Great White Shark Breaks Into Cage with Divers

Great White Shark Breaks Into Cage with Divers

I’m pretty sure that for a while following this incident, the section of the sea in Gansbaai, a well known shark spotting location in Western Cape, South Africa where this video was filmed has never bathed in so much floating human shit before.

A group of thrill seeking divers stepped inside a protective cage and got submerged into the sea to observe the amazing sharks from up close while not being exposed to their dangerous jaws – at least that’s what I presume they all thought. But a Great White that came to say hello had a different plan for them.

Without warning, the animal lurched at divers and broke head first into the cage, thrashing around with its deadly jaws inches away from terrified divers. Witnesses on the boat, one of them filming the encounter, uttered all kinds of useless shit you’d expect from ever so smart observers of unexpected events, including the can’t-be-without, all American “Are You OK?

Are they OK? They’ve just fucking shat their pants, sure they’re OK, dude! What the fuck did you think?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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71 thoughts on “Great White Shark Breaks Into Cage with Divers”

          1. Hi Mr.Mr.!! Nice of you to join us! 馃檪 @KJ- pool party at my house!! We’ve got sharks and crocodiles! Lol. I crap you not that this summer I’m buying a huge ass 4.5 foot floating rubber duckie! Wanna ride?! Lol

            For the record, I would’ve done more than shit myself if I was in that cage- but I doubt I ever would’ve been!

    1. Heh Indeed he did, made me laugh too; perhaps it’s a holy religious relic like the shroud of Turin or the crown of thorns. Perhaps deep within the vaults of the Vatican the new pope Francis covets the testes handed down from each pope, ripped from the sacred jewels of his lord and saviour; the first class relic of ‘The Holy Fuck Balls’.

    1. Hey Fiend, long time no see. Funny you use the term “sharkies”. That was the name of a shoreside restaurant I used to go to when I stayed with family years ago in Sarasota Florida. They were famous for their shark meat (and cheap watered down draft beer). I’ve eaten shark meat a few times but never really liked it. Sharks will eat just about anything they can fit in their mouth…including rubber boots and license plates…and then ya wonder why they taste like shit.

      1. Man shark meat is good stuff…well when done right…Florida is lame, try Louisiana we make everything taste good, even alligator…plus the food in FL is very salty especially around Destin…just think about what human meat tastes like ugh we eat worse than rubber boots

    1. @it was me,
      i’ve seen vidoes where Orcas have killed great whites. They flip them upside down and hold them like that. Sharks become paralysed when thier upside down and die. Then the Orca’s eat them.

  1. I am fascinated with sharks and have been since I was a kid. It’s always been a dream of mine to swim with them and see if they would respect me and allow me to swim along side them…they’d probably just eat me though and spit out the metal rods that hold my spine together.

        1. @J3Z- We exchanged like 5000 emails in the immediate beginning. I shit you not! We’ve emailed, chatted, talked, etc.! Hit it off- doesn’t even BEGIN to explain it! It didn’t take very long at all for me to see where it was headed! This guy knows more about me than anyone else in the world! Its an amazing story and I trip off of it a lot-still!

        1. When I was a teenager I wanted to be a drummer in a heavy metal band but my parents called it “the devil’s music” and forbid me from ever being a part of it.
          Turns out they were right about the group sex, wild partying and heavy drug use…and that was after listening to one Ozzy album!

    1. I’m afraid obliterator I don’t think they cared, and even if they did I don’t think anyone of them had the balls to find out, and even if they did they would end up at best coming out of the water with out those balls or any other organ or limb below the waist.

      Could of made for an interesting part 2….I’m now just trying to picture what a spaced out shark with concussion would be like… gnarly I’m guessing.

  2. Never understood cage diving:

    “Duh, I’m going to get into a heavy cage that will sink if it becomes detached, with my limited supply of air and no direct communications with the people in the boat. Then I’m going to attract Alpha predators to my location within their ecosystem in which I am the furthest fucking thing from the top.


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