Group of Fish Living Inside a Cadaver of Drowned Man

Group of Fish Living Inside a Cadaver of Drowned Man

Group of Fish Living Inside a Cadaver of Drowned Man

Hey Grammar Nazis, is “group of fish” the right way to put it? I don’t think it was a school of fish but since the video is from Brazil, we could probably call it a “catch”. Someone surely had himself a nice fish for supper that day.

Whether the fellow in the video drowned by his own fault or whether someone helped him to it is unclear. His cadaver was pulled out of the river and fish started popping out of the hole on his neck one after another. Fish were still fresh, suitable for human consumption. The drowned man… not so much. Though whether it’s possible to wash the smell of dead human off the fish is anyone’s guess.

Group of Fish Living Inside a Cadaver of Drowned Man

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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105 thoughts on “Group of Fish Living Inside a Cadaver of Drowned Man”

    1. wow that was some weird ass shit. i would NOT be eating those fish, knowing they’ve been feeding off of that corpse. Yeek!

      I wonder if those are mullet or some other kind of bait fish who were just hiding from the other bigger fish, content to live off of human cadavers

    1. Look up a fish called Candiru. I think that may be the culprit.
      I’m surprised there are not more candiru related posts on here.
      (Candiru are a species of catfish native to the Amazon. There are different species of Candiru, the most infamous are known for swimming up the urine stream and into the urethra of anyone who dares pee in the river)
      But there is another kind of candiru sometimes called the bullet fish because of their tendency to burrow into flesh leaving what is commonly mistaken for a bullet wound. More and more fish follow the burrower and consume their victim from the inside.
      Bodies have been discovered completely hollow.

  1. Wow….I’ve never seen anything like that. One could speculate he ate a pregnant fish, but the eggs would have to be fertilized. All the fish coming out of him were the same size and type, so it seems it could have been a “litter”, you know, from the same mother. I suppose, depending on how long he’s been in the water, the eggs could have been fertilized while inside of him, though I would think that to be highly unlikely.

  2. I’m not sure what amazed me the most, the fact that the fish wiggled back into the water and in future might be consumed by humans.
    That man couldn’t have been in the water for a long time..his body wasn’t bloated. How did so many fish get inside of him!

    1. That one guy was looking at the fish with a hungry eye. He was probably wishing all of the people weren’t around so he could take an easy dinner home for the wife and kids. Probably many others thinking the same thing. Lol

  3. I can handle beheadings and screaming people burning to death, but bad grammar… I think I’d rather die. Seriously, a school or group should suffice, as you can’t really determine whether the fish were from the same school or not. I think you are safe either way, not that it really makes any difference.

  4. Reminds me of the Surinam toad that gives birth to little toadies out of its back through holes. They exit mama the same way the fishies exited the drowned guy. If anybody isn’t familiar with this toad, YouTube has several videos for your viewing pleasure.

  5. I’ve seen something like that before.

    You must know, I’m a trained undertaker, and the company I was working for also recovered corpses for the police, some of them were taken directly to the forensic department, but if all the tables were occupied, my colleagues would bring the corpses to our companies premises.

    So… one day, they brought in this drowned guy, all wrapped up nice and neat in a waterproof body bag so the dirty water wouldn’t contaminate our chill room. He got sorted out by the prosecutor, and his familiy claimed they wanted to take a last look at him, so my colleagues put him on the table for me to clean him and dress him up.

    First thing I noticed approaching the body bag was that awful fishy smell, also I thought I heard the bag rustling gently.

    Well… as I opened the zipper, a very, um… nice surprise greated me:

    EELS! Goddamn eels everywhere! They’d crawled into him as he was stuck on the bottom of the river, feasting on his intestines, and crawled out of various holes in his body (newly formed ones and natural ones) as they ran out of oxygen after being locked up in what is basically a plastic bag for two days.
    But eels are tough buggers, so I spent the next hour pulling about TWENTY living eels out of his rather hollowed corpse…. that was the most fucked up scavenger incident I’ve ever experienced so far, even worse than maggots or rats breeding in a mummified corpse.

    End of story: being kind towards animals and not knowing what else to do with them I put the eels in a bucket of fresh water and threw them back in the river.
    At this point: sorry for all those fishermen that were glad of catching fat, healthy eels there afterwards!

    (PS: If I somehow manage to fix my old HDD I might have pictures for you, if you’re lucky. Also of the mummified corpse with the rats)

  6. wow thats what you call a nice catch i cant even manage to get that many just by simply going fishing

    i know what to bring with me next time as a bet lol

    i have never seen this before this video is creepy but same time interesting to watch

  7. I’m not sure what kind of fish those are called because I can’t remember, but I’ve seen a episode of “River Monsters” and these types of fish will attack you and rip a hole in your flesh and enter your body and eat your insides. So more than likely the man drowned from being ate alive or which ever one came first

  8. Sushi Revenge!

    Pretty sad when fish are smarter than humans… all the fish managed to flip themselves back into the water but the guy couldn’t get himself back on land.

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