Mahout Trampled to Death by Enraged Elephant in Hua Hin, Thailand

Mahout Trampled to Death by Enraged Elephant in Hua Hin, Thailand

A mahout is, in politically correct terms an elephant trainer. In my terms, a mahout is a piece of shit animal abuser who takes an elephant forcefully removed from its natural habitat and tortures him into obedience. Such submitted elephant is then used like a fucking clown to earn his master money. In other words, a dead mahout is a good mahout.

This video shows what it looks like when an elephant submitted to torture and forced to behave unnaturally in unnatural environments has had enough. Confused and enraged, the elephant trampled his keeper to death and flung him in the air like a ragdoll.

The video was filmed on December 19, 2012 in Hua Hin, which after Pattaya and Phuket is the third most popular foreigner rip-off central in Thailand. That also means that Hua Hin is the third most hookers filled town in Thailand. And because it’s built to attract foreigners, they also have “attractions” involving elephants there.

The mahout, identified as 57 year old Rat Tajak was trampled to death by a bull elephant named Plai Si Dor. Rat Tajak was Plai Si Dor’s handler. The elephant was shot with several tranquilizer darts but they had no effects on him. It took other handlers 6 hours to bring him under control.

By that time, the elephant had crushed his handler’s skull, damaged several cars and repeatedly charged onlookers who were on the farm where these animals are held aplenty.

By the sound of it, Thais did not kill the animal. Enraged or not, the elephant must have had high enough value for them to spare his life. Although I can imagine that by keeping him alive, the shits will subject him to even harsher torture than before, knowing that he’d gone on rampage.

Props to Best Gore member PsychoActive for this hot off the press video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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80 thoughts on “Mahout Trampled to Death by Enraged Elephant in Hua Hin, Thailand”

    1. That’s an urban legend. They are, however, afraid of certain African cocktail ant species because those mofo’s have been known to swarm elephants when they’re feeding off the acacia trees they call home.

    1. Exactly.These opressors and tormentors deserve to be crushed,thrown,broken…poor agitated elephant..poor,poor baby.What a wretched world that enslaves and uses its very best,most beautiful beings for absolute demeaning and unnatural shit…I hate humans

  1. No they won’t put the animal down, and most likely they will not retire him either.

    I’ve seen elephants in the wild here in Thailand and I’ve seen them on the farms or at in city shows, the way they’re treated varies depending on how much money the venue makes to be quite honest.

    For example Siam Niramit is a large live showing of Thai culture , not a bad one either and th elephants are treated very well and fed well.

    Lower end shows have much less compassion for the poor elephants and a lot of the time they don’t have near enough food to eat. Quite sad

    And then there are the Somchai,, a Somchai is the equivalent of …. Lets say… Billy bob… Or Old Nigger Lee Roy… Now Somchai faces no regulations when he feels like snatching a small elephant from the wild,, or wherever because nobody really gives a shit as long as he’s not using them for ivory or to sell their genitals to the Chinese,, nope not one fuck will be given.

    And when good ol’ Somchai finally breaks the beautiful elephants spirit he’ll mosey on down to the center of town to beg for food money for dumbo, There he uses the handle from a shovel with a long steel hook to pull and prod his victim into doing various tricks or letting people take photos with him. And nobody, police, monks nobody gives a fuck … Disgusting. I’m by no means a big animal lover, But this is one thing I hate to see done to such a wonderful part of our world. And today one of these low rent bastard mahouts got what was coming to him,, And that made my day 😀

      1. No thank Mark, I just pointed him toward the story nothing more lol.

        If I could snag videos off the net like Mark can I’d be flooding the place with all kinds of Thai gore.. Of all the cool shit I see here i rarely take the time to send to mark cause I don’t know how to do much more than send him a link.

        1. @Mark, Thank you for the video! I’m always thankful to you, not only for creating this site but for maintaining it with servers, videos, “policing” it and keeping us straight, forgiving us when we sometimes get a little off topic, for ALLl the hard work you do…it IS greatly appreciated by all of us who love this site! And a big “thank you!” as well to the members who send you videos or links!!

          1. Ermm well there were a few Italian lovers. Then a two or threeFrench ones, then one in London and one in New York. This probably makes me sound terrible, but it wasn’t as whorish as most of you probably think 😉 I’m quite shy. I had a lot of confidence while traveling; it tends to disapate very quickly when I’m back home. Usually I have all the social adeptness of a deflating beach ball.
            So there is no love story in my life right now.

      1. I remember you and it has been awhile, but you might not remember me. I went by a different name back then. But alot has happened since. There was a big Penis war you missed. lol. I think they’re all gone now. Tell her Brokey!

  2. After another view it almost looked to me like the Bull had calmed and maybe even felt some remorse.. The way he seemed to be checking if dude was dead or not,, and I think he picked the guy up with his trunk and tossed him in the bushes because he felt bad… Maybe just being a silly fucker but then again I am an elephant fan.

  3. Since we’ve been seeing quite a bit of animalian related gore latey there’s thus petition going around on Sheepbook about some psycho animal killer from Vancouver by the name of Kayla Baroque or some shit like that…was wondering if anybody knows anything about that maybe some more info other than the bullshit being said on that petition and in thr media…I know some of you SOBs have your finger in everything anybody know anything?

  4. Elephants are very intelligent. I saw a documentary one time where a baby elephant was poached, and the grief stricken mother elephant went and destroyed a nearby village…
    They say elephants are the only animals other than humans to show distress when seeing skeletal remains of their own species.
    Interesting, huh?

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  6. Domesticated elephants sometimes kill people when they are provoked, or when they are under stress (over-heating, no water, no sleep, sensory overload).

    Most of the time the elephants show remorse. I heard of a case where an elephant killed his handler in a fit of rage. And afterwards was remorseful, ‘cried’ during the funeral, and then starved to death after loosing its will to live.

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