Petrobras Excavator Operator Eaten to Death by Piranhas (pics)

Petrobras Excavator Operator Eaten to Death by Piranhas

Piranhas have the reputation for being ferocious little fish who feed on flesh like there’s no tomorrow. While most scientific research supports the notion that piranhas don’t attack humans to kill for food, there have been a handful of cases where it may have been so. In this case, Petrobras excavator operator was working on a gasoline that passes through the Amazon river when whole excavator crashed into the stream. Trapped inside heavy machinery, the operator broke the glass so as to free himself and swim to the surface. As he was forcing his way through, he cut himself on the broken glass and started bleeding. Blood has attracted the school of piranhas who ate the man’s flesh down to the bone.

Someone suggested that this whole story of Petrobras excavator operator getting eaten to death by piranhas is a hoax, based on photos. Especially the eye sockets which allegedly should look different without the eye balls. I don’t know whether it’s a hoax or not – snopes has nothing on this and I have no other means to verify. However, compared to other skull pictures widely available on line, I don’t think these eye sockets look much different. What do you think? Real or fake? Could piranhas eat a man down to the bone like this? From one picture it would even seem that there were piranhas inside the man when he was “fished out” of the Amazon river, suggesting that he may have been eaten from within.

Gallery of pics depicting the Petrobras excavator operator allegedly eaten by piranhas in Brazil is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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62 thoughts on “Petrobras Excavator Operator Eaten to Death by Piranhas (pics)”

  1. I’m skeptical…but I can’t tell you why. Saying it was piranhas that did this just seems a little too fantastic. I might be wrong. Whatever did it, I believe the pic itself, is real…and fascinating. I love how you can see the spine and rib cage inside of a rather intact body.

  2. It is possible that the piranhas did not eat the optic nerve as a result it could look like there is no sign of a blind spot at the back of the eye.

  3. looks like just his head fell in the pirannah water, kinda reminds me of that part of austin powers where he squirts him with toothpaste and he gets his face eaten by the laser beam fish

  4. Just some observations, maybe someone can explain

    1: The fish just lying on the instruments, not in a specimen container

    2: A stone table

    3: They covered his genitals during an autopsy

    4: A window in the morgue

    5: Surgical gloves in the waist basket, not a bio-hazard container

    1. 1: they couldve JUST pulled the fish out of his body
      2: it is possible this isnt a morgue
      3: coverd for photos?
      4: again its possible this isnt a morgue
      5: They arent very sanitary.

      who knows.
      either way these pics are metal as fuck.

  5. I saw this video of these fish on discovery channel and the host said they live in the amazon and apparently they go into the body and they like eating EVERYTHING in there usually when people get the body there are alot of those fish still in the body but i guess they ate everything and go t out really sat as for the head i dont know it might have been piranha maybe.

  6. Looks like they just wanted the internal tasty bits, such as vital organs. I do notice that what’s left of his hand is still attached, so they didn’t eat the tendons. I guess they like the muscle meat better.

    Isn’t it nice to know we aren’t on top of the food chain?

  7. I owned a school of red belly piranhas for almost 5 years. They don’t discriminate on what they including their own kind! They r ferocious eaters & depending on how big the school is they will mutilate their food til nothing is left. Very quickly too. I do have to say this looks fake to me. The skull is not convincing me

  8. again rulling out the speculation bout pirahna killing man….haox or not,only the autopsy reports will confirm..but as far as my knoledge goes…pirahnas are known to be verociouse flesh eaters…they ll leave nothing…which is not the case with the body above..showing some still intact body parts…besides all the good parts in tne middle n not at the top head…so why just the head????

  9. I agree with the above 2 posters. I think it is possible this man possibly had a head injury, and the fish were attracted to the blood from the face. This would explain why they ate away the face since it was easier to get to the meat, then they worked their way down into the inside, which is what a lot of those bottom feeders do, hiding where its dark.

  10. I’m no expert, but I know piranhas can definitely pick a body clean like that. Or atleast the body of an animal, (saw it on national geographic lmao.) It looks like they made entry above the sternum because it doesnt look cut, (correct me if im wrong) and then basically ate him from the inside out. leaving the skin except for the entry they made which is exactly what the piranhas did to the poor animal on national geographic. But again, i dont really know alot about piranhas or identifying fake pictures, just wanted to put in my opinion

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