Man Eaten Down to the Bones by Dogs

Dogs Even Ate His Pinky

Man Eaten Down to the Bones by Dogs

A body of a man partially eaten by dogs was found in a shack on a farm. The man was identified as 69 year old Francisco Tomas. He was a miner and lived alone in the shack. Neighbors said that he was last seen a week prior feeding the dogs. Nice way to repay him for looking after you, pooches.

Not much is left of him. Within a week, hungry dogs ate the man down to the bones. Only his head and both lower legs seem unmunched on. I can understand the calves cause they were covered with pants so dogs couldn’t get to them with their snouts, but face? Animals often go after face first but this time around, they didn’t even touch it.

Props to drccoco for the pics:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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93 thoughts on “Man Eaten Down to the Bones by Dogs”

      1. you don`t even had any organs or flesh left behind for the autopsy, histopathological, etc…if this was in BRAZIL, the police will probably file it under the most common label “homicide with MACHETE”

    1. No organs, no nothing from the looks of it. I am going to say the man died of some natural cause, and the dogs munched on him. They probably didn’t munch on his face because the dogs knew the man pretty well.

    2. A body of a man partially eaten by dogs was found in a shack on a farm in the neighborhood. After being informed by neighbors, police officers went to the site and found the fact.

      Upon arrival at the place the police come across the body of a man 70 years of age appearing in the abandoned house with only part of the torso and head. An arm, the lower of the two legs and the bones had been eaten by dogs, surrounding the body.

      The body was identified as Francisco Tomas, 69 years old, New Bridge miner who lived alone in the house. Neighbors said that Thomas was last seen there about a week, giving food to the dogs created.

      The rest of the body was taken to the IML Jacarezinho, but police suspect that the death was from natural causes and the dogs to go without food went to feed the body of the owner. – It was in Brazil haha

    3. Wow, reading comprehension much?? Apparently not. Don’t just look at the pictures next time, you simpleton.

      And I don’t see anything wrong with this. It’s better that the flesh be recycled as opposed to sticking it in a box made better than furniture, then putting it in the ground that shields it from decomposition and natural ecology

  1. Its Mr.Bone Jangles,or just a bomb who got to lonely so he sought the affection of an animal,mans best friend,the dog. But what he didn’t realize was that when you put food on your self like that,the animals wont only want to lick,his going to chew and rip that stuff up to the core…crazy lonely freakish dude.

    1. No, but they will fuck up the blinds you bought just a month ago. And claw the shit out of your 50 inch projection tv that I said to STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM YOU STUPID FUCKASSER! Sorry, touchy subject. Where’s Alf when ya need him?

  2. Poor man. I hope he was already dead when the dogs got to him, unless they were wolves. He probably was lonely in that little shack with no family. Thus, he had no one to check up on him.

  3. wow never seen anything like this. but the dogs din’t even leave a tip for the great service they left for the people cleaning up the body and scene…..BUT at least he dint die in vane. Amen.

  4. Maybe this guy fell off his couch and died after hitting his head. He should have gotten Life Alert and he would have been saved right after screaming “HELP! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”

    On a more serious note, what a shitty way to be remembered. Solitude really is a bitch.

  5. Been lurking on this site for a while now. Such a great assortment of gore here, now I know that this world really hides behind its veil. I’m glad the uncensored and brutal truth is shown here, it really inspires me when I start to write horror and reflect on my pitiful existence.

  6. well had to get back sooner or later can`t stay long ,i`m being held as a hostage with a gun to my head and figured this would be better than tring to get help…(wifes laptop,mine sort of got run over and waiting for the new one ) anyway back to the pic,
    men trully are dogs as the real dogs live by the same code as us
    “the closer the bone the sweeter the meat”
    hope to be back soon ,have a good one all…

  7. Your wrong about “animals normally prefer the face”.. Some animals,yes. Chimpanzees attack the face,hands and genitals first and foremost… Dogs go for the abdomen,chest or throat.. MOST dogs have something called “bite inhibition” but all are born knowing which places to attack to cause the fatal wounds. Dogs do bite faces but its normally children. Just like humans giving verbal warnings,dogs have certain bites and bite strength they use for certain “warnings”. There are also huge differences between a dog who bites and releases,and a dog who holds. One is a warning whereas the other is an attack. I work one on one with 30+ dogs a day here in Florida. Watch a group of dogs at play and you’ll see what I mean. Kick ass pics though. =)

    1. when dealing with human devilvixens, predators like tulio, baked, trooper78 and brokeback usually go for the snatch, albeit, in the case of brokeback, only if it’s properly shaved (maladaptative behaviour)

  8. OH PLEASE !
    If it were Dogs, they would have taken the bones away and chewed on them ! It looks like all of them are still there. PLUS there is no mess or stains on the floor, and how did they get the meat out from under the body and not disturb the bones there?

    SOME ONE DID THAT !!! Not dogs.

  9. When their bones are picked clean
    And the clean bones gone,
    They shall have stars at elbow and foot;
    Though they go mad they shall be sane,
    Though they sink through the sea
    They shall rise again;
    Though lovers be lost love shall not;
    And death shall have no dominion.

    ———–Dylan Thomas

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