Corpse of Man with Head Thoroughly Skinned Off

Peeled Off Face and Scalp Rest on Corpse of Faceless Man

There is only one photo of this man, and there is no verifiable backstory so authenticity is questionable at best.

It’s a photo of a corpse of a man laid out on an autopsy table. The corpse’s skull is exposed due to the apparent skin-off, and its entire skin, including the eyeballs rest on the chest.

We at Best Gore know of real cases of people having had their faces peeled off by Mexican drug cartels, so the idea is not from the realm of fantasy, but things just don’t quite add up with this one.

What do you guys think? Real or fugazi?

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      1. @brokeback.
        Agreed, eyeballs would be rolling around on the floor like marbles. Hole in the forehead and smashed skull suggests murder. If true the face would come of easy due to a big hole in the back. As for the eyes I think the morticians were having a laugh, if anything they should still be in the skull.

      2. That is exactly what I thought at first glance at the pic, the eyeballs would stay with the skull. It is either a complete fugazi, or someone cut out the eyeballs and glued them into the face mask.

    1. So….i have been looking and looking, im undecided,so I have shown one of my friends and his dad is a plastic surgeon, apart from the inivitable “Where do you find this shit!!!” his dad says its plausible and a pathologist could skin someone they do it to show students anatomy but mainly arms and legs, but he did say the eye balls are placed underneath could not be detached with the skin, its impossible as the eyes are attached by muscles and tendons on/in the skull. after what he said id say he is right they eyes prob for the photo effect rather then anything else.

    2. I personally do not believe this is genuine although I will acknowledge the excellent job.
      The eyes are what’s getting me. To me, it looks like a mask, a high-quality mask, but nonetheless just a mask. Our eyes are not anchored to our skin they’re anchored in our eye sockets in our skulls. If a person were to have the skin basically slid off their skull I don’t believe the eyes would be able to come off so neatly and stay intact within the skin so flawlessly. The eye sockets do not look at that real either but that’s just my opinion and I may be wrong.
      Who knows there may be a sicko cartel member out there who has perfected the art of skinning people. Stranger things have happened.

    3. It’s fake. No question. The eyes simply wouldn’t stay with the face upon the face being removed. The eyes are in your skull, so, for that pic to be real, the brain would need to be exposed with the skull sitting next to the peeled off face. Not even a good fake. Anatomy lesson complete.

          1. I say it’s a big fat FUGAZI!!! Look at all the skin the face is laying on, it’s a fake! Also the back of the eyes are normally attached from inside the eye sockets they wouldn’t just detach and come off with the facial skin so easily.

  1. The eyeballs have to be carefully spooned out so they come with the face. Looks like someone harvesting material for a plastic surgery class. I’ve heard of plastic surgeons getting cadaver heads to work on in class.

    What do urology students get to work on?

        1. A fried friend. 😀

          Maybe I’ll get fried someday. Hopefully they’re making a few photos of my wrecked and fried body and send them to you guys. It would be an honor for me when you guys making funny comments about it. 😉

  2. I think its real but I think that it might have been done either as part of an autopsy or by some medical students messing around?

    The detail is all too consistent.

    Could actually be a crime sceen? Could be a real murder photod on his bench in his cellar.

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  4. My opinion; fake.

    Firstly, why?

    If it’s a murder then the likelihood of surgical expertise to that level is approaching zero.

    If it’s an autopsy, then there is no requirement to do this and the head is, normally the last area to be examined.

    The red ‘blood’ is way too red, the smears on the thorax don’t fit with an autopsy, and the splashes at the top of the table look as if they have been sprayed.

    There are no discernible muscle groups in the neck tissues.

    The eyes do not ‘look’ dead.

    Ocular nucleation is a bastard to do in a living patient, in theatre, externally; it would be nigh on impossible to do it like this, from ‘inside’.

    The props are wrong; a jam jar with some straw coloured fluid, a syringe, a couple of open specimen bottles, a surgical knife and a pair of tongs?

    This is not genuine.

    1. @nastypersuasions

      The biggest reason for me thinking it is real is because the preservation of volume in the skin and tissue. Even the best hollywood visual fx modelers often mess up on preserving the volumes. Also the skin folds and axis of the wrinkles is dead on. To make the skin feel like it is at rest along the ever changing wrinkle lines is nearly impossible to fake. Also look at the detail in the hair follicles, this is another nearly impossible thing to fake. To make it normal to the folds of skin is also amazing.

      The neck muscles are under the platysma and fascia which is what we see there. Also the coagulated pockets of blood on the skull are exactly how it looks when you use small cuts from a scalpel to separate the skin. They are little nicks in the fascia layers where blood pools.

      Students do all sorts of crazy shit when doing dissections. I have seen jako lanterns on back of skull, vaginas removed or modified, fingers snapped, brain puzzles, the list goes on. I don’t know much about autopsy etiquette or procedure so I can’t argue if the head is done last.

      A novice with enough time can easily do this kind of cutting. I have seen hunters in the field do very similar things for hides. And that is with cold numb fingers.

      The eyes don’t look strange to me. Remember that they are getting full frontal lighting, not how we usually see them in their sockets.

      Again I don’t know autopsy procedures so I don’t know about the props you mentioned. I don’t see anything in the jar so not sure how it was used.

      I argue that it is real because it would be nearly impossible to fake with this kind of accuracy.

      1. The detail is is amazing but, after death, the conjunctiva dries and you lose the shiny reflective surface as it becomes opaque, you would also expect to see initial pupillary dilatation as the pupillary muscles relax after death, and then constriction as rigor mortis sets in.

        If the eyelids are open after death, a film of cell debris and mucous form two yellow triangles on the conjunctiva on either side of iris, which become brown and then black called ?tache noir?, within 3 – 4 hours.

        Intra-ocular pressure falls and the globes begin to lose definition.

        If you are undertaking a forensic autopsy then one of the first things to collect is samples of the vitreous fluid in the eye to allow subsequent analysis of glucose, potassium (this rises with time after death and can allow estimation of time of death) and the presence of drugs; the procedure deflates the gobes; anterior chamber ~ 0.6ml, posterior (vitreous) chamber ~ 4.5 ml.

        Post mortem samples are never left open or uncapped as this is, potentially, a criminal evidence trail. There are two standing vials and one that has tipped over; all un-sealed.

        The ‘jam jar’ might be used to collect urine via a suprapubic puncture (again for drug and electrolyte testing) but, plastic containers are safer and, what is it doing at the top of he table?

        Surgical instruments; one retractor, one pair of tongs (I have never seen anything similar used in a post mortem examination) and what appears to be a brain knife that is balanced on the left lower ribs; that’s an unsafe practice in an autopsy.

        I’m not going to re-iterate what I have already written about the excision of the eyes other than there is no justification to do this, and the eyes are not physically connected to the ‘face’.

        Even if you are investigating a gunshot or other wound, the process is by local dissection; for the face that will require reflection of the scalp and facial tissues off the skull but they generally remain attached; dissecting out the globes and then replacing them behind the eyelids for a photograph makes no sense, at all.

        ‘Students do all sorts of crazy shit when doing dissections. I have seen jako lanterns on back of skull, vaginas removed or modified, fingers snapped, brain puzzles, the list goes on’.

        Historically, probably but,if you did something like this in the UK that would be the end of your training; you would be out of the medical school after an interview, without coffee, from the Dean and, in all probability, straight down to the local Police station.

        Dissection is now carried out, only, in a minority of medical schools, the process is supervised by anatomists and surgical registrars.

        The retention and examination of bodies is covered by the 1984 Anatomy Act.

        The cadavers are preserved with formaldehyde and chilled; I cannot think of anyone, in my experience, who would be sick enough to ‘mess around’ with one of the bodies; they are treated with utmost respect and dignity at all times e.g. if you are working on a the ankle, the remainder of the body remains covered with a formaldehyde wrap and a plastic sheet.

        From The Faculty of Biology, University of Leeds, Dr D R Johnson:

        ‘Certain provisions of the Anatomy Act are taken very seriously in this University.
        First we are obliged, after a statutory period, to bury or cremate all the remains of Mr X, unless he has given consent that certain portions are retained as museum specimens. We do not wish to confuse bits of Mr X with bits of Mr Y. At this point we should distinguish between the kinds of anatomical specimens you will see

        first of all the cadaver which students may dissect.
        Secondly the prosection, where the dissection has already been done for you. These are either wet specimens ie embalmed or plastinated -embedded in a plastic resin which leaves them flexible but dry to the touch.
        Thirdly the museum specimen or pot, which, as it name implies is sealed in a jar.
        Fourthly dried bones
        Fifthly radiographs, CAT scans etc.
        In order to keep all pieces of Mr X together the rule is that he stays on the same table until finished with. Parts will then be removed in labelled bags and placed in the mortuary. After a statutory period all remains will be collected together, placed in a coffin and buried or cremated according to the wishes of the deceased. Members of staff attend funerals as a mark of respect. We must also remember that Mr X was someone’s husband, father, uncle, lover. and treat him accordingly.
        A few rules of elementary hygiene are also necessary in anatomy classes. Wear a white coat, tie your hair back if it is long and wear plastic gloves if you wish. You will not catch anything from the corpse, but the embalming fluid irritates some people’s skin and human fat smells. If you come to classes in street clothes you are guaranteed a seat on the bus home. Do not eat or drink in anatomy class. The other resource which we have not mentioned is you, the student. You are young, healthy and alive. Wherever anatomy can be demonstrated on the living we do so. You will therefore find yourselves called upon to act as models for your fellows for all the bits conveniently seen from the outside – surface anatomy. This means that you should be appropriately dressed for the relevant classes and be prepared to remove clothing as necessary. So we are back to Richardson’s problem of suppression of physical and emotional responses. We try to help you with this by a first class which is really compare and contrast yourselves with cadavers: we hope that this will breed familiarity, and familiarity will in turn breed respect rather than contempt.’

        1. Thanks, lots of great info I really enjoyed reading it all. I agree that people are suppose to respect the cadavers as most volunteered their bodies to science. But there are people who unfortunately abuse this. In US they would get same treatment as you mentioned.

          All of your points are very valid, but I still think it would be harder to fake this than it would be to really do it.

          Another thing about the eyes would be that they would have been cut out separately and put into place on the death mask. As there is nothing I can think of that would bind them anatomically to the face. Again, thanks for the info, I love reading about stuff from someone who really seems to know what they are talking about. Wish their was a way to know for sure if it was fake or not.

    2. I agree 110% with you. This is fake, it looks staged to me. The oblivious reason is the eyes would stay with the skull, they would never be with the skin. As for someone taking the eyeballs out and placing them under the skin is completely wrong. The first thing you learn before you touch a cadaver is RESPECT for every piece of the cadaver you will work with.

      It is a pretty nice job, but mostly staged with a fake body. I’ve seen some really nice fake bodies.

  5. That title pic is the best image I’ve ever seen at bestgore. It reminds me of the special effects from movies like Total Recall and Running Man. It looks like Homer Simpson’s real-life counterpart with his face ripped off. I love that his eyes went with the face and didn’t stay in the skull. It was the right thing for this wonderful picture.

    1. @ Bat Shit Crazy

      ‘I always said one would have to be a bit sadistic to become a surgeon’

      Anaesthesia and analgesia are gifts; plan your intervention, always expect the unexpected and, always, deliver, what you would wish delivered to you and your family.

      I have met some misogynistic and self-obsessed surgeons, but, never a sadist; I may post some photographs of what i have undertaken in extreme conditions.


    1. Not a stupid question; the only connection that the globes have with the face is the overlying conjunctiva They are, otherwise, fixed in the orbit (bone) by six muscles (attached to each globe); superior, inferior and lateral recti (rectus muscle, singular), superior and inferior oblique; all attach to the globe and fix into the orbit via ligaments attached to the bone.

      Eyelid movement is controlled by levator palpebrae superioris.

      There is no way that the globes would remain within the ‘face’ as there is no anatomical connection to allow them to do so.

  6. What do you guys think? Real or fugazi?

    fugazi fo weal!, as the ghetto warrior would say.

    The eye balls are in the skin for fucks sake. I would most definitely expect the eyes to be in the skull or missing all together.

    The muscle density is also lacking for a face of that fatness to have existed, it also cannot be placed in the position that it is without full decapitation happening of which the morgue would not have placed it in the position that it did.

    Why would there also be so much blood on the autopsy table when the death occurred many hours before.

    fugazi fo weal!, shizzle my nizzle, that sheet is whack, always trying to keep a player down, and any other stupid racial expression you can think of.

  7. I agree with Xijang, above. The eyes are attached to the orbits (eye sockets) by musculature. They would not come out in such fashion as shown. If the pic is not a fugazi, the question becomes why remove the eyes with the skin?

    Maybe some Med guy/gal could comment

    Great haircut though…

  8. Rreminds me of the show “Spartacus Blood and Sand” in the episode where he has to fight in the pits against a guy who carves away the face of the guy he just killed to wear it in the next match.

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