Autopsy of Pregnant Woman – Warning! Disturbing Pictures of an Unborn Baby

Dead Unborn Baby Pulled Out of Murdered Pregnant Woman During Autopsy

Autopsy of Pregnant Woman - Warning! Disturbing Pictures of an Unborn Baby

Warning! This post contains disturbing pictures of an unborn baby. The woman who is being autopsied must have been in late stages of pregnancy as the unborn baby appears well defined. My guess is the cause of death was a gun shot to the woman’s neck. You can see dark spot right in the middle of her neck suggesting that she may have been shot in her trachea at close range. The area appears so burnt that this may actually have been a point blank gun shot. Then if you look at the picture of her chest open, you may notice actual puncture in her trachea. So unless they pierce holes in corpse’s necks to hang them on a hook in morgue, then this woman was murdered by a gun shot to the neck.

Skin color and facial features suggest that she may have been from South East Asia. Possibly Thailand (not sure, not an expert) – though most Asian women don’t shave their pubes and this one seems to be shaved, or at least trimmed. There’s definitely no heavy bush typical of many Asian woman – again, unless they shave them prior to performing autopsies. But I doubt that – if pre-autopsy procedures involved any form of cleaning, this woman would not still have dried blood on her face and lips.

The tan lines on her breasts also suggest that she liked showing off in revealing clothes. Perhaps she was a hooker (just a dumb guess) which may or may not have anything to do with her pregnancy. But an Asian woman with shaved beaver and tan lines suggestive of bikini that barely covers her areola – there’s something “easy” about that…

Anyway, this woman was pregnant. The child she was bearing was due pretty soon so whoever killed her, offed too flies with one blow. Be warned that images in photo gallery below contain depictions of dead, unborn baby which might be potentially offensive and disturbing even to those of you who otherwise don’t mind regular gore. Stinky autopsy job, but well photographed:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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23 thoughts on “Autopsy of Pregnant Woman – Warning! Disturbing Pictures of an Unborn Baby”

  1. Last pic with guts wide open was gross. If I was there doing the autopsy, I would have probably puked all over the corpse since that is disgusting shit, probably worst so far. : Q

    Also freaky pale alien-like baby is freaky. Shit man.

    And now for an anticlimax:

    Merry Christmas and a Happy new year!

  2. WOW… What a Christmas Present.

    Double Murder

    Mark you made LOTS of good observations here.
    -Gun shot wound to throat.
    -Tan lines around breasts.
    -Shaved pubes. (I didn’t know that about Asian women and shaving pubes.)

    First Rate.

  3. Mark… I posted here earlier today and now that post is missing. I am guessing there is some glich in the system. This has happened several times in the past.

    If this one is like the others, it will show up again in a couple of days.

    Just a little strange and wanted you to know.

  4. damn thats fukkd up,that baby didnt even get a chance 2live,smh u know wats crazy to i seen sum autopsy video once and it waz wit this dead stripper that got shot,the guy who was doin the autopsy waz like enjoyin grabbin on the dead bodys tits and every thing real fukkin sick,he just kept grabbin on her

  5. I agree with you hollluvsedgein. The baby should have been left with its mum. Poor baby and poor family. Imagine preparing for the birth of your grand child/nephew etc and then never meeting them. Or even being able to hug them.. Hard business and very sad.. Dead before being born. Who the hell would do this to someone.. sick…

  6. they have to take the baby out of the womb, because they have to check wether the baby’s cause of death is the same as the mother’s or wether it had already died (which could happen) and it’s vital information if its a murder and it comes to trial.

    I’m glad they did take it out though, otherwise the pics wouldn’t have been half as interesting :/

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