Video of Full Autopsy Performed on Young Male

Video of Full Autopsy Performed on Young Male

This is a 25 minutes long video which shows a full process of autopsy start to finish. We already have a video of a woman being autopsied (that one had English commentary, this one is in some weird language) so now here’s a video of a man undertaking the same.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but you can sort of tell that this autopsy was performed in some third world country. The cleaver of a kitchen knife used for cutting and black, garbage collector type latex gloves are the primary selling points but there is a whole pile of other oddities too. Like – why is the pathologist autopsying a guy who’s still wearing his underwear? I also liked the use of bottle cap to scoop up the bladder content to keep as specimen.

Still, in spite of the oddities, you can tell that the pathologist has autopsied a fair share of corpses in his time and knows what he’s doing. But when he’s collecting the old blood, you can’t help but wonder if he’d take it to his wife to make a soup from if the camera wasn’t filming.

It looks as though the victim died from a gunshot wound to the chest. The mortician tries to establish the bullet’s trajectory as it entered the heart area and shows organs that were punctured. Then he uses saw and hammer you’d commonly find in a garage to open the skull and gain access to the brain.

It’s an overall great video. The victim could care less at this point if he’s being manhandled or treated like a princess. This one got manhandled but given the violent nature of his death, that’s probably also how he had also lived:

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    1. He sure did. As Mark wrote, he was indeed manhandled. I guess this is a good as it gets when they autopsy bodies these days. I wouldn’t be too happy having someone do this to my remains for their pleasure.

    1. My dads a retired coroner. Studied under Dr. W. Spitz and Dr. D. Fisher. (Daniel and Warner) so anyway, he always used fence cutters on ribs (yikes) circular saw on skull (damn!) And melon scoop for guts. Dad said worst part was examining stomach contents. Determining last meal, time eaten and approximately how far from death it was eaten.

          1. Ha! @Senor Piggy, that sure brings back memories. I remember one time I was eating lunch at a friends house and all of us kids were having a “gagging contest” and I guess I sounded the worst because my friends Mom came rushing in and grabbed me and turn me upside down by my ankles and started beating me on the back before we could say anything. Once she realized we were playing we all got yelled at!!!

          2. It doesn’t matter how old you are, if you go and stay with a parent within a day or two you revert back to acting like a child. My friend went to stay with her parents in France and her brother was staying at the same time. On the second day he picked up her dessert at dinner and farted on it. They started having a punch up and thier mother had to seperate them, they spent the rest of the week sulking.

    2. Ribs are hard bone arches that connect to the sternum in the front with the costal cartilages.
      The operator is executing the cut in cartilage area where the tissues are flexible and soft. He removed the sternum with the costal cartilages easily by cutting them through the joint area where bones made their connections to the cartilage tissues.
      The costal cartilages are soft while the subject is alive, and for a long time after death. They can disconnected from the ribs’ tips with simple cutting instruments or even forced to separate with hand-pulling powers.

  1. LOL! The weird language was Spanish. But it was kind of muffled. This looked like an at home do it yourself autopsy kit. All you need are a few readily available house hold items. You will need a chef’s knife, soup ladle, hack saw, measuring cup, and a claw hammer. Impressive work by the doctor though. I’m thinking this took place somewhere in central or south America.

    1. @Senor Piggy, with all the work those cartel boys put in taking they’re enemies apart, I think they could be in business at the mortuary using some of those kitchen-shed items you mentioned. The way they peel faces and skin people, their half way there. All they need to work on would be sewing skills. lol

  2. Gotta love death!! but on the real i have never seen a kitchen knife being used to cut the “Y” incision on the body, ussally a scapel would be used….makes this video seem 3rd world or not from and actuall morge

  3. Very informative video. I imagine it would be very difficult to obtain such a video in a developed country. The most dramatic part was when the skull was cut, with much frightening noise from the saw. The hole at the chest was the most sad sight though, and the most stupid was the covering of the genitals. Many people still behaive as they are something bad and ‘sinful’, apart from the other ‘sacred’ body. I marvel although at the quickness of the operation. How they managed to have it in such a short time?
    The language was spanish, I recognized it from the beginning without knowing spanish, only from the pronunciation of the speaker. Nevertheless I picked some words of wide use, such as orifice, heart, diaphragm, cranium, dead etc.

    In fact an autopsy is no different from the butchering of an animal, but because we are biased towards our species we see it as gory. I am thinking if anyone working in such a job could not try some cannibalism. After all, the body is dead, and any disrespect to the dead is only our construct, the dead will not care for nothing. Burried, burnt, eaten, dissected, thrown out or to the animals, all would be the same for a dead vertebrate carcass belonging to the species Homo sapiens. There is no objective difference between a dead rabbit or dog and a dead human.

      1. I would find it hard to think like you. Although its sense just think if that was your boy/girlfriend that you hugged kissed fucked. would you want to know that the body which you loved was getting cut open and messed with like this. I wouldn’t see the body as waste. There was no need for this he was shot. I thought they only do autopsy to know how one died.

  4. Either this dude is the hannibal lector type bringing his home cutlery into do the autopsy (probably pop a bit of brain in one of those tubs to take home for the misses) or this is a DIY autopsy…mexican style…he’s having a little to much fun with this dude organs.

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