17 thoughts on “Did She Bleed Out Of Her Vagina In The Moment of Death?”

  1. I should also like to point out that the bleeding from the vagina is no different in nature from the bleeding you can see from her mouth and nose, they are all mucous membranes and clearly deteriorated enough after death to leak blood. Quite simple. (In case you are wondering why I say “also point out” I left a comment on a separate photograph)

  2. OMG, seriously??? It’s a leakage of fluids from an orifice caused by pressure and decomposition. Happens all the time. Blood from a vag doesn’t always mean menses, miscarriage or abortion.

    Embalmers have a handy little tool for this very thing. It’s called an A/V Plug (Anal/Vaginal). They coat it in a special sealant and screw it in. It actually looks like a huge, short screw. Google that shit.

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