Asian Woman Roasted on a Spit Over Fire Like a Pig

Asian Woman Roasted on a Spit Over Fire Like a Pig

Shortly after I’d changed the website’s design to this new one with new header, I started getting emails from Best Gore members and general public asking what the story behind the impaled Asian woman roasted on a spit over open fire like a pig was. I diligently responded to each of them but as my mailbox kept getting flooded with the same request over and over, it didn’t take long before it started getting pretty irritating. I’d step away from a computer for 30 minutes only to come back and find that I had 300 new emails. I check what is going on and they are all from Best Gore and as I open one after another, they all keep asking about the same impaled Asian girl being roasted over a fire. While I was responding to the emails that came, hundreds of new ones arrived and each of them asking about the same bloody girl on a spit.

Can you imagine the frustration? I must have responded to good 10,000 of those emails within a few days and new ones just kept coming and coming. I did nothing whole day but respond to god damn questions all asking the same god damn thing. After a few days of this insanity, I started having enough of it. Every man has his limits and I think that after 10,000 emails asking the same thing sent to me within a span of a few days, my limits were crossed.

Guess what happened next? I was officially frustrated beyond reckoning, yet motherfuckers would still not give it a break. I had fucking nightmares about those emails chasing me in out of control numbers whole night. Then I’d wake up in the morning, open my mailbox and find that 1,200 new emails were received. I see that each of them came from Best Gore so I’d just think to myself: “I seriously hope they’re not about the same fucking woman being roasted on a spit like a pig”. I mean, after answering so many emails, you’d think people would give me a break right? Wrong! I was ready to break spines. You can only push a man around for so long before he snaps…

Anyway – I kept my cool and responded by not responding, but had enough of it. I simply had to quit. I couldn’t do it anymore. Imagine the “Are we there yet?” donkey asking you the “Are we there yet?” question for weeks on end minute after minute and just on and on and on. And imagine that after you’re sure your head’s about to explode if you hear the “Are we there yet?” one more time, the donkey intensifies the abuse and starts asking the question every 30 seconds? Nonstop. You’d pray he’d say something else – just for one god damn second… but no. Mother fucker would not give it a break and just keep going: “Are we there yet?” That’s what it was like with me and that girl on a spit.

Surely enough, I was pushed to a point that I had to disable the contact form just to take a fucking break from this bullshit. Eventually I had to break some of the features of the contact form to keep its use restricted. At present time, the captcha is purposefully broken so only logged in members can send messages. And if any of the 20,000 members registered to comment breaks the unwritten rule of giving me a fucking break from being asked about a girl on a spit, that would be the last time he/she was allowed to comment on Best Gore. Seriously, enough is fucking enough.

So here I am now creating a page dedicated to the impaled Asian girl being roasted over a fire on a spit like a pig and I’m doing it solely to spite each next mother fucker who would still feel inclined to poke me with their prick. You couldn’t give it a fucking break and wait your time before I get a chance to explain the story behind it, so I’ll deliberately avoid answering it here and will make sure the answer cannot be found on any other part of the website. “Are we there yet?”

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    1. Yeah, he had an interesting viewpoint. All that talk and he never bothered to explain the photo causing the problem. Is it real? What’s the story behind it? He complained about all the questions, set up this page, and he never answered the question.

        1. It’s from a fetish video produced by a company called ruemorgue.
          It’s totally fake, the asian head is actually photoshopped on, the original girl is white, and the girl pictured on the left is japanese model Mayumi Ono whom is alive and quite well

  1. I definitely see where you’re coming from, I’d be extremely irritated as well! But I don’t understand why you didn’t actually explain it here now… Won’t that just make more people ask?

    Anyway, here’s hoping you reveal it soon! Seen the picture for a while and so interested in its backstory!

    1. I agree, I don’t believe its real for 2 reasons. First, look at her skin above the fire, it isn’t blackened or discolored at all for being so close to the flame. And secondly, look at her hair, it fuckin’ styled. What the cannibals didn’t mind impaling her, but the comb and style her hair!? Yeah fuckin’ right, its fake.

  2. This post is just as irritating as you being bombarded with emails asking you. C’mon dude, just tell the story of how the girl ended up being spitroasted. And more importantly, is it real or fake? I suspect fake but that just inrigues me more.

    1. I agree with you on this, or maybe he don’t know the story. How do you leave your fans hanging like that. When someone needs to ask a question they aren’t doing it to be annoying, it’s not like they knew there would be that many emails asking the same question.

    2. F A K E !!!!! Well, her hair looks nice – not even tusseled. Amazing how hair doesn’t burn lol. Her body looks flacid – no rigor & appears it was hand) And of course the impailing LMFAO!! Sweethearts – Chink chicks can take more than a metal pole – that ain’t nothing but foreplay with these FREAKS!!! I wish it WAS real LMAO!!! One less heartless sick bitch to get infected from. I LOVE IT!

  3. I think it’s real. Cannibals . . . my theory atleast. . but I’m still searching. I’ve read that they roast them alive. Don’t know if it’s true yet but as I said I’m searching.
    Or I could be wrong and it’s just some jealous boyfriend? some sick ritual? fetish maybe?
    I love mysteries!

  4. long time viewer, first time poster! ill also wait patiently for the real story behind this spitroast girl! you have my curiosity for quite some time now, and agree the explanation should have just been told in the post about the emails on it! oh well, plenty more to look forward to here… love your work.

    1. Well first off it’d be close to impossible to tell if she’s blackened on her stomach since we’re only given a linear view. Facial features (ie hair, makeup, etc) could have been left that way to please perverted minds (we’re going to eat a model.. that’s extremely appetizing to the ideal cannibalist). It’s hard to tell if this is indeed fake because there’s no back-story or video. To be honest who wouldn’t make a video of this? Would love to see it

  5. i can not wait until you post the explanation. but like everyone else i will wait patiently. i looked and looked and finally came across this page i didnt even think to contact you about it. so step back and take a break.

  6. Meh, searched this photo on Tineye and it lead me to a Jap/Korean.. whatever language is was site, but then it was just sheer effort to download the modzilla translator, i’d rather wait then go searching through several sites as usual.. so i shall wait.

  7. this all could have been avoided once you noticed how popular that image is. You speak of freedom of information and freedom of speech yet you are withholding and censoring the story and any additional related images(if there are any more). So if you would please not act like that visitor that had you shut down back in 09 and release whatever story there is with this image that would be awesome!

    BTW i mean no disrespect. We the members and lurkers(the ones who visit and dont join) had no way of seeing that your inbox was being flooded with questions

    1. Picture is fake..

      Here is the proof:

      1. A closer look at the rear of the body reveals that it is elevated above the skewer.

      2. You can clearly see she is laying on top of some kind of support in the center.

      3. The fire is either PS’d in or is in front of her.

      4. The ends of the skewer are not lined up properly.

      Excellent work on the scene and props to whoever made it.

      1. She is appropriately high on the spit, she is not lying on anything, that object is in the background, and finally the spit pole lines up perfectly, her weight is bending it down in the center. So it goes from support pole downwards through her mouth the upwards out her ass to the to the other support. Everything lines up very convincingly.

  8. i think theres a possibility its real, my only visual clues that its fake is the hair seem pretty nice for a girl about to get it burn off but there are some sick people out there that may think there food needs to look hot, the fire had to had been just lit or something because the body has no burns on the tits that i can see i do see blood around her mouth but no insides or gore on the end of it if you shove a blunt pole like that up her ass n out here mouth if it doesnt rip threw what ever it snags on it would have forced it out of the mouth, and the mount for the skewer hold it by having the skewer go threw two small metal tubes on each end meaning to mount the woman like that they would have had to put it threw oneside up her ass in her mouth and threw the other small metal tube or the metal tubes are connected to rods that would go into the poles on each side. the only things truly making me think this is fake is she looks to damn good, and the fire being at a nice size if made by wood it would take a lil bit of time to make the fire burn nicely like that which would char the under half of the woman n her tits bould be black and the lil picture at the top left her hair is longer than the woman on the skewer or skewer woman has her hair up which looks possible. i think this picture is all plausable except the fire because i see no burn damage.

  9. ok im sure the fire was PS’d if you look closly at the womans left tit (your right) the fire when it reaches the tit keeps going and you can follow the swirl of the flame with the slight color change of the skin its over lapped.

  10. My curiosity has taken over me. I am curious as to what this is all about. But I will leave that up to you as to when you will explain the source of that image. In the mean time, everyone? It’s Asian. WHAT DO YOU EXPECT?! A lot of blood dripping to put the fire out? PLEASE! Besides, she won’t be pretty after the fire burns her. 🙂 Just get over the curiosity. I like the fact that he chose that as the header. Makes it appealing to the morbid masses. >^.^< BEST GORE FTW!!!

  11. Ok heres the explanation. First of notice the fire has not burned her and it is of centered. Secondly yes her feet are tied up to the pole but the pole never makes contact with her body, it just holds up her legs. but it is close enough to her body to cause a illusion of impailment. Third of all stop looking at her breast and look under them, there is a block shaped support holding her up by her mid section wich is held up by a extra bar right next to the original pole and now just toss a little fake blood around her mouth and make here put the tube in her mouth and poof you got a impailed japanese girl rosting over a fire.simple as that so for stupid fagtards that believe this real,considered yourself pwnd. Your Welcome, -Alex210sa

  12. I honestly don’t care about the story behind it. This is the best photo-shop picture I’ve ever seen! It’s been said by the best of men that they didn’t understand why there were so many battered women when they were happy about eating theirs raw… well… how about ROASTED?!?

    *Roasting sweet tits on an open fire…*
    *Ran this bitch through… with a pole…*
    *Up her ass, out her mouth, filthy skaaank…*
    *Merry Best Gore… Toooooo… Yooooooou!!!*

  13. I’m guilty about that myself. The wondering about the picture,but I figured it was already an article about it somewhere that I’d run across somewhere.
    I know what you mean having all the e-mails about the same thing would drive me nuts too.

  14. I’m just curious here, Why does everyone assume the pole was shoved up her ass? It could have just as easily been rammed down her throat like a massive metal dick, and the position of the rear in an upward manner could be as a result of the pole exiting her vagina, not her ass. As to the height of the fire and lack of burnt flesh, the fire could have just been lit and was in the initial stages of burning off whatever he used to get the fire going, IE; gas, kerosene, alcohol, or other flammable liquid, or maybe she was spitted elsewhere and moved into position over the already set fire. I agree however that it is a distinct possibility all is fake. No one seemed to notice the lack of gore or filth on either end of the pole , no matter which way it entered or exited there should be some tell tale sign of it’s passing. Even if it is fake many of you miss the whole point. Enjoy the pic!!!
    You are here to see what society shuns, we are all deviants searching for a spectacle, and well, real or not she is spectacular. Quit bitching over unimportant details and behold the poetic beauty represented by the scene. SO SAYS I Estep3453.

  15. Defo a fake methinks, looks like it’s from some korean b horror movie.
    If you look carefully u can see that the fire isn’t beneath the woman, rather it is in front making a good optical illusion.
    Also it looks like she is supported by something from beneath so she has a short length of pole in her mouth & as for the rest There’s a short length at the back also giving the illusion she is impaled.
    Jus my 2cents!

  16. If it is fake then why didn’t they use a little effort to fix (erase) what appear to be signs of a staged ‘event’. The lack of blood and gore makes me wonder if someone faking the shot wouldn’t have added more …. in the interest of realism ,and why in such a desolate looking location . If you use a straight edge you can tell the spit seems to be ‘true’ which is even harder to fake given that is has a slight arc….which you would expect with 50 kilos of ‘meat’ weighing on it. Lastly if you note what would happen if a 2″ dia. pipe was inserted down the the esophagus … the chin becomes ‘weak’ and retracted as the neck would extend outward. What appears to be the chin line I am tempted to think is something else entirely. I think her throat was cut ……..the excess blood washed away. That would account for the mere ‘traces’ around the mouth and neck area. Its a sick world …. I don’t doubt this one.

  17. Well each person that sent you an e-mail probably had no idea that every other person was asking you the same thing, I’m sure their goal was not to annoy the absolute shit out of you… if that were true I doubt they would visit your website or be members, people were asking because you took it upon yourself to put something on your website that stuck interest in a lot of people, and they did nothing wrong by being curious. Yeah its annoying but… did you think nobody would ask? Just saying. Anyway can’t wait to hear the story.

  18. I heard some story about this, supposedly this “hot” lady was the girlfriend/wife/lover whatever of a high ranking Mexican drug cartel person and was caught cheating on him… it’s probably beyond comprehension what happened to the guy she was cheating with.

  19. I went through this whole site looking for this post and get the same photo and no explanation. Damn.
    I say it’s fake simply because it would only take seconds for her skin to start blistering and melting over that intense heat not to mention she doesn’t look dead or even in pain. Besides that it’s clear behind her tits that she’s lying on something to hold her up.

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