Quality Autopsy Video – Young Woman Killed by Amitriptyline Overdose

Quality Autopsy Video - Young Woman Killed by Amitriptyline Overdose

Quality Autopsy Video - Young Woman Killed by Amitriptyline Overdose

This is the best quality autopsy video I have seen to date. It contains English language commentary by an expert pathologist who describes in detail each action performed by the doctors at the table. The individual on whom the autopsy is performed is a young woman whom the pathologists suspect had died from drug intoxication caused by Amitriptyline overdose. As the pathologist explains, Amitriptyline is an antidepressant medication. It’s pretty messed up when a young woman, with seemingly decent body poisons herself to death with antidepressants.

The video contains everything from the corpse being laid out on the autopsy table, through application of Y incision and peeling of the skin to reveal the chest and abdomen cavities. Early into the autopsy, the pathologists discover that the woman had breast implants and recover silicone stuffings from her boobies, which they later put back so she can rot with those synthetic balloons resting on her decomposing flesh. That would explain the need for Amitriptyline – if I had fake tits, I’d be depressed too. Even with silicone in them, those breasts didn’t look fake though – not even doctors themselves suspected fake boobs until a cut into the silicone suggested that there’s some alien tissue in those saggies.

It gets interesting when the pathologists start cutting the woman’s rib cage (chest plate) – the tool they use looks very much like pruning shears you’d use to shape hedges with. This exposes the lungs and the heart so they can check for possible blood clots. After all of the woman’s innards have been removed, the pathologists proceed to open the woman’s skull to expose her brain.

The next step is to examine each organ individually. The grossest looking one is the woman’s uterus. If you’re a heterosexual male, you may experience strange feeling after the pathologist cuts open the vagina to expose the cervix. That’s what you stick your dick into and bump into with your glands when you’re ramming your better half. The sight of the tongue attached to the epiglottis – which is also where you ram your dick into doesn’t look any more appealing either.

Due to YouTube length restrictions, the video is split into two parts, both of which are provided below. Aside from her shrunken kidney, the autopsied individual seemed otherwise reasonably healthy and would have likely enjoyed many more years of life had she not succumbed to anti-depressants.

Autopsy video part 1:

Autopsy video part 2:

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56 thoughts on “Quality Autopsy Video – Young Woman Killed by Amitriptyline Overdose”

    1. Well, keep in mind this is an autopsy with commentary so it’s probably used for educational purposes. Which is acceptable for YouTube, even if it is a dead woman, seeing as how it shows her in an unoffensing manner.

  1. there are certain grim meat hook realities that i think we as humans should all acquaint ourselves with while we are among the living… like garden shears snapping through rib cages and bone saws cutting through skulls. what sobering grim meat hook realities. fucking awesome!

  2. I have seen autopsy vids before (one was required for my high school forensics class years ago) but this one is very nice. Being a medical major its something that I will have to do shortly and I really appreciate all of the info they packed into this vid for educational purposes. They do say your first gross anatomy class and cadaver dissection separates the men from the boys in med/pre-med or in my case the women from the girls. lol

  3. HEY that reminds me, anyone know what they do with implants after an autopsy?…do they put them back, or…? I almost can’t see a coroner being bothered, and maybe making a note to a mortician to take care of those details…huh…curious.

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