The Caption This Photo Contest #49

Brains in a Bathtub

Caption this photo of brains in a bathtub if you can.

Best Captions:

The answer is in there somewhere. – muzza

Great minds sink alike. – loluntilmypie


These were all of the college wash-outs – Graugeist

A zombies wet dream – moos_on_the_grind

Hmmm… I had a different kind of think tank in mind – Catabis

Brainwashing 2.0 – chaneque

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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244 thoughts on “The Caption This Photo Contest #49”

  1. These are real human brains. A whole gang of ’em and you can’t tell us anything about this photo’s origin? I mean damn man, that’s a lot of brains that once housed the souls of living and breathing human beings. You’ve got to come better then the Hannibal Lecter crap. This is an atrocity of epic proportions.

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