Thief Caught Stealing Is Beaten by Populace in Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil

Thief Caught Stealing Is Beaten by Populace in Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil

This video was filmed in Fortaleza – the capital of Ceará, in Brazil. It shows the populace lynching an alleged thief whom they caught stealing.

The thief receives head massage with a pipe, kicks and shovel. I think it was the vicious kicks that did him in. The guy with a pipe was reluctant to put too much force to his blows, and that shovel doesn’t have the weight to readily break his skull. But those kicks… Especially that guy in pale green t-shirt who looked like he really appreciated the opportunity to release some of his anger.

Props to Best Gore member @brunoousado for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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82 thoughts on “Thief Caught Stealing Is Beaten by Populace in Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil”

    1. Bro @thedre
      True indeed my man ….I swear thieves got no place on earth to dwell wherever that may be only to rob innocent people pf their possessions and make merry.
      They must either be lynched , set afire or done to death straight away.
      I would say …………. No justice compares to street justice .

      1. “Yo blucon long time no see.
        And awesome comment friend.
        No justice like street justice.
        Nothing as gnarly as it.
        I hope he was an armed robber.
        And deserves the beating he got.
        And not just some dude shoplifting.
        If you a take a tour of Brazil,
        the tour guide assessing the crowd:
        ‘And to the left we have a man,
        getting viciously beat with a pipe.
        You look to your right there’s the public park.’
        I like how people just pass by this.
        Like tourists going about their business.
        Just another day in the favelas.

    1. Instead of the old fashioned police call boxes, this area has a shovel and a steel pipe mounted to a utility pole on every block. They’re instructed to “Break glass in case of thievery or for general lynching”.

    1. It looks like nothing i have ever seen!

      I will take a guess… its an armpit protector. Used for people with armpit herpes.

      Keeps your arm from resting completely to the body, keeping the armpit open for some fresh breezes.

  1. They definitely showed him a certain level of mercy that is rarely afforded in Brazil! But still fucked him up just enough that recovery will be long and brutal and give him awhile to reflect on a very big change in his life and choosing a different career and stop fucking stealing.

  2. I love this kind of punishment! Should be standard all arround the world. Stealing assholes get what they deserve, their victims get the chance to payback and the crowd arround gets some real nice entertainment. So everybody wins, except the stealing asshole.

    ANTIFA-Assholese should be punished even harder. They set cars of normal, tax paying people on fire, who are working hard for their income. So those ANTIFA-Losers should be set on fire also, like they do in africa. Set those poor little pussies on fire and smack their faces with rocks, pipes and everything you can find. Stone them to death, burn their bodys, so they can feel the pain constantly until they die. Fuck all those leftist asshole pussies!

    1. Yep, mob mentality is a shit when they go around indiscriminately just destroying everything, a total lack of respect for private property, and consequently the hard earned property of others. One thing is to target a bank which prints fake FIAT currency, another is to go around destroying and ransacking every store and car you see without even knowing who owns that property, I mean, many of these motherfuckers own at least cell phones, I wonder if they would like if someone would take their cell phones from them and smash it on the floor…

  3. By the way, stealing is not a serious crime, in the sense that the stolen is not more unfortunate than that the thief is fortunate (with this logic, a stealing can even be benefic, lawful). This kind of acting is not fair at all, it makes me sad knowing i can’t do anything about it, about human nature.

  4. Let’s see…

    broken ribs, possibly punctured lungs, fractured skull, unconscious and possibly dead

    Brazilians take everything emotional … from sex to violence.

    Their country should have been nuked off the map long time ago.

  5. Most of you are such a bunch of hypocrites!

    We have all at some point in life taken something from someone that wasn’t in our belonings and you are saying that you or a loving one should get this treatment for a innocent theft?!

    Makes me even more disgusted than about the theft itself!

    I took candy from stores when i was younger, moste i knew have done it atleast ones and you know what? i grew up, i stopped doing stupid shit like that. Today i’m doing alot of good things in many different regulary.

    I bet i’m not the only one who done similar things and later on changed to it’s better.
    You teach no one a shit by beating them to death, what you do in the matter of fact it commiting a 10 times even worse crime. So if you don’t like theft. You really got hate yourself brutaly.

    Most people don’t steal because they got good education, got raised in a good way and get the help they need so they don’t have to.

    Now you go figure out how you really should behave if you really want a positive change in this world!

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