Villagers Fight Crocodile to Rescue Child it Mauled in Oaxaca, Mexico

Villagers Fight Crocodile to Rescue Child it Mauled in Oaxaca, Mexico

Villagers Fight Crocodile to Rescue Child it Mauled in Oaxaca, Mexico

In Oaxaca, Mexico, a river crocodile mauled a child and dragged him under water to save the flesh for supper later on. As soon as they found out, the male villagers took whatever they could lay their hands on, and went to the river to fight the croc and rescue the child.

The croc was not happy about giving up his meal, but the villagers somehow managed to recover the child’s body. If the information I got is correct, then when the child was rescued, he was still alive, but his organs shut down soon after and death followed.

Props to Best Gore member @Zardhust for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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98 thoughts on “Villagers Fight Crocodile to Rescue Child it Mauled in Oaxaca, Mexico”

    1. “And you know what else is kinda odd.
      Even when beaners rescue someone.
      They sound like they have it out for them.
      Sounds like a regular old beaner scene.
      With some of the same old spanish cuss words.”

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          And no I wouldn’t have done shit.
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      1. That’s w h at this website is for, you don’t like the comments then fucking leave ☺ poor croc taking away it’s food, they should have just let the croc eat the Damn kid, he was already dead. One less mouth to feed true definition of Gator bait

  1. That was like going back to the Stone-Age and seeing a bunch of proto-humans going after a gazelle. Knowing that there are crocodiles in these waters, why aren’t there warning signs, fences, and parents warning their children not to go near that place?

    And if there are, and the kid still decided it was a good idea to go out there for a swim, then fuck him. Serves him right. Survival of the fittest.

    1. Man you seem to be all for complete control and regulation of all people and their activities? Your stance on gun control is ass probe everyone and now it’s put up fences and signs. Calm down and relax on thinking you have to regulate everything. Wouldn’t putting up fences, signs, metal detectors and ass probing equipment go against survival of the fittest?

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          You’re only the alpha male of your little pond, buddy. Remember those words well.

          1. The only person that runs their mouth is you… buddy…
            You abominations of nature should be sterilized and put in a mental institution…

            If you think I’m “running my mouth”… we can exchange information and find out how you would cower in front of a real alpha male…

            Tough guy…

          2. @ Gnat

            For fuck’s sake, rounding up all the gays, lesbians, trannies, and what not; sterilizing them, and keeping them for the rest of their lives in mental institutions is going to put a major burden on the federal budget. My idea of weapon detectors in public places would be a much better use of public funds.

            And yeah, I’m going to get vexed by words on a screen. I’m going to get so mad that I’m just gonna hand off my personal information to a complete stranger. Even if I did, and WE did agree on a place to meet and battle this out….what would we even be fighting for? Just so that YOU can prove something to yourself? You can do that on your own time; I’ve got more constructive things to do with mine.

          3. “Even if I did, and WE did agree on a place to meet and battle this out….what would we even be fighting for?”

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          1. @ Gnat

            I don’t know whether or not you have kids, but please tell me how you are able to observe their every move 24 / 7, because I thought those were talents only God was supposed to have; omniscience and omnipresence. I was a kid once, and I know that there are PLENTY of opportunities to slink away and do your own thing when parents are preoccupied with something else.

            The obvious retort will be that you would keep an extra close eye on them if you took the family out to a park with a body of water. Even then, a crocodile attack can take place in the blink of an eye. Granted, you have weapons, so it wouldn’t be much of a problem to rescue your child from a croc.

            But I doubt these people were visiting this lake; they probably live nearby; this is their environment. Do you watch your kids when they are playing in your own backyard, or at the neighbor’s house? Since you can’t always see what your children are doing, the prudent course of action would be to WARN your kids not to go there without supervision, and to post SIGNS warning people unfamiliar with the area about the risks, the same way some beaches have undertow warnings.

          1. I’m not sure who to blame for that. The parents for not watching their kids or Disney for building their resort near a lagoon with live alligators and not making it kid-proof.

    2. It doesn’t look like the most civilised place to be able to afford signs and fences tbh and with that said it’s possible it’s the only place close enough to bathe so you just deal with the risk instead of willingly depriving yourself of your only water source and just let natural selection take it coarse.

      1. There is always a solution, no matter how poor you are.
        THIS is where a shotgun would come in handy; have someone stand guard while people are bathing for any signs of a crocodile, then blast the mofo out of existence.

        1. A shotgun with a crowd of people bathing?…
          Do you know anything about ballistics?…
          A gun that fires a “round” instead of a “shot” would be a proper choice since you eliminate any chance of hitting an innocent bystander…


          1. No, I don’t know anything about ballistics; I don’t even own a gun, so thank you for correcting me.

            Then have someone with a gun that fires rounds stand guard against any crocodile that gets too close.

          2. Most shotguns today are smooth bore and shooting a slug would be very inaccurate if you didn’t want to hit any bystanders…

          1. I don’t have any need or desire to know anything about ballistics. Let the people who care about stuff like that know about it.

            Once again, your insults are wasted.

        2. So a gun should not be allowed in places like “airports” or “schools” but a shotgun should be allowed “by the river where people are bathing?” Or how does it go with this restrictions of yours, if you dont mind explaining that…..

  2. How come in all these cases, you never, ever, see a Woman jump in to save their son, or anybody’s kid for that matter??? Seriously,, like why? Since Mark has started bringing the issue up, i begun to think back,,, and Holy Fuck, it then hit me… πŸ™ Poor little dude & fuck Crocks!

    1. @thedre I think women think in terms of their child surviving. Why would she stop a man who outweighs her 40 pounds or so, who is going to be stronger and try to fight the croc herself? Her child’s chances for survival are greater if she steps aside and allows the men to go.
      Now if the men do not want to help, she will try. She won’t just give up because no one would help. But that rarely happens as men are hardwired to be a “hero” (not that word – I just can’t think right now.) Men will run towards danger without thinking. If a woman pushed her way in, she endangers everyone involved. I don’t think her standing aside is a lack of caring but simply hardwiring as a man’s urge to go to danger is in their hardwiring.

      1. Very true. Don’t know why we men are like that putting ourselves in danger. Next thing we know is we are very dead. I guess that’s how it works. My mom is from Oaxaca, and where i born there are crocs. There was a big one closer to where i used to live, and i used to go to fish alone, sometimes i went to swim. I think i was lucky.

          1. No I get it, women let men protect children because they are “hardwired to run towards danger”. Not because women are useless, nooooo it’s because men want to be heros. Ha!

        1. In these countries everyone is more primitive with the way they think. Women do the gathering and washing and all that jazz and men do the hunting and hard labour just like the old days, so of coarse that’s how it works but you will find there are plenty of cases in first world countries of women doing things that puts their own live in danger just to save another person or child as we have had more time to evolve out ways and more freedom to choose how we want to be.

      1. @rota. Yesssszz IT says I’m THE description that the kid was alive but organs shut down. And died short time after. Once you see that the kid didn’t experience the death roll. Which would have given zero chance of survival. That kid neeeeeded some CPR. dragging him around w a rope isn’t going to save him. At least tryyyyyyy to pump the friggggen water out of the lungs. Makes me angry that they just refuse to try in these countries. Well on the vids we see. SEEPEEARE!!! When someone chokes On food they prob just start digging the grave and bury them turning blue.

        1. Whites go to these countries to teach language and religion, not CPR; the villagers in these videos haven’t yet discovered CPR, and aren’t even aware of some of the most basic medical procedures that the rest of us have been taught.

  3. If didn’t read the description of location where this incident took place and I was to guess I would say that this is somewhere in Guerrero, Mexico perhaps near the border of Oaxaca. Reason why because the way they talk….
    In Mexico just like in the U.S. every region has their own accent and idiom which can be recognized by those that know…
    Me personally I can recognize the differences, I would say 9 out of 10 Γ—’s Im right about my guesses. So I know what a person from Oaxaca sounds like and a person from Guerrero sounds like….the main voices in the forefront would be the way people from the lower coast of Guerrero sound like the ones you could hear the most. There was people in the background speaking and a few of them sounded like they could be from Oaxaca so my final thoughts (judging by the way they sounded) as to the location of this video somewhere in Guerrero’s border with Oaxaca.
    But it could very well be somewhere in Oaxaca’s border with Guerrero if I was to lean towards the fact that most people in the video if not all were short….
    Oaxaca is known for its people being short and dark brown skin (prietos) and of indigenous roots…

  4. I also want to point out the lack of knowledge from this people in the cases of emergency which leads me to believe that this incident was a rare occurrence and is something the villagers don’t see everyday…

    First, apparently there was somebody in the crowd with a firearm and was reluctant to use it at the right time..
    You can hear someone (could be dude named Chano) yell, “tirale que le tires”, which can either mean “throw it”, but it could also mean “shoot it”, at first I thought he meant to keep on throwing rocks or sticks or whatever they had, then the guy recording says, “tiene miedo de gastar unos tiros”, which means “he’s afraid to waste (spent or use) a few rounds”, I think he meant it because he didn’t have a lot of rounds in his possesion and perhaps it’s hard to get ammo in Mexico, I could be wrong though but the way he said he was afraid to shell a few rounds I’m almost sure he didn’t mean it in a way like he was scared to fire the gun or rifle.

    The overall action of this video is fucking hilarious man,
    for real though, I’m still Lmao!!
    They’re all yelling with a gut to the crocodile- “sueltalo hijo de la verga”, which really means “let go of it you son of a bitch”, but literally the words mean – “let go you son of a cock”, ‘verga’ is spanish for ‘dick’ or ‘penis’ depending in what way you say it and in what context it could mean various things not necessarily a man’s ‘penis’…
    So when they tell you- “hijo de la verga”, they dont mean “son of a dick” or “son of a cock”, they mean “son of a bitch”, same thing when they say “hijo de puta”, meaning “son of a whore”…. they dont really mean that your mother is a prostitute or that she fucks with every guy she sees, they mean it like “You son of a bitch”

    When someone tells you “Te crees verga” they dont mean – “you think you’re a cock huh”, they actually mean -“you think you brave now?”
    Even though the “Te crees verga” doesnt have the ‘now’ after verga.
    Thats why you hear woman use that phrase on other woman.
    If I am to say “ponte verga”, I dont mean “go ahead and put a cock on” the translation exactly is- put on-ponte, cock-verga so
    “put cock” would be the words and the meaning of that is to “stay alert”, or “be at your best.”

    Many of the “narcomensajes” published here they are translated from spanish to english by the words they are but the meaning is something totally different…I find some of the translations so funny cause what it sounds like in english it dont make a lot of sense…
    If I was to translate the translated spanish to english (according to google translate) from english back to spanish the meaning would be a lot different than the meaning of the words I’m translating, thats why you have to understand in what context the words are said is super important otherwise you wont understand….

    Anyways you can hear a guy say “sueltalo hijo de la verga, no es tuyo” – which means “let go of it, you son of a bitch let go is not yours” (or it doesn’t belong to you)
    Then as theyre fighting for the price you can hear el tio (the uncle) say, “hijo de su chingada madre” which means “son of his fucked mother” now thats an expression one makes in disbelief, like when you about to get something that you want but you end up not getting it, which by the looks of the scene they felt that the alligator had gotten away with the corpse…
    Then you hear recording dude say “pegale en la cabeza, or dale en la cabeza tio, dele con el machete ala verga para que lo atravieze” – meaning “hit em in the head, come on uncle hit the head, use the machete so you can chop em”.
    Thats when the crock freed the boy and dude recording said that riffle man was afraid to spent a few rounds…
    Then as they lay the boy down you can hear them debating two things, one where the crocodile was, some say there on the other side, camera man says otherwise, “it’s in the middle”, he says..
    And the second thing being debated how and who was gonna carry the child. One even says, “come and help me little kid is heavy” then he asks dude named ‘Chano’ for more T-shirts to cover the boy, but instead of covering his genitals they cover his face. (Weird)
    Almost towards the end when they’re debating the location of the croc in the river you can hear a guy say-; “ya le tire ahorita” –
    “I already shot at it”, or “I just shot at it right now”
    As they are waiting to see who is gonna carry the kid and how they gone cover his naked body, you can hear the uncle say-
    “Hurry up, and lift him up and carry him because, what if the crocodile decides to comeback and take it again”
    And meanwhile the boy just laying in the ground, no one’s moving it.
    Like if they are scared to touch the boy.
    That right there is what made this story super hilarious, besides the beginning part when they are fighting and arguing with the crocodile like if the croc was a thief,
    When they told the croc “let go of it, it doesn’t belong to you”
    Im still lmao on that one!!
    the worries that they have,
    They actually think that the crocodile is going to return for its meal, and I mean it could happen but chances are not likely at least on the spot
    One last thing – If he was alive when they recover the body, which I don’t think it was, perhaps performing CPR could have helped.. the body of the boy didn’t appeared to be bleeding at all which leads me to believe that it may have been a baby crocodile.
    Anyways hope you guys understand the little Mexican-Spanish explanation of words and phrases…

    1. This was the best translation ever, i was wondering what was going on, and i was thinking if the kid was harmed but alive at that moment and they treated him like a injured kid instead of a dead body, might have helped , like CPR exactly, if he was dragged under water he most likely drowned, wouldn’t help lying there and then being carried off, if he had spinal injuries or anything with his back hey could have killed him the way they carried him anyways..yelling and cursing at creatures always helps doesn’t it

  5. — I think I’ll have to request that they get their defending tool game up.. not that throwing sticks at it wasnt effective LoL. Also, if the post to this is right and they boi was still alive soon after they removed him, a little CPR would have gone a long way.

    — Something so “simple” yet so rare in other Nations. A life saving method that goes unknown to most. Also “rubbing the heart” to simulate if the beating is low or gone.

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