Autopsy of a Pregnant Woman

Autopsy of a Pregnant Woman

It looks to me like somebody murdered this pregnant woman by slicing her throat. Easy double kill with a single shot. Brutal to take on a pregnant woman, though. Maybe would be father wanted an abortion and she just wouldn’t have the unborn kid killed?

It also looks to me like they found the woman shortly after she was killed. As we’ve seen recently, gases which bloat dead bodies during the process of decomposition would push the unborn child out of the womb, resulting in what’s known as Coffin Birth or Postmortem Fetal Extrusion.

It made me wonder how long a fetus would survive inside of a womb of dead mother. I don’t think it would be very long but stories of unlikely survival exist, and unlike stories of superheroes diving to shield their girlfriends, they are actually true.

Gallery of photos of autopsy done on pregnant woman with dead unborn child is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. I think the baby probably died rather quickly. There have been pregnant women who have been shot and the baby survived, but usually they take the baby out before the mother dies.. This includes women who are brain dead. Maybe as along as her heart is beating and they get the baby out quickly?

      1. From what I’ve learned through school woman who say get into a car wreck and are dead you can breath for them 12-20 breathes per minute to keep the child alive but that would mean getting on scene pretty damn quick

          1. You would think that a woman’s body and maybe the child’s would have some sort of back up mechanism in case of trauma which leads to the death of the mother.

    2. @gunkgirl – The baby can survive in some trauma situations. It’s when her body completely shuts down that the time is really limited. Brain dead and comatose women have given birth while on life support, It’s just a matter of keeping the body alive as long as possible before the baby dies as well.

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  2. What happens to the baby in a situation like this? Are the mother and child buried together, or separately?

    I was born on my mother’s birthday. Looks like these two got the opposite of me, and my mom. Death on the same day…

    1. That’s totally up to the family. If the baby had already been born and then was killed, the family could decide on whether or not to give the infant it’s own separate burial. In this incident, I would think they would want to keep them buried together.

    2. I was also born on my mother’s birthday. I think its kinda lame though, compromising birthday plans to what you BOTH want to do. On the plus side though you never forget her birthday…. btw you’re the first person I’ve ever heard of being born on their mother’s birthday other than me. I suppose it’s not too common.

      1. I’ve met some people who have the same birthday as one of their parents. It’s not that common, though, and in my experience, they always seem to share it with their father. Almost always…

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  4. Shame… A very attractive lady.

    Can you imagine what if the father had nothing to do with her demise? What if it were simply a terrible accident or a brutal, random murder?

    The real nastiness is what her loved ones would be feeling.

    If it were me. I probably wouldn’t accept it… I would be in a dream like state fr days/ weeks/ months… Just thinking “She would be back soon”…

    So Goregians… What would y’all be like after the death of a loved one?

    1. Well god forbid if anything happened to my girl I would no longer want exist on this planet, they would have to lock me away on suicide watch and that i can be certain of. They say you just have to get on with life, maybe if you have other children who need you, but with only one, your world, your rock, your everything you live for, there would be no point .

      1. I can’t imagine the grief GW..

        My family traditionally had MANY children… To offset the fact that not all of them would make it to Adulthood.

        My Great-Grandparents had 13 children. But then again… They were from Paisley near Glasgow… Rough doesn’t cut it.

        1. Eeek yes my grandma from scotland also had thirteen also, it must be a scottish thing, but our family is spread all over the world I barely know them, when their is a death in the family I don’t hold much emotion, but immediate family I would hate to think what I would do, I’m born and bred English, moved here to nz when I was thirteen so yes I am a pomm, I believe you are too trooper??

          1. Ah… Whereabouts you from?

            I am a Manxman. But I am half English and live in England for the moment.

            I have loads of family in NZ too. Around the Invercargill area. A good bunch of deviants they are, (But aren’t all Kiwis?) haha.

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    1. It’s the only thing they know. If you were to be stuffed back into something that small now, (proportional to your body)it would probably suffocate you. However a newborn wouldn’t know that it was a small space, because it’s never been in a larger area. Makes sense, it does to me.

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