsters stabbing and raping other hamsters.
    or ” 3 rhinos and a hammer head shark”
    -_- sigh

    1. @baked, I’ve heard that squirrels which live in high ‘crack’ dealing/using areas in parks etc. get addicted to crack, they snuffle around and lick the empty packets that ultimately get dropped, it’s supposedly makes them forget they’re wild and they ‘go’ people!

          1. Rotten I got your message, I should have realized you would never wear a cross! (there’s a few diff. reason’s why ‘I’ think you wouldn’t)
            I think you looked very handsome in your photo, but I think I’m too shy to put mine up!! I’ll have to think about it, Ok. Also I have seen your email address, (I wrote it down!) it eats me up that I’ve been so rude as to not reply to it, I’m sorry RS, (few diff. reasons for THAT to, but I’ve got to pull my finger out and do something for ME for once! ha ha such as correspond with a nice man on the other side of the world!)

    1. I horse ride and it’s only the dumb blonde female’s fault that she got kicked in the face. Number one thing you’re told is to always be in front of the horse if you’re not on it. She decided to dance about like a retarded fairy along side it and behind it.
      Lesson learned.

  2. In France we use to eat them. I love horses steaks. It’s a very interesting meat nutritionnally speaking and very tasty. But there also supporters of these animals, generally young girls like this one, who have an irrational passion for them.

        1. When you write a word it?s enough that the first and last letters are in place and consonants are not too messy for people to read it all right. Do not feel bad, science is with you.

  3. As a kid I grew up staying summers and holidays at my uncles small cattle ranch outside of corpus christi and I remember my cousin had been kicked in the chest by a horse and was hospitalized for a couple weeks due to internal bleeding, I really thought he was guna die and he was also close to my age so we were very close, but he pulled thru and still carries the scars from that, but since that time I was always afraid of being kicked by the horses or cattle so I never really trusted them. Till this very day you will never see me standing behind a large animal with hoofs let alone follow one thats running around jumping up and down. I do know how to ride a horse but I’m not very comfortable on them or around them for that matter…this what ATVs were created for.

    1. My grandpa owns some horses, and once my older brother was sitting BEHIND one of them (Idiot! But he was young…). For whatever reason, the horse kicked his leg back right into my brother’s shoulder. No bones got broken, but my brother said that’s the hardest he’s ever been hit. He’s a lucky bastard that the horse didn’t kick him in the head. Anyway, I don’t feel comfortable around horses, or any big animals, for that matter… We humans weren’t meant to mix with ’em.

        1. My thoughts exactly, and for some reason after mentioning the relation between corpse and corpus, the name Christi has gotten the lyrics from “I cum blood” stuck in my head from Cannibal Corpse.

        2. Well the name does mean “body of Christ” in Latin thats how its got its name its a port both here in Tx and its very nice there I like it better than Houston, better fishing and beaches and way easier to get around in

          1. I think I mentioned (like 6 months ago) that back in ’06 I spent a bit of time in Houston and Galviston.

            I would really enjoy going back there, maybe even get another WhatABurger

  4. Totally off subject in every way shape and form. But I forgot how much I like the band himsa. I remember being like 15 and their website had a bunch of photos of random people. Then when you highlighted the photos they told you the back story of their suicide. Reminds me of this site kinda. Then when yup clocked the picture it was a link to gore. Mostly headshot victims. Sorry for the random outburst.but I’m having a great day, sunshine, beer, I’ve got my son and then himsa came on haha.

          1. Oh, I lowered the volume of this computer, I don’t want the lady next to me to think i’m watching porn.
            eggs on my face

      1. Rotten, in the US, even dogs that have KILLED a person, get another chance (in some states) unless the owner gives the dog up, readily, for its destruction. Personally i have NO time, patience for baby, kid murdering dogs!

  5. I think the horse meant to kick her. Just randomly kicking and you would think it would be straight back, but he kicked way out to the right at her head.

    He needs to be trained to only kick the ugly ones

  6. And this is why i would never get close to one of those wild animals they fuck you up and if you’re lucky you’ll end up paralyzed in a wheelchair but i do love riding horses in video games and watching them in movies they are too powerful for a human being to handle

    1. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
      What did people ride before cars were invented?
      What did Indians ride?
      What pulled _____ & buggies?

      Whay….HOW THE FUCK could you say such things?


      1. so you’re denying that a horse can fuck you up? that was my point there’s so many cases of people who fell and ended up in a wheelchair or worst the cemetery i’ve met people who got hit by a horse just because they stood up in the back i do like horses i just wouldn’t get near one if you don’t value your life then go ride a horse and see how you end up in the hospital cowboy

          1. in North America i plan to move out to Canada or Europe in the future hopefully can’t stand earthquakes and humidity i wanna live in a place where snows everyday and the temperatures drop below the 0 ?C degrees would be such a dream

  7. Gee Im glad im not a surgeon can you imagine the amount of hours its gonna take with all the screws,plates and stuff to her get back to normal?Oops sorry!.I didnt mean to be out of line there.

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