Newborn Baby Girl Ditched After Birth and Bitten by Dogs

Villagers Gathered for the Show But Seem Vastly Undisturbed

Newborn Baby Girl Ditched After Birth and Bitten by Dogs

There are women who would like to have babies but are unable to because of whatever issues they may be having. Then there are women who do not respect their fitness and ability to bear children and treat them like garbage. Mother who bore this little girl felt no connection with the child and threw her away (literally) right after birth.

When the body was discovered, it was already dead and bore signs of dog bites. It is possible that, unaware of what they were doing, the dog(s) just wanted to play. It is also possible (based on opinions of the villagers), that the bites were sustained post mortem. That means that the girl was already dead when dogs got to her. Sad end to a life that had just started.

Location is unknown but it’s an obvious South East Asia. It could be the Philippines, Thailand or Indonesia, though my guess would go to the Philippines cause they are experts on ditching foetuses in the dirt.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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33 thoughts on “Newborn Baby Girl Ditched After Birth and Bitten by Dogs”

  1. I hope any mother who do not wish to care for a child they gave birth to and just toss them would suffer a terrible fate of great pain. Like getting your head cut off with a dull knife. (Referring to all those terrorist vids killing people with dull knives on barenakedislam.)

    1. I know I’m ranting here, and I’m no better in raising my own children, but at least I didn’t leave my first born to die. I had a family friend (who is unable to bear children of her own) to adopt him. I was unable to care for my son at the time, so I gave him up for adoption. Now I have a stable living and raising a very beautiful baby girl. I feel bad for the new born, not knowing what life could have been like if she had grown up. But…NNNOOOOO!!!! The mother was a big asshole and dumped the child, leaving her for dead. RIP young child. I hope your mother suffers dearly for this inhumane act.

  2. piss me off,i’m not that great of a mom,but seriously this is awful for a human to do,animals treat their young with more respect then we do.thus proving my point that all humans must be mad and all mental for something or another.people and man made things,awful stuff gets us made things kill us rarely do acts of god

  3. What kind of human scum would do this to their child they could’ve just left the baby on the doorstep and rang the bell and run away. At least the baby doesn’t have to grow up in this shithole of a planet

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