Morgue Video – Young Man Handled Like a Ragdoll During Autopsy

Morgue Video - Young Man Handled Like a Ragdoll During Autopsy

Morgue Video - Young Man Handled Like a Ragdoll During Autopsy

Another morgue video proving that autopsy doctors don’t particularly handle those (albeit former) human beings with any care whatsoever. I understand that the body temple is no longer alive and it’s just a mass of flesh and bones, but as I was watching this video, I sort of expected the doctor to slice off a little bit of tender thigh from that young man, trim the fat off and slam it on the scales to put a price tag on it before he wraps it up in a vacuum sealed plastic. It’s kind of ironic that funeral homes would dress them all up and start treating them with care again when mourning family comes to pick the coffin with the body up and shell out for it. But when mourning family is not looking, the body is treated no better than a rag doll. The best part is when the pathologist shoves his hand up young man’s neck to rip his tongue out and all the rest of intestines with it.

This morgue video has Russian titles in the beginning which reads: “City Morgue of Saint Petersburg”. I’m not sure if it was in fact recorded in the Saint Petersburg morgue, or whether it’s just some form of spoof, but one thing is for sure – turn the music down before you start watching. Whoever is the jackass who edited the video, he deserves raping from an elephant for putting that stupid sound on loop throughout the video. What kind of bullshit is that for fuck sake? Duh!

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42 thoughts on “Morgue Video – Young Man Handled Like a Ragdoll During Autopsy”

      1. good for him he went in there like a champ and just got it done but i feel like some people might see that negetivle but he did his job with the the most professionialism ive ever seen

        thats his job people and he mastered it!

  1. Yes it is most disturbing knowing that this is what we have to look forward to in the afterlife. Incidentally the background noise was’nt added on at all, infact it was the poor soul on the slab wailing at the indignity of his treatment at the hands of the mortician.

  2. I’ve seen this video before–like three years ago. It was like this viral cellphone craze in where I live so I was kinda disappointed this came in too late.

  3. Everything is relative. A job is a job is a job. And bosses are often assholes. No doubt, they had someone jumping on their ass, telling them they were behind on all the corpses and they needed to get them done pronto. People working with death often have a morbid sense of humor – which reduces the stress. That’s probably what the smile is about.

    I never knew you could slit the throat, grab the tongue and pull everything out in one fell swoop. Wow

  4. I am studying in criminal justice hoping that one day I too can perform autopsies but what I just seen was crazy I have never seen an autopsy done on anything except for the cats I did in high school. Do they all do it like that just so effortlessly, like they are cutting a chicken to get ready to feed their family

  5. My *&^ is a pathologist, it’s just how it’s done. No disrespect. You do this 3 times a day for years and it’s just fast and efficient. All the organs have to be weighed and trimmed for examination. It’s like cleaning any large animal…take a little force to separate the skin from the skull etc, you really can’t be gentle.

  6. I don’t see the big deal with this video, hes simply doing his job and a hell of one at that!!! Some members of my family work in this field and as fast as this gentlemen works he could definetly have his pic of jobs as far as the morticians field goes(even in the states). To make a long story short this guy is a pro!!!(sad but true)

  7. you guys have to understand that its like a disection of a animal in science of bio class. Most people when they disect an animal they don’t have a reaction and most would just like to get the job done. A forensics pathologist has to shut off their emotions so they can get thier jobs done. I agree with Sicko, he is just doing his job and theres nothing wrong with that, this is why autopsys are not recorded and put on the internet.

  8. A few months back they had several operations and autopsy’s on the weren’t as ruff, but what got me was the shears they use to go up each side of the body cutting through the ribs and lifting it off like a part of a cars hood. Then they cut all the other stuff out and took samples for the lab.

  9. Looks fine I think end of the day he is not cutting the guys face up etc hes gotta be pretty rough in order to break the ribs etc but he just doing his job and a good one at that, at least he didnt cut into the intestines and get a nice hand full of shit!

  10. I work in pathology and this is basically how all Post mortems are done. They have to be quick to prevent further changes in the bodies as the body starts to break down pretty much straight away after death, . Even when preserved, decomposition still occurs.

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