Female Autopsy Pic – Nice Capture

Female Autopsy Pic - Nice Capture

Morticians have some of the most messed up jobs ever and they tend to act accordingly. When I first saw this female autopsy pic I thought it was one of the finest autopsy captures I’ve seen and then I noticed all the people who stand around. You can’t see their faces as the pic rightly puts focuses on the girl on the table, but there seems to be quite a few people around – perhaps working on other autopsies, or perhaps just too addicted to the smell of dead flesh.

At first sight the pic look as though the mortician lost something inside of dead female’s body and is trying to find it, but I’m sure that’s not the case. he’s just doing his job – whatever it is. The girl looks like she was a dish when she was alive. That’s not to say she’s not now that she’s dead… just saying!

I thought this was one of the best female autopsy pics I have seen.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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49 thoughts on “Female Autopsy Pic – Nice Capture”

  1. No wonder disease is so damn rampant, notice the lack of gloves of the guy with has hand INSIDE the body exposing himself to whatever she had, then he’ll bring it home, get a hooker, and continue to spread it around, all that schooling and doesn’t even do the VERY basic things…genius.

        1. @lunatic, @odgoso, did ya’s notice the pic in there from that famous photo-shop pic? the one where a black penis is screwing this girls dead, gutted body, I think someone even used it as their avatar once on BG?

          1. I am so mad at myself for not knowing how to provide a link to the pic I mean. You’s would recognise it if you saw it, its pic #15 with a black man photo shopped into pic, you can see his penis go through and stick out into to the empty stomach area!

  2. I just checked out the gallery on charonboat. Looks like they’re running a rape kit. Why bother? You’d have to check DNA on the entire Nishatabad police force. Yeah. I don’t think she’ll be pressing charges, though.

  3. 17-year-old girl (the daughter of a labourer Manzoor Ahmed, resident of Faisalabad, Punjab Province, Pakistan) was abducted from her home by police officials (by Ghulam Rasool, Sub Inspector of Police Station Nishatabad) on March 14, 2008 and kept for almost 16 days in private custody where she was raped, tortured and subsequently stabbed in the neck to death. Police officer tried to force her [unseccessfully] to confess her involvement in the murder of her fianc?e. Lately it was found out that her fianc?e was killed by the deceased’s rivals.

    Copied and Pasted, just cuz? :/
    from that other site. The pictures are pretty intense. I like em’. 😀

  4. Just wanna make a correction on anything you have about autopsies is wrong. Autopsies are not performed by morticians. Just an FYI. All autopsies are performed by a medical examiner either in a hospital morgue or by the county medical examiner. Morticians only embalm the body, bathe the body, and dress the body for a funeral. Just so you have that information corrected on your site. I’m a mortuary student going into this career and we do not do autopsies at all.

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