The Caption This Photo Contest #51

Hungry Crow Munching on Floating Child

You have totally killed me with the latest Caption Contest – scores of winner captions made it incredibly difficult for me to narrow it down to just a few top ones. Let’s see if you can do just as well with this one.

Best Captions

Crow: “I’ll fit myself inside this carcass and fly this shit. This is the most realistic Cherub those humans will ever see with their fucking own eyes” – √açЌ ΜξhΘƒƒ ™

Wow!! I didn’t know Casey Anthony had a son! – drccoco


Why should I fly when I can just ride the Bloated Baby Ferry… plus, they comp all my meals – Rotten Stench

Don’t be pecky – Robert Oppenheimer

Where the Hell is the wishbone in this thing? – Plasmapool

I didn’t know they were posting outtakes from the photo shoot for Nirvana’s “Nevermind” album cover – jackdracul

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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222 thoughts on “The Caption This Photo Contest #51”

  1. If you peck in deep enough, you can get to the heart and if they have been dead for long enough, its half rotten, this tastes a lot better and its easier to swallow, plus if your lucky there will be some maggots and worms inside!

      1. I agree, I am so sick of people leaving good for nothing comments, and iam sick of people Spamming the Caption comments with shit like… Lol… and haha..Just to get Attention.
        Just STFU and post a good Caption if you think of one!

        Jesus! these people are like bloody Dandelions growing on a Lawn… Need to be Weeded out.

  2. when life gives you lemons, throw that shit away and eat a dead child..
    yeah i know that didnt make sense. but its something to help you threw your days, let me explain, lemons symbolize simplicity, dead child symbolizes the forbidden fruit of our times. dont settle for simple things, go for the impossible.
    thank’s, dont touch that remote, we’ll be back after these commercials.

    1. thats very creative.
      as the creator of this universe is the stork, the baby is existence. the stork was too anxious to feed so it devoured the child he was supppose to deliver.

      f’ing art.

          1. Both you’re interpretations are very interestingly unique and friggin amazing. I hope you’ve heard this myth before 🙂 , I just made a humor out of version goes like this: A stork flies carrying a human baby wrapped in a blanket. The blanket snapped, baby falls, died, the crow eat

  3. Crow (sitting on bamboo post…head moving from side to side): Have you heard…about the bird? EVERYbody’s heard…the bird is the word. ahwell the bird…the bird…the bird is the word. Bah bah bah bird bird bird..the bird is the wor…….WTF… is that…….LUUUNNCH!!! 😛

    1. I’ve got the song (Surfin’ Bird) on a single LP (a little record album!) It was my dad’s, he bought in the 60’s(?) or whenever it first came out. I bet its a collectors item now?

    1. This is a joke right? (not a joke)
      timmmay: It is.
      √açЌ ΜξhΘƒƒ: not funny
      timmmay: why you said that?
      √açЌ ΜξhΘƒƒ: coz it isn’t
      timmmay: lol I’ve seen someone did
      this shit here. lol
      √açЌ ΜξhΘƒƒ: no there isn’t
      timmmay: there is, Baked is the name
      √açЌ ΜξhΘƒƒ: doesn’t ring a bell
      Baked: Hey Jack, I read your post
      timmmay: i told you, lol
      Baked: Tnx timmman
      timmmay: that’s timmmay bitch!
      Baked: lol, sorry
      timmmay: its ok
      Baked: where you from bitch?
      timmmay: why?

  4. The hunters play dead in the water to attract the crows, and then spring there attack.
    Umm spring their, Hey is he going to spring up?
    We will be right back.
    Next week we will cover the grizzly bear.

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