20 thoughts on “Very Skinny Body of Dead Asian Girl”

  1. i agree with the aforementioned statement that the clothes are of the hospital’s. and looking onto her built (so thin/ anorexic) she might had been admitted from the hospital to have psychological counseling to correct her condition – anorexia. and again, from the aforementioned statement, she was able to escape the hospital and out of shame/ guilt/ or whatever could the reason be left her in the woods and died from severe malnutrition.

    -i guess

  2. im sure thats a bloke because iv seen more breast on a chicken fillet but if it is a woman judging by the look on her face she must of cum and gone at precisely the same time if that is the case then it must have been a huge orgasm

  3. I think it’s a boy, honestly.
    Even flat-chested girls have bulges where the mammary glands are, for the most part. Especially since she’s so skinny, she’d have some kind of visible boobage. Unless she’s extremely young, I suppose.

  4. To me I feel that she may have been from a correction unit and wearing the usual attire the hospital may offer her. After escaping she most likely was so fatally thin and malnourished she simply died. The top pulled up could have been the person who found her, trying to show how thin the patient was.

    That’s just my guess….

  5. She’s not really smiling – it just looks that way because her lips and teeth are slightly parted.

    She’s not even close to dying from being too thin or malnourished. In fact, her face looks pretty healthy, except for signs of abuse. And her body was placed there. I think she was murdered and carried out to the woods. That’s why her head is tilted back that way.

  6. I made an account here just to comment on this because it’s driving me crazy and I’ve been flipping the internet upside down looking for more information on it since I saw it at around two in the morning.

    First thing that bothered me is I don’t think it’s smiling, it looks more like it’s lips are curled back or was pushed up and stayed like that after death, second thing is it possible it was dragged on it’s stomach? The shirt is up more in the front than the back or maybe the person snapping the photo yanked it’s shirt up. My mother didn’t think it was dead at first, and thought I was looking up strange tranny porn but it’s eyes definitely show it’s dead.

    Another thing, I don’t think this person was starved to death. Yes, it’s very thin but I’ve seen people who are very thin like this and are actually healthy (one of my mother’s nurses and her speech therapist are that thin along with one of my own friends actually and are just fine, even though I have doubts about the friend). It’s face doesn’t show it’s starved at all maybe it was the decomposition, or post-mortem pushing down on the stomach.

    As for gender, is it possible this actually was a transgendered individual? That may explain the hospital/mental institute outfit, it may have been a male taking female hormones (Estrogen) and getting counseling or maybe an examination to see how treatment was going. That also would lead to the possibility that maybe some other patients there or maybe even workers didn’t like that person’s life choices and meant to beat the crap out of it and went a little too far, accidentally killing it and took it to a wooded area. Then again that seems very unlikely as there are few old-looking bruises on the person’s face and if it were a hate crime it would be messier.

    Maybe it was smothered with a pillow in their sleep. That would explain the stomach being sucked in, the ‘compressed’ look too and no signs of a struggle. Then got dragged into the woods. At least in my opinion. At first I thought it was holding on to the branch that’s suspiciously close to it’s right hand but I am pretty sure the body was dragged there on it’s stomach after death and that fresh-looking bruise on the nose while the bruises on the face look old also bother me.

    Maybe even this person was in the hospital getting those bruises treated. I don’t know, there are several possibilities and I’m going nuts trying to find out what happened to this person and I don’t even know why. If I get any updates or new information I’ll put it here though.

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