Partially Devoured Corpse Found Floating in River

Partially Devoured Corpse Found Floating in River

The body was found floating in Rio Itapecuru in Brazil – that’s all I know about this video. Looks like birds munched on the corpse’s back and got all the way to the internal organs through the ribcage with their long beaks. Being devoured by birds must suck big time, but this fellow was likely already dead when they started the feast. I don’t have any info on whether the man drowned or was murdered and then thrown in the river, but apparently Rio Itapecuru spits out many corpses all the time.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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45 thoughts on “Partially Devoured Corpse Found Floating in River”

          1. It’s absolutely a female ( ie with a pussy) because of those child bearing hips, and yes bodies do expand with gas, but the shorts are cut to fit that female arse. And shorts don’t expand. Also the rest of the body has not expanded proportionately to the arse, so therefore my finding in this case is – female.

      1. I don’t know how I missed that throw up video but I was laughing loud enough to almost wake everyone sleeping … I feel bad for the man who died, but the sound of the reporter is hilarious and I’m still chuckling with the video off 😉

  1. I think this is the Brazilian version of Milton Bradley?s game ?Operation.? Instead of pulling a funny bone or wish bone out of him you pull out a handful of bullets or a pile of maggots, your choice. 200 points for every bullet, 5 points for every maggot.

  2. Thinking this is a chic…either way I absolutely love the still shot! Seeing the spine and ribs like that through a gaping hole is actually beautiful.

    Side note: BrokeBack as me being new I think it is awesome to know that you have some great pictures of your own back. 🙂

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