Dead Chinese Girl with Intact Hymen

Dead Chinese Girl with Intact Hymen

It just plain sucks when your life reaches an end before you get a chance to try the finer things in life. It’s difficult to estimate an age of Chinese girls, but I’d say the girl in these pictures is in her early 20’s. Still a virgin with pretty, intact hymen, the girl never tasted the pleasures of having someone play with her vagina and then she died. Sad!

What’s with Chinese morticians performing an autopsy with the corpse still wearing her socks? I’m also not entirely convinced that the photo of an intact hymen belongs with the rest of the pictures, but it could. Spot light they used to illuminate her vulva with may have affected the white balance settings on the camera that took the picture to make it look entirely different from the rest of the photos.

Anyway, whether you’d like to see what an intact hymen looks like, or a dead Chinese girl on an autopsy table, the gallery below has it all:

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26 thoughts on “Dead Chinese Girl with Intact Hymen

  1. Damn,,, And I never got the chance..
    I wonder what killed this girl..
    Looks like there could have bin some ニック Golden moments
    out of this one….

  2. From the marks on her throat, looks like she may have been strangles or perhaps hanging/suicide?

    She looks younger than 20 to me. From her arms and shoulders, I’d guess 16 or so.

  3. Or… from the pic that shows her socks… she looks like she may have had her throat cut.

    In China? Who knows? Women are not viewed with much value. Could be ANYTHING.

  4. its obvious what killed this girl so why do they have to perform an autopsy? Answer: organ harvesting to sell it in the black market and the rest go to the soup shops.

    BTW that’s a cold table so socks are mandatory.

  5. She’s from a country where all the men have notoriously small cocks.. Knowing that,she probably wasn’t a virgin,just yet to find one big enough to break that shit lol.

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