Freaky Looking Post Mortem Photos of a Young Girl

What's Freakier? Blood Oozing Out of Her Nose and Mouth or Her Creepy Eyes?

Freaky Looking Post Mortem Photos of a Young Girl

I know, I know. These photos are gore classics that you all have probably seen but that was many years ago. Back then, these pictures reached the peak of their fame by being passed around in sneaky sounding emails. However, the new generation of gore fanboys may not have seen them and since they are pretty freaky, they deserve a spot on Best Gore.

These are post mortem photos of a young girl who looks like the creepiest character from a horror movie you would never want to see by your bed when you wake up. I don’t know how old she was when she died or whether her breasts disappeared due to same effects of death that had her disfigured and discolored, but the blood in her crotch gives an impression that she may have died while having a period. How’s that for freaky?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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44 thoughts on “Freaky Looking Post Mortem Photos of a Young Girl”

  1. She has too well developed secondary gender signs (- hourglass figure) and if you look at the picture of the blood on her panties, she does have boobs.

    I daresay that the yellow-greenish marks on her thighs look like bruises, so if someone was kicking/beating her, she could have sustained an internal injury, hence the blood. Too bad there isn’t more info, though. Poor girl anyway. 🙁

  2. Strangely looks like an ex-girl friend from back in the mid 90s who starved herself to death. Sometime took 90 laxatives a day, couldn’t help her, so I got out of that after about a year. Last time I checked on her, the neighbor told me she killed herself.
    Then she explained the comment.

  3. By the way:
    The woman who lost a foot, they finally ID’ed her.

    And we got idiots in my area trying to sell C-4 that were busted.

    But I have to way to contact ‘this’ site owner.
    I do have a few sites, cop stuff, 911 call recording stuff. but posting it here is almost pointless as only a few would get it.

  4. I would take rape out of the equation since her panties don’t seem to have been in anyway disturbed. I would say a brutal beating, or a hit in run. the body had to take a real beating in order to bleed so profusely form the inside. I could be wrong though. x /

  5. @Festering Kadaver:

    Some criminals take out the panties of their victims, so Rape is a possibility.
    But the bleeding out of her nose could be a sign for beating, but we can only speculate at least.
    Some rapists hit their victims with car and then rape them, sometimes they but the pantys back on…
    everthing could be possible!;)

  6. Wow I remember that one,,, LOL.. I don’t think I would want to wake up to that either LOL.. 😛
    Oh well,, This one is a really (Golden moment)

    You have to add class to look like that.. 😉

    ??? Golden moments

  7. I am pretty sure that the “blood” in her panties is poop. When people die there body still releases piss and fecal matter. And I would have to agree that she was prolly around 10-13yrs old at time of death. Prolly why she doesnt have bigger boobs. And that she was dead some time (or frozen) before found and these pictures taken. I’m leaning towards frozen. Since her body is obviously already pretty decompossed and yet still bleeding. FYI: bruising only shows up on corpses if the person was still alive when the injury(s) took place. Poor girl. What a total waste of life. She was so young.

  8. Oh guys….haven’t you ever met a girl with small tits? They are like “gone” if you are laying on your back. you can clearly see that there are tits…they kinda fell aside and probably due to decomposition got a little smaller too

  9. jesus. ok, the blood in her panties is from internal decomposition. turns into liquid or viscous consistency and exits through broken skin and other orifices.

    you can get on youtube and look up decomposition videos (educational vids.) the color of her skin can indicate being frozen, stage of decomp with fluids, area she was found in can be a factor or toxins (any means of toxins that is), or just could be her form of decomp. everyone is different…even when decomposing. I have seen it before… not quite this color though…almost. nasty.

    those eyes are fucking freaky. never seen dead eyes like this. wicked!

  10. So far i couldn’t find any information on who this girl was or what happened to her. There should be some info available somewhere? I’d like to know what she looked like when she was alive , and also how long she’s been dead for in these pictures, and what exactly made her turn green and leak all over the place. Anyone knows where to find more details?

  11. Man, gotta wonder how bad is the smell on that rotting corpse. I work at a hospital and we usually always gangrene on the foot determining that they have some kind of diabetes, but no, this is the whole body just rotting.

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